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  1. License free, i guess licensed ones have more frequencies?
  2. Hello All Hope everyone is well, i am thinking of purchasing a pair of walkie talkies for my friend and i to use whilst playing. I guess my question is what are good brands and what are ones to steer clear of. Thanks
  3. I got one of the trust fire ones. Seems very small. Seems bright enough.
  4. Hey all Can you guys recommend a torch with multi modes and possibly a pressure switch. Looks at a few but not sure if they are any good 20mm rail system Thanks
  5. What he says. Welcome along, brace yourself for a very addictive hobby
  6. i have opted for the Trmr with the Tri base, hope it works well.
  7. How does the Tripple work? is it just rotate to the next round?
  8. sounds like a ball ache to reload.
  9. Best place to get 9mm blanks please, ive found a few places but dont want to rush into it purchasing and get ripped off. Thanks Guys and Gals
  10. Also where is best to buy 9mm primers?
  11. Help. Seen both in action but I would like to know from people that have them which is the better option?
  12. So I've just been for my first CQB at strikeforce in gloucster. Had an amazing time but go shot lots! This was expected. So let's talk tactics. What tactics do you use in CQB? Towards the end of the day I wasn't so gun ho and a little more stealth and tactics.
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