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  1. From the video it looks a clone of the CAM249 gearbox (PGC style). I think your mosfet options would be limited to external ones, so any semi would be timing based rather than detection of gear rotation. As far as I know, nobody makes an internal GB mosfet for the 249, but happy to learn otherwise. Alternatively you could look at either the G&P M249 or the FN Herstal licenced versions which I believe both use V2 gearboxes - that would then open up your mosfet options to Titans, BTC Spectre, etc. Or, even easier, just get a pistol and transition on the semi-only part
  2. Acetech list different effectiveness for different models. Might be worth seeing if your manufacturer of choice does the same.
  3. These drops ins are meant to be quite good, but US based and you have the usual shipping, etc. - Malkoff Devices .
  4. Also I think 52m, 84m and 91m. Although the 91m involved an element of luck. Also needed to not have a bunch of AEG's unloading into the close range targets if you were to have any chance of hearing the impact. I suspect the morning briefing on reporting perceived problems to the marshalls rather than shouting the odds yourself probably played a larger part. However, a reality check for those who are convinced their AEG's shoot 100m is never a bad thing.
  5. Once again, some great info there. I think the green wire is the signal wire, so it should just be a question of connecting the gearbox end of that up to the trigger switch (unless they've completely disconnected it inside the box mag and replaced it with the button). 5 min solder job. In theory I guess you could use the battery in the box mag to power the gun as well, but that'd depend on the size. I could see it working in the larger 200 round box, with some customisation (perhaps they'll make a drop in for that). The only other downside is it makes using M4 mags in
  6. They can give your position away (if nothing on the rest of your kit has), but that's just part and parcel of it. Gaming the system by putting them on your ankle/chest/belt in order to gain an advantage is against the spirit of it, because you're essentially trying to either hide your position, or buy some more time when someone spots you and tries to work out which team you're on. Having it on your ankle when the marshal has told you not to is just breaking the rules rather than bending them.
  7. It was a Classic Army HK53. These are odd guns, in that nothing on them is really built much like anything else. They have an M4 style hop, a receiver that is different and not compatible with the other HK33 versions, an MP5 style single slot stock (but G3 width and you can't put MP5 stocks on it) and a few other quirks. They are however a little less common on the field and have a larger mag capacity than an MP5 (whilst avoiding the somewhat finicky hop that most MP5's have). In essence, the build mostly centred around the foregrip and rear stock. These were real steel items from
  8. Build project I did a while ago and then sold. I've also made pretty much every type of MP5 due to having all the different stocks/front ends. Here's one of them.
  9. Nice, look forward to seeing a review. I've been keeping an eye on them for a while, but can't justify dropping that kind of cash in the current circumstances (plus lack of a regular site). I'd been holding off earlier in part due to the receiver. New one looks better, but my suspicion is that dust cover won't close as is - none of the photos/videos I've seen show that. Looks a good tool for some sneaky work.
  10. I looked at the 3080, but of course there weren't any cards. By the time the 3070 came round, AMD's line up was just being shown and I thought I'd hold out. Possibly a good move given the reviews. Kind of annoying because I've got a new SFF case sitting here to build in, but my existing card won't fit in it so can't do anything til I get a new GPU.
  11. VFC Elite Force if you have to have something right now. Alternatively, wait until the LCT MP5 comes out and see what the reviews on that look like. (Or look to pick up a 2nd hand Classic Army B&T mp5 and upgrade).
  12. Are you sure it's a Maruzen? Looks more like a Classic Army m24 (but possibly using APS magazines). I don't remember Maruzen doing an M24, but I could be wrong. Definitely doesn't look like an SV though.
  13. Which was *nothing to do with the spring being cut*. Just thought I'd clarify that. Still, the 150 is a better choice anyway. Hopefully less twangy as well.
  14. Also they need to buy a whistle. I was unaffected by the single shot rule because SRS and MK23, but I'm generally not against some sort of semi/burst limit for CQB. Woodland a different matter of course. As ever though, it's using rules to try and cater for the weakest link. Ideally you wouldn't need them and would just have a quiet word with people who were trigger heavy, but like so many other things it's down to the quality of player (which of course is influenced by the quality of the marshalls, so it's either a vicious or a virtuous circle depending on which direc
  15. Visited a new site today. Someone came up and said "15 years ago at Dragon Valley you shot me in the back of the head with an MP5".


    I feel there should be a statute of limitations on airsoft related injuries I've caused people...

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    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      I'd have said...


      What - WHAT it took you FIFTEEN FUCKING YEARS to call HIT ???

    3. Hatchet


      *Alleged* war crimes Jay, alleged.


      Also I seem to recall those photos have me in a suspicious beret and a large fake moustache, so it might not be quite the character reference I was hoping for...

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      duck straight in there with the top tier response :P

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