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  1. Think I have it all . Will go thru spares in morning and see
  2. If urs is sold any chance could take down the as so I have better chance of not getting stupid offers lol
  3. Kls77

    WANTED: SR25

    Taiwen gun are selling them new for around that price pal
  4. Yep that's my asking price fubared lol
  5. Kls77

    We msk Daytona


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    We msk Daytona gun. Lovely gun with good hard kick . Comes as seen in pics . Site is broken just for show tbh . Folding stock . Five midcaps . Line reg and bottle Brought this a few months ago of someone so not skirmished it properly and brought on a spur of moment thing . Have a look at YouTube vids on these . There called tank guns cause of kick and recoil .


    Tamworth, --- Please Select --- - GB

  6. Hi. What's best price posted . Cheer kev
  7. Shoots good . Will use it till it breaks and then 16.1 and MOSFET etc it then . Tbh may be ak convert lol
  8. Out the box it's pretty dam good. Nice weight to it . Defo a keeper for me even thou tempted to hpa it lol
  9. Yeah three fit vfc and should fit dboys scar h . Others not sure off
  10. They fit really nice . Like said have to Dremel/file some of the cut out where mag release latch goes . Makes the scar look even meatier lol will get a pic tomorrow or mag if u want
  11. They are the sr25 ones . Have to file some off the hole for mag catch but work a treat . And mid caps are only 7quid from taiwengun lol. Bloody bargain .its the vfc scar h
  12. My 417 dmr. Scar h . Daytona msk and new dytac ak 105
  13. To be honest it's Ur preference. If buying new then try it before u buy it for the warranty . Tbh most new guns want some sort of upgrade . It's down to preference and how Ur running them . I like the417 . Love the 7.62 platform . I chose to hpa it in the end as wanted too as wanted a nice silent dmr .
  14. The gearbox has a specified trigger unit that is easy to fit MOSFET in. U don't have to open the actual gearbox up . There pretty easy to work on . Had two gearboxs crack on me but was using as 450fps dmrs . Should be fine for sub 350 thou . If buying new then just use it till it breaks (if it breaks ) then do the work . I hpa mine in the end .
  15. I have a hpa converted double electric wind mag . All air tight . Works great . Battery and charger .
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