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  1. Airsoft_Mr B

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I do know there is a replica by 'Big Dragon', they called it the Hell Angel. Used to be listed on AirsoftClub but cannot find it at the moment, hope the name might help with finding one. https://moderncombatsports.co.uk/products/scuba-air-tank-refill-station?variant=39990245328 and will be getting one of these: http://www.roho.co.uk/watersports/3-Litre-300-bar-Air-Gun-Cylinder-With-Filling-Kit.html
  2. Airsoft_Mr B

    What you think of this helm?

    Cool! Cheaper than I expected, but that makes me suspect it is one of the 'value' versions of Ops Core helmets without the proper adjustment (I forgot what it's called). Still, I've been looking at mandible attachments for a high cut and they are £50 alone? I think it goes without saying just don't trust the face shield at all what with it protecting your eyes and all.
  3. Money sent mate! Yes 1 x tan velcro
  4. Airsoft_Mr B

    Gun picture thread

    Sorry mate, I meant a tanker stock as in a retractable one like these Don't know if you can get an actual tank stock for em.
  5. Airsoft_Mr B

    We glock 17 torch and holster

    Depends on the weapon light if it will fit the holster properly. I bought this emerson one but haven't really used it yet. Another option could be this which is really similar, basically the same thing
  6. Airsoft_Mr B

    Gun picture thread

    I thought I'd put up a better photo of my Tippmann. Will be getting a tanker stock (TTRTec) to finish it off, at some point.
  7. Hi all, Can anyone help to explain what I have done here? I'm sure I put the upper receiver back together as it should be, but the recoil block comes way too far out the back. I don't have my HPA tank filled atm so switched back to CO2 and it looks like it punctured the bulb and yet didn't release any gas, and the thing won't shoot at all. Hope you guys might have some suggestions but obviously I can provide more info if needed to resolve. Thanks J
  8. I think there is a breakdown in a clause of the VCR Act it specifies bright orange, bright blue etc. But basically yes as everyone else has said it just has to be 50% brightly coloured. Technically it should also be solid yes
  9. Airsoft_Mr B

    EoTech Clone help

    I don't know about the vibration on the TM Recoil Shock but on gas guns cheaper optics won't always work because of that. So you will want to go with something like the Vector Optics.
  10. Airsoft_Mr B

    Gun picture thread

    Newly painted Tippmann + 10.3" barrel.
  11. Airsoft_Mr B

    Glove issues

    I have had the same problems, and I was getting the right sizes. Best I've found so far are the Mechanix Fast Fits but not a lot of others fit so well.
  12. Airsoft_Mr B


    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): YesAny other comments: Sold my suppressor no problems at all. Thanks mate.