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  1. Fianlly getting back into softing regularly, wondering if anyone on here is at The Gaol on 16th? 

  2. anyone know where I can get a tippmann DAVE / airflow restrictor type thing - now TTRTec / incentive designs I don't think are selling anymore?

    1. L3wisD


      @proffrink had my old TTR air efficiency device.

      He might still...?


      Some Netherlands website still has the DAVE in stock:



    2. AK47frizzle



  3. Hi all I know this is a pretty general problem but I was wondering if anyone would have any suggestions specifically with regards to removing a rail system, as pictured? Just the on the left seems to have worn away so I can't remove it Thanks in advance. J
  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • Wanted
    • Used or as new

    Need one of these: https://moderncombatsports.co.uk/products/fs-guerrilla-air-hp-fill-station-din If anyone happens to have such an adapter, or a link to somewhere else reputable they can purchased (preferably UK) Is 2-3 months for MCS (RAP4) to get any bck in and can find ONLY Far East sellers other than that. Thanks in advance for any info


    Dewsbury - GB

  5. how does one go about getting one of those 'patch owner' things?


    1. MisterG




      Buy a patch from the website look at the tabs at the top of the website.

      Click on the More tab

      Was on a tablet just now.


      Looks different on a PC, this is the link https://airsoft-forums.uk/store/

    2. Airsoft_Mr B

      Airsoft_Mr B

      Thanks, didn't realise there was a new one, I have the other two haha


  6. Thank you mate, from reading that I can see where I've gone wrong, exactly the same problem as Lewis. So I bought the wrong adapter (for 'A' clamp as suspected and not the 'DIN' fitting) basically and it looks like the one listed there will do, should they get them back in stock Cheers again
  7. Hi all, Long time since last posted. Bought a 4L tank today for my Tippmann and immediately saw that it didn't have an 'A' type valve (used on older <300bar setups from what I'm told) that my adaptor is for. Having realised this I questioned it and they have advised me you should be able to buy an adapter to fit a HPA tank but I don't have any more information other than that? Hoping anyone might possibly be able to shed any more light on this? Thanks in advance J
  8. I do know there is a replica by 'Big Dragon', they called it the Hell Angel. Used to be listed on AirsoftClub but cannot find it at the moment, hope the name might help with finding one. https://moderncombatsports.co.uk/products/scuba-air-tank-refill-station?variant=39990245328 and will be getting one of these: http://www.roho.co.uk/watersports/3-Litre-300-bar-Air-Gun-Cylinder-With-Filling-Kit.html
  9. Cool! Cheaper than I expected, but that makes me suspect it is one of the 'value' versions of Ops Core helmets without the proper adjustment (I forgot what it's called). Still, I've been looking at mandible attachments for a high cut and they are £50 alone? I think it goes without saying just don't trust the face shield at all what with it protecting your eyes and all.
  10. Sorry mate, I meant a tanker stock as in a retractable one like these Don't know if you can get an actual tank stock for em.
  11. Depends on the weapon light if it will fit the holster properly. I bought this emerson one but haven't really used it yet. Another option could be this which is really similar, basically the same thing
  12. I thought I'd put up a better photo of my Tippmann. Will be getting a tanker stock (TTRTec) to finish it off, at some point.
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