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  1. Some of us considered this years ago and decided in the end that unless it is head mounted you would miss most things. There were some good plus points made but in the end it seemed too much hassle. If any site wants to run it though then I see no problem as it could help protect players and staff, altercations between marshalls and players do happen so I can see the use there. I know a couple of times there was some he said she said moments that it could of helped clear up.
  2. Nah I like the lively discussions that happen on here. Sometimes you learn something,sometimes you just get to laugh at an hysterical idiot. Either way all good. Didn't read the whole thread but will say on the hpa thing you are right and wrong. The day warming up will effect fps on airsoft guns as hot air is less dense so you get less drag but not enough to really have much of an affect on a 6mm fraction of a gram spherical ball. Especially when you take into account that the colder air in the morning will be denser which leads to a better push, but again so negligble that it makes a difference that is way below standard fps variation on any airsoft gun. The medium used for hpa is the same as aeg so the outcome would be the same as hpa so limiting only one makes no sense. The only real argument is gbb as they can climb up in fps from a cold morning to warm aftenoon hugely as the medium used for propulsion reacts to temperature change far more than air. So people on here are correct the rule is kind of pointless but as it's your site your rules are your choice and if people have an issue then no one forces them to go there.
  3. Thought I would check out the forum as I plan on getting back into airsoft, can't believe people are still arguing about joule creep. Nice to see nothing changes, bloody airsofters will argue about anything.
  4. That was a post from 3.5 yrs ago, world has moved on.
  5. Jesus buddy check the date on posts, this was nearly 8yrs ago and the member hasn't even logged in since 2017.
  6. One chance because if they didn't test it and gave you back a fucked gun then they are useless. Too many people call themselves techs and are really nothing more than monkeys with an allen key who got all their experience from watching youtube. To be honest most people in airsoft who call themselves techs are actually just the equivalent of me folding up a bit of paper into an aeroplane shape chucking it 3ft across the living room and proclaiming I am a pilot.
  7. This is one of those times when although you can quite easily come up with a long winded rant on why someone is talking absolute bollocks you realise that there is a much easier way so........ @AirSnipershut up you absolute and utter cunting cockwomble
  8. Will do just too busy and lots to watch in my limited time that seem better. Been trying to watch season 3 of westworld for over a year and still on episode 4 because time to watch and concentrate properly is rare and my phone gets used more than my TV as I tend to be doing something else at the same time.
  9. Agreed but some places make it far to easy which is why some places count gun related murders in the 10s and others in the 10s of thousands.
  10. Reacher was good, far better than the films. Terminal list I turned off after 10 minutes but might try again when winter comes and I can't find anything better to do. Gray man was actually quite good, totally ridiculous but made me chuckle a lot and Chris Evans stole the whole movie.
  11. Shotguns are not as easy to get hold of as you think there is still a lot of requirements and it takes up to 8 weeks to get licence and selling the shotgun on is not so as simple as selling a gun privately in the US. https://www.sportingtargets.co.uk/shoot/the-shooting-club/applying-for-a-shotgun-licence-.aspx As for how many pass the background check incorrectly which trukinthumper correctly pointed out isn't even a licence, quite a few. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/rcna36391 Now I know ABC news is just another untrustworthy media outlet but there is a link there to the actual report. And I dont believe everything the american media says as like all media companies they lie, but the morgues don't.
  12. Nope sorry you are trying to claw at facts to make them fit your point. A section 1 firearms licence is far harder to get over here than a gun licence in america. Do you know how many people pass checks that shouldn't over there. Also the private sales of guns is massive loophole in the US. The fact that there are so many guns and millions of those have been sold on without checks or conveniently been misplaced means that there are a glut of weapons able to fall into the wrong hands. Do you know how many people in america own handguns for protection solely because the criminals have them so they feel the need to own one too. The failure of adequate checks and a seriously unregulated aftersale market helps create the circular logic of ownership. It is partly cultural but mainly just a vicious circle started because it is too easy for weopons to be in the hands of scumbags. It is no coincidence that the country with the highest amount of guns also has the highest amount of gun related crime in the civilised world.
  13. Bit of a reach comparing an isolated incident over here to what is a too regular occurence over there.
  14. Not jumping on him just jumping on american gun culture and how they have lost control of it. Not against gun ownership as if I lived in America I would no doubt be a gun owner. But I am against how bad the gun control is over there, too easy for nutters to get hold of guns.
  15. As in the rest of the world don't allow you to bring guns to school?
  16. There are only 3 pronoun sets of worth 1: He/him 2: She/her 3: It/fuckin really
  17. Fucking hell just be glad you are getting out at all, if you were a horse you would already be mincemeat in the pet food factory. Seriously though best of luck with all the health issues buddy and good to see you are keeping your chin up.
  18. Vortex do offer a good warranty but that still means that you have to send it away and wait for it to be repaired or replaced, generally not too bad on that but some people have waited ages. Vortex are very good for the price and you won't regret it but for airsoft you don't have to pay that price unless you really want to. It is a personal choice thing, me personally I always buy the best but then I am a dumbfuck when it comes to money. Be careful on the sight covers as a lot use a really cheap polycarb or even an acrylic that can go cloudy in the sun pretty quick. Also seen a fair few claim to be poly but have been acrylic and when hit they shatter and the lens on the sight still gets damaged.
  19. Sorry but on a post where it is what is probably a newish player is asking for guidance it reads more as a bit of an elitist mockery comment than a humorous one.
  20. Doesn't have to be over 1j as there are plenty of lower powered sniper rifles that can still give ok-ish range. Fps is important but still only part of the story.
  21. Have a look on Facebook at some of the sniper groups. You will get better info on there from people who run or build low fps sniper riflers and dmr's with shockingly less snarky comments than you have already got on here. Unnecessary
  22. Vortex are good optics but you can get clone red dots that will be totally fine for airsoft pretty cheap on ebay. Distances are short, there is no recoil to throw the sight off zero and they regularly get shot out so expensive sights are really more for bragging rights than anything. 13 is perfect age to start out. Kids get more out of it, play with much more enthusiasm and in my experience cheat less than the older players. Be glad they don't collect lego as my 12 yr olds addiction makes the airsoft money pit look like a pothole.
  23. Look at the sky rc t200 instead of the t100 if you want to charge single cell. It is rated 1 to 6 cell. It is the charger I currently use as I need to charge 3.7 receiver packs and 3s and 6s rc batteries.
  24. I reckon well over half of the b6 chargers out there are fake and therefore everything about them is dodgy. Try a skyrc t100
  25. A pic of the two offenders for you to reminisce over. Manufactured internet celebrity with no real substance, those that know will remember it getting dry humped by a certain tactical pig.
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