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  1. I would suggest that anyone who digs up these pages first requests that the page be archived (by going to http://web.archive.org/) before posting it here.
  2. Hi, sorry about this and that you have all had to wait for so long. I have just cleared all of the backlog of patch orders today. Not much of an excuse, just busy enough to not check the section in the backend that contains all of the orders and emails not being sent to me when someone has ordered a patch (now fixed). You should all have yours by tomorrow (or the day following at the latest). My apologies also for the lack of responses to your mentions in threads. If you wish to get a hold of me please don't hesitate to use the forum email or PM me. I typically check both of these at least once a week but both do get a fair amount of spam. @Jedi_Master got a message to me earlier last week.
  3. There's a patch coming tomorrow that should resolve this.
  4. Refresh quickly and let me know again?
  5. If you guys spot any issues with this can you put them here? The options for changing the colours have changed slightly. I'd rather not hardcode any edits to any of the template files, but this is what I've had to do in the past and I'll do it again if there's something that can't be changed.
  6. IPS have acknowledged this issue and will be releasing a patch some time soon. Not on our end.
  7. Thanks. I noticed that too. I also remember that we had this same exact issue a few updates ago and I've forgotten the culprit. Could easily be to do with the theme being out of date (something I'm almost done rectifying).
  8. Well, that was unexpected. Investigating now. Edit: Suspect it's the Classifieds (which are out of date). May have to disable these until tomorrow (when I can make an update) if this happens again tonight.
  9. A lot of new faces around here apparently

    1. Rogerborg


      Hah, I've just been promoted to "Rookie".  One day I hope to reach the exalted combat rank of "Mostly Harmless."

    2. MiK


      @Rogerborg never gonna happen :P

  10. Yeh, the CO2 ban always struck me as lazy. Especially when tournament locked regulators were available on the naughtier stuff for quite some time before many of these rules fell away. HPA is too big to ignore and that usually brings CO2 with it. Perhaps the marshalls need an update on early 2000s cheating strategies?
  11. Or should that be big fuckupdate. Important stuff in bold. Between the late hours of 14/07/21 and middle of 16/07/21, AF-UK was offline. This was the longest downtime since migrating the site in 2018 and that shouldn't happen, sorry. This particular update was a major change that required revisions to the server running the forums (and not just the forum software itself), so it shouldn't happen again any time soon. Things to look out for As with any update the search is reindexed and parts of the database rebuilt in the background. The website may not be as quick to respond as you're used to during this 12-hour period starting from when this thread was posted The Classifieds module will be updated in the next 48 hours or so to bring it into line with the core forum software version. Please allow for issues during this time Expect general issues with the website until the site template has been updated This large update to IPS (the forum software) includes various new features. Achievements Yet to fiddle with this one or implement it at all - could be fun, could be really annoying. I would appreciate your patience on this one while I figure out a baseline and then see if it's complained about enough to warrant removal. Given the delays yesterday in getting the site online, I thought it more important to have things up and running rather than look into the detail of this update. I am aware of the issues with it not granting certain achievements that you should already have. This has not yet been set up and might well be removed entirely. Achievements are visible in your profile. In-browser notifications These have been expanded so you might get more than you used to (especially on a mobile device). I have tried to disable notifications until I can get a grasp on how annoying they might become, but this is a new update so may carry a few new ones. AF-UK app Part of the new update is IPS's testing of their app available in early testing on Android and iOS. We are an early user of it (no idea what criteria they base this on). You may be prompted to download the app, but note that very few things in this app are something that I can control. Who knows if the Classifieds will integrate at all. Edit 1: As of 16/07/21 - this appears to not be working. You can see us in the app but not load the forums. I've asked IPS if they can find out what's wrong. Edit 2: As of 17/07/21 - I've been told that the app is currently offline - nothing to do with us and it is in early testing. Should be back some time soon?
  12. Hasn't this been an issue for a while and part of the reason why a lot of sites were banning CO2? The whole CO2 revolver thing I mean (there were certainly other reasons as high pressure regulators weren't all that good back then at handling CO2 - most were just flow regulated).
  13. This was reenabled a while ago after the last thread but do let me know if it fails sitewide again. Just to remind: There's a limit on how many emails the forum sends out each day - on particularly busy days we hit that cap and it stops. It's using Google SMTP to deliver emails. Tried AWS for emails and eventually got flagged and served emails directly (never got further than spam folders if at all). If the site has to send more than a few thousand emails a day it will stop before resuming the next. The biggest issue here is lots of people who've not visited in a while and still get their notifications and 'digests'. I am going to try to find a way to prune members like this who haven't even been to the site for a year and just have these emails going straight to spam (or are just ignored).
  14. @Stodgy Do you have a screenshot of this? I can't replicate it on my end using media queries, but I'd like to see what you mean.
  15. We are on the waiting list for IPB's new 'app' thingy. I'm waiting to hear back. As we're a naughty 'gun' forum I wouldn't be surprised if we don't get into their beta.
  16. Looking into this tonight. Seems inconsistent. At first I thought it was the 'patch owners' group overriding the standard members permissions (as we had before) but this doesn't seem to be the case. Will post back once I find something.
  17. Delete some images I'm afraid. Sorry but we simply can't store and serve such a large number of images. I did some farily brutal passes on on our old photos and really got their sizes down quite a bit as they were really tanking page load times in certain threads, but I'd also like to properly implement a 'click to reveal images' button on mobile too.
  18. That was some lazy commenting out in IPB's editor. Sorry about that.
  19. Fixed. One week. Also done. Noticed this morning - IPS has a media resource management system that should have done this in the way I have it set up, but I didn't verify until the late hours of last night. Sorry about that.
  20. The page load times is concerning, but I haven't noticed a difference in testing. I'll report back later today after I've done some proper metrics.
  21. Based on the feedback so far: Not enough by half. I'll run a poll when it's done and see if I can get a real feel on how annoying it is.
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