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  1. Time Left: 5 days and 7 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Excellent condition Warrior Assault Systems DCS plate carrier in Multicam, not had a lot of use, as shown! I think it's a steal if anyone's interested in one already as they are £140+ new. Any questions do not hesitate to let me know! Open to offers, also note price is inclusive of postage. I would prefer to do Special Delivery (so it is fully tracked & insured). Or possibly I can send through work via FedEx (next day) but will have to see which is cheaper. Thanks for looking!



  2. Time Left: 18 hours and 9 minutes

    • For sale
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    Had just a couple months and unskirmished. Wanting to slim down the collection. ~ £350 RRP. * Was going to include batteries but remembered this is not permitted by ParcelForce. FPS is advertised some places as high as 370 but does have a quick change spring system. Also included: red dot, M-LOK/Keymod rail covers, foregrip Not including: sling, optic protector I still have the original box, which is what the RIF will ship in. Selling as don't like how limiting the battery space is, neither battery fit perfect but the 850mAh will just about fit for me, I don't think the 1100mAh will work as is a bit long. Welcome any offers & questions. * Collection possible if local but expect I will have to ship please add £15.00 for delivery.



  3. Time Left: 5 days and 7 hours

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    As shown, good quality holster coming with both drop down attachment & drop lep holster + sized to accomodate a weapon mounted light. Advertised to work for both M9 & 1911** **I bought this to use with my Army Armament R32, doesn't seem to fit for this model, I guess it only works with a version without rail? Asking £20 all in inc. postage (probably 2nd Signed For) & PayPal fees. Any questions feel free to ask!



  4. Time Left: 5 days and 7 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    A really nice quality bag, used for my HPA set up once-or-twice, but most often just for carrying gear to the indoor site. Served me well but don't 100% need it anymore, so looking to see if anyone is interested. Need the £ and space! I'm iopen to any sensible offers. Still in excellent condition & comes with the clips shown for mounting to a PC. PLUS - can also include Warrior Assault Systems pouches shown. Only thing not original, I replaced the pull tabs on the zippers with orange paracord (were basically the same before but a 'coyote' tan colour to match the bag). Collection preferred, can ship if any interest but must go Signed For / Special Delivery (tracked).



  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Skirmished ~2-3 times only, did break off the front end cap, but still attaches, just won't flip up & down. Comes with box as should be shown + cleaning cloth. Will ship recorded/tracked or collection possible if preferred. Any questions feel free to drop me a message!


    Cleckheaton, W Yorks - GB

  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    As pictured. New without packaging, un-used. Should fit all up-to-date designs of AK - they don't work on mine as it is a replica of the old (original?) TM design. Any questions let me know. Asking £20 all-in, can collect if local & preferred.


    Cleckheaton, W Yorks - GB

  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    • Used

    Great quality WAS DCS which has been really popular & you will find great reviews for. Also included a 2nd (elastic) cummerbund you can swap out the standard one for + assorted pouches (please see below). *patches not included Selling altogether ideally, will consider doing separately if there's any interest in splitting: Warrior Assault Systems DCS Plate Carrier Ferro Concepts Elastic Cummerbund Blue Force Gear Admin Pouch Warrior Assault Systems Triple 5.56 & Pistol Mag Pouch (with Blue Force Gear pull-tabs) 8Fields Triple Mag Pouch Warrior Assault Systems Smoke Grenade Pouch 8Fields Drop Down ('Dangler' Type) Utility Pouch 8Fields Drop Down ('Dangler' Type) Dump Pouch 8Fields Modular Hydration Bladder For sale as I have bought a lighter PC to use instead, don't run this one anymore + trying to make space & cut down on unnecessary gear. Had the carrier itself since 2015 but not regularly skirmished, I don't think it has any visible damage or wear. I can post but will probably cost ~ £15-£20 as I would want to send Special Delivery (fully tracked & insured). Collection preferred from Cleckheaton BD19. Any questions feel free to drop me a message. *BUMP 26/09 now £135 - £15 off original asking


    Cleckheaton, W Yorks - GB

  8. Quick search tells me RRP is around the £200 mark. But, what you would get for it used obviously depends on the condition. No idea what the vest thing / mask is that you mentioned, haven't seen the magazines, so can't comment on that. Also the above discussion regarding if it has been converted to use gas / HPA is going to make a difference but looks like it is just standard. Just to add, finally it might be useful to know if you sold it & wanted to post it they generally don't allow batteries so they might not be able to include those anyway, and
  9. Can anyone help how do I go about checking MVT Membership for proof of defence selling a RIF

    1. alxndrhll


      Assuming this mean what I think it means my best guess would be to start by enquiring here, if they can't help hopefully they know who can.

    2. bjrmm


      UKAPU says all fine.  And so do 90% of retailers. 

  10. Hi all First post in a while, as topic suggests; single stopped working last time I fielded the gun, chrono'd & ref commented FPS was uncharacteristically low (fully charged battery) then it would shoot intermittently (not with every pull). So thinking I had to switch to full auto to solve it I did so, but it still only shot semi only and now IIRC it only does this in auto mode now. I bought a new battery and recreated same issue at home. Since then I took the gearbox out and am yet to disassemble it before I know more. Cant seem to find any similar problem by searching for other
  11. Fianlly getting back into softing regularly, wondering if anyone on here is at The Gaol on 16th? 

  12. anyone know where I can get a tippmann DAVE / airflow restrictor type thing - now TTRTec / incentive designs I don't think are selling anymore?

    1. L3wisD


      @proffrink had my old TTR air efficiency device.

      He might still...?


      Some Netherlands website still has the DAVE in stock:



    2. AK47frizzle



  13. Hi all I know this is a pretty general problem but I was wondering if anyone would have any suggestions specifically with regards to removing a rail system, as pictured? Just the on the left seems to have worn away so I can't remove it Thanks in advance. J
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