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  1. It is true that you CAN be, the burden of proof is for you to prove you were acting within your skill level and in the best interest of the person. Y do you think first aid kits don't have paracetamol in them? Because if you give them out you are ineffect perscribing it to that person and could be sued if they have a reaction. Just to go a little further if you are first aid trained and you break someone's ribs whilst performing CPR then you will not be held accountable as the person will have zero chance for survival unless you intervene. The Scottish law is in place however it is very easy to get out of as you only have to aid if YOU feel it is safe to do so. Would you want your wife goin down a dark ally to help a junkie that had been stabbed? I wouldn't even want her to get here phone out untill she was in crowded place or in a nearby house.
  2. It's a good point. I also have to (far to often for me) write Rams involving some of the points you have mentioned. For me there are a few issues compounding the problem. Firstly a lot of sites see the injury waiver as a reason not to have a full grasp on potential risks. Most sites around the uk don't run as stand alone businesses, by which I mean the owner/organiser has another job as Airsoft dosnt have the mainstream appeal or the high turnover of paintball. Thirdly there is a certain level of risk which goes along with paying toy guns in a remote area of the woods, as with any outdoor activity, which we must except. It isn't something I have ever thought about as 90% of my games a cqb where the same zone is in the same building or within a minute or two. Airsoft/paintball sites seem to me not to dance to the same h+s music that the rest of the business world is adopting. Is this because the hse don't regulate pastimes? I don't know. And at the end of the day we all get shot at for fun! Explain that one to a "normal" person.
  3. That's where you goin wrong. Your not being inventive enough to really charge full whack. There not scuffed or battered. What they are is battle hardened in the theatre of (plastic) death. One thing I would say is that it's not the only thing on eBay that cost more than when it's new. I would like to make it quite clear that I was told about this from my wife's friends (who are all nurses) search well worn nurse shoes!
  4. It's here! 😀😀😀😀😀😀 Watch this space!
  5. Totally misleading Tittle. Very very disappointed! Lol
  6. 🤐 Look we have turned a new page now. Let's all 💋 And make up 🙏🏻
  7. Can't we all just get along? And shot sh*t out of each other. That Would look good on my patch
  8. Am not jumping on one side or the other but one thing I would say is that if I am arraigning an event I have a cut off date. Which I tell everyone up front. If you don't pay by then your place comes up for grabs. Same as if you pay a deposit then on the day the rest should be paid you don't get in contact. Your place goes up for grabs and you lose your deposit. This may sound harsh but if someone else has gone to the effort of organising it the least I can do is pay early.
  9. When I started the post i was unsure how big his business was. I totally agree trigger hope my previous post make it clear but if not. It's "bedroom" techs I want to see be able to openly offer there services to anyone. However I do think there could be a section where business to leave a "business card" but one that can't be posted on or updated. If you cant find a bedroom tech or want to use someone that can offer a warrantie against there work you would be able to get there details on here.
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