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  1. Nah I find all the cheerful exuberance refreshing and much better than all the Autistic acting fuckers crawling out the woodwork. Crack on and emoji away.
  2. I will never look at a dolphin the same way
  3. I see no harm it as it can be good publicity and maybe help with recruitment as long as what is written or said is as factual as possible. Take the book Bravo Two Zero which is probably the most famous, when you look into it you soon find out most of it is fiction. I think the best book on that is called The Regiment. It gives the history of the SAS without the rose tinted glasses and show the truth behind that mission.
  4. Nah a few were the rest were just spread through different branches and then there was me the token civi/butt of jokes. To be fair never overly discussed much as I have little interest in that stuff.
  5. If you actually read what I wrote the guy is an ex para who now works security stuff abroad. Yes he was in the paras as so were a few others in the group including his brother so don't think he would of got away with bullshit. How many rounds he has fired fuck knows as I wasn't there. I know he came out about 7yrs ago and did a fair amount of time in. I was just saying what I can remember him saying from a conversation in the pub after playing about 3yrs ago. As I said I have no reason to question what he said but as I know he wasn't a walt or a bloater I don't see why I would.
  6. Ok well that's your opinion but me personally if the guy who fired real guns for a living says that he has a habit of pushing the barrel down slightly on airsoft gun because he is used to dropping a gun back then I am not going to argue. Never joined the paras myself so no expert on real gun control.
  7. Didn't say he was reacting he said he has a habit of readying for the recoil and kept pulling the gun downwards slightly sometimes as he fired. He basically put it as when you fire a gun you learn to instinctively do one one thing to compensate for the gun. I personally couldn't tell you no real experience.
  8. I used to play private games of a sort of airsoft nature with a bunch of guys who all served and a couple who still work in that area and they were of a different opinion. They said with a real gun although the initial first shot might be a similar thing regarding aiming every follow up shot was definitely not. A real gun requires you to have the muscle memory of snapping it back to target where an airsoft gun doesn't. They said that being used to a real gun makes you pull an airsoft gun off sight and being used to an airsoft gun means you wouldn't have the same ability to pull a gun back for each shot. The guys who still did stuff used toys that were totally different to what they would normally use as they liked to keep the two very separate. I personally would take their opinion over most as listening to these guys chat as an outsider the fact they all knew each other meant bullshit wasn't a thing.
  9. Mall used to be £35 and went up to £37 for the last couple of years. The rent on that place was massive, add that to the fact all staff were paid it's overheads were very high.
  10. Just get ready to talk to people about it every time you play
  11. You had me on the first bit and then you ruined it. Might build a FAMAS and see how good I can make it 🤔
  12. Your choice but I am only a call away if you need anything doing to them. 99% of airsoft is just what makes you smile.
  13. Hate isn't all I do sometimes I do sarcasm, piss taking and on occasion even helpfulness. But I don't have a lot of patience for daft shit which I why I give @Seth_Erebor a hard time in the hope he listens. Which for your sakes on Saturday I think he maybe has.
  14. If you don't mind putting in a little effort you can make it good same as any other gun. Looks wise it certainly works.
  15. If it wasn't so far I would be tempted just so I could take the piss.
  16. @Seth_Erebor why did you paste me in on this? You know I have no intention of going as while the site looks interesting I don't have any faith you can run a good day there. No way am I giving up a Saturday to take that chance.
  17. About how some delusional fuckers think airsoft is in someway like real life. You know the type, they daydream about how one day they will called up to defend their country with all their airsoft experience. Those that believe shouting tango and holding onto their mates shoulder while entering a room makes them the airsoft equivalent of the sas.
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