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  1. You can't shave 3mm off, a fraction of a mm you can on some nozzles but the end is shaped to mate with the bucking and push the bb centre. Just order one that suits the length you need
  2. Worn tappet plate or it needs a delayer chip fitted
  3. And when chrono takes 3 hrs and first game is lunch time then players will be really happy🙄. The relatively small issue of joule creep is nothing compared to a queue of a hundred bored airsofters. Most guns the joule creep is a few fps. Never seen anything jump too much except for people who deliberately cheat. You really think players will enjoy getting pulled out of game to be chrono checked?
  4. Er nope no one sound anything about can't be arsed said not feasible, don't take what is said and try and twist it. Sites have tried it and have found it takes too long and didn't do fuck all to make anything better. This is why the few who tried reverted back to doing it the tried and tested way. All this shit went on a few years back so your opinions are nothing new but then I suppose you know more than all the site managers and marshals? All guns should be checked and site insurances would state that. Any site not doing it is just negligent.
  5. It is more the suppressors with an internal barrel that are the issue. Do know of a guy who did try and swap out his pistol innards after chrono and run power up gas. Jesus christ buddy you don't a clue. Been in on more discussions with people who actually know what it is like to run a chrono than I care to remember and guess what everyone agrees current method is best. A site like the mall used to run 10+ marshals and you would have 4 or 5 on chrono for a 100 players and no way on earth would that be feasible. Players would just lie about weight remove suppressors and run low power gas if they wanted to cheat. The best method is as it is done single weight so standard test. Let it go and get the fact your idea while well meaning is not really workable for any site that has a large-ish group of players.
  6. Again how much time do you think chrono marshals have? There is no guarantee that players won't just remove them before chrono as I have said before. Honestly there is a reason why it is done that way. Try working chrono and then talk.
  7. Would still take too long and then people would just test on lower gas and remove suppressors. In a perfect world it would be easy but reality is very different.
  8. Unless you want to have a 3hr chrono line and lie detector test for when players declare their ammo then yes it is. Most sites have a maximum of an hour to chrono anywhere from 50 to 150 players so quick and simple works best. Lots of players talk about how easy things are with no clue on what it is really like. You try and herd a 100 airsofters through chrono. It amazes me no marshal has ever thrown in the towel and beat some dumb argumentative little fucker to death with his raider yet.
  9. No I got your meaning and the simple fact is site limit is site limit. Impossible to test and allow for joule creep which is why most sites use the tried and tested 0.2 method. I have told players no on 1fps over and if they argued they got a one word answer "tough". Standard for most sites. Dialling hop off is stupid and never actually seen it done as pointless result.
  10. And when that site turns round and says "our site our rules off you fuck" it will be your own fault for being an irritating tosser. Nothing worse than working chrono and some twerp argues on the result. Especially when you hear my Madbull chrono said it was whatever-fps
  11. I am already god-like so feel your rif will be unworthy. As for what you have just claimed it will be let me give a really heartfelt "BULLSHIT".
  12. That is just one of those not sure what the fuck that was so going to call it anyway situations. Had lots and always believe if any doubt or confusion just go for a stroll.
  13. But is it more reliable? I honestly haven't seen a titan just fail yet. Must be few but none I have heard of.
  14. If that was ever me then I suppose apologises would be necessary........... but as it's me......well
  15. Shot more people in the knackers than I can remember and honestly no fucks given. 1 when possible but generally with how fast my trigger is 3ish is the norm. Overshooting is difficult because it is circumstances not just how many shots you have to consider, but not bothered by it either because its only a bb. I hate people who give the I shot first when its like a millisecond in it. They either call too or words will be had.
  16. No they are easy to fit, even things like Titans can be installed by a ham fisted monkey
  17. Honesty shots suck in my opinion. Better to have a couple of player marshals on each side. Players then know that the shot they choose to ignore might have consequences. Any shot testing can then be done within the normal game.
  18. Use the double signal wire. These go from your trigger contacts. You de-solder the existing wires from the trigger and just use the supplied signal wires. Then you run new wires from your motor directly to the mosfet and the battery plugs into that. Plug the signal wire into the mosfet and all done. There should be a guide with a diagram on the Gate website. Edit: Here is a pic
  19. Ok that is too old, best advice is just to shout at them to go play round their own end and rant about how the youth in your day would show more respect and not wear bloody tights.
  20. No form of airsoft mimics real combat. Best way to deal with them is to attack just as hard but be smart about it. How old is too old?
  21. Nope not just you, but you can still comment under the review posted there.
  22. https://m.facebook.com/southwestcustomcamo/?tsid=0.09248434735038114&source=result
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