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  1. I actually did a little dance.. I’m no facebooker, Lewis I’m pretty much down for whatever these guys have planned but I know how quick games will fill up if announced on bookface. As soon as you hear anything can you let me know? (Or even better book me a slot or two) I really want to be at the one of the first games at wherever it is!!
  2. I get what your saying (and I may be totally naive here) I agree with @Rogerborg yeah this things are supposed to be great out of the box, but still would need some use or 'bedding in' surely? Put a few hundred rounds through it and see if its any better. Things can rattle, move in transit and sometimes things do need a bit of wear in them to start working effectively. All the seals, washers and orings would all be new and stiff for example so "maybe" a little use or time might be all they need? I am bored at work and typing with no real experience of these things so feel free to shoot me down if this is all bollox!
  3. We keep talking about a hydro dip set up at work, I will be playing with it with some old shit and dipping a gun or two if it ever happens thats for sure!!
  4. Just bagged two, will see if they help with what I want to do! Muchos grassy arse.. I love this place!!
  5. 8 months? i would take it back to the shop.. I would certainly it expect an item like a RIF to last longer than that! I would ask for a warranty repair at least!
  6. No not really... My main thought was its a long gun to start with so whack a bipod and decent scope and use it as along rage weapon. But do the internals to match. I like the M4 platform though in all honesty but like I rambled on above, this thread is more about my thinking out loud and taking on other points of view! Oh and apologies for not finding you to say goodbye at AP the other day, I got a little frustrated during the last match and went back to the safe zone and my pal had already packed up so we left early!
  7. Ok, so I have a few guns I dont use and I dont really want to sell my SPR and since the closure of Mall I have been playing outdoors a lot. However, I find my play style of being a sneaky feck with my Evo not as effective in some of the sites especially (shock horror) when its more open. I had a play with someones DMR and was very happy with the range of it and it got me thinking!! So I basically want to work out if its: 1) worth attempting to turn my Krytac SPR into a DMR (talking about locked to semi, maximum range and accuracy available and as close to a consistent 450fps as possible) 2) achievable to change out parts myself and work through bit by bit or sending it off to a tech somewhere (bare in mind I have almost 0% experience on theinside of a RIF, but am willing to learn and try it myself) 3) not worth it at all and better off selling it and putting the money into something stock I just wanted thoughts on if it was possible, likely to have the desired results and what sort of stuff I would need/buy to do what I want, I have no set budget but obviously want to keep it reasonable, no gold plated gubbinz just decent quality parts which will do what I need. Also thinking of it as a project so happy to change out bits slowly but also happy to send it to someone who knows what they are doing if someone more educated than me says its going to be a ballache! Not looking to have my hand held and very happy to research but I know from experience there will be many answers worth a read from peoples experience on here! *** TL-DR Version Is it realistic/possible/worth turning an (almost stock) Krytac SPR into a 450fps locked on semi, fast response, accurate, long range DMR?
  8. He may be able to talk about science but fuck me his spelling and grammar is worse than mine!!
  9. Always baffled me this!! As mentioned, all it takes is a sniper who didnt hear game over or a bod coming back from reloading at the safe zone or someone test firing outside the safe zone who sat out that game and its game over! At another EAG site, the now closed Epsom Tunnels we were in the safe zone with a few other players as our squad was knocked out like a couple of others so were re arming and sorting mags, when a couple of player marshals come running through the safe zone, shooting at each other with pistols. Scared us shitless and it was late in the day so we packed up and left for the day. We did go back but it was the sort of place you kept eye pro on just in case... It was here one of my mates had a moscart in his pouch facing upwards..... You know the rest!! -- The scariest things to happen to me are tame in comparrison to some things on here, At the Mall my mesh goggles were shot at from close range and I could feel something in my eye. This scared me so much.. Turned out the bb had dented the mesh and the paint had come off the rear and into my eye. I also walked out to the DEA base at Airsoft plantation once, test firing on the way, laughing and joking on the long walk whilst others where shooting away. Stood there listening to the brief and the marshal stopped halfway through to remind me to put my eye pro down from my hat over my eyes.. OOPS... I cant believe another player didn't spot or tell me though....
  10. Although if you were stealing and aware of the people around you then you surely would spot this bloke in every aisle watching you! But he does sound scary so a good deterrent if he was clocked!
  11. In this instance I would expect certain standards to be maintained in all honesty. I wouldnt see it as discrimination either, if a part of your role is to chase criminals then you should be able to at least keep them in sight
  12. Im in two minds, If I recall there were a lot of rules in the past regarding police officers, height requirements, no visible tats, hell even a fitness test. I am not usually one to judge so this conversation has got me thinking, and the rather tense back and forward above has me carefully choosing my words. Whilst I think there should be a certain standard to get in and to maintain, I saw a copper the other day getting out of a police car and he was quite a round, no, he was bloody huge and was out of breath getting out of the car. He was also very short and I wondered how the hell he became a copper.. I get we are now in a world where it actually doesnt matter about appearances, he could have been on a support role (not a front line copper where these things may not matter, I dont know if they do anymore?) and happened to have been out of the office or he could have had the mind of sherlock holmes I will never know. But I am fairly sure his ability to chase a suspect or stop something happening more than two steps from him would be pretty low! I guess we all have an internal idea of what people/job roles should look like. We expect police to be tall, imposing and authoritarian, not looking like a hipster/hobo such as the firearms officer I saw. He literally looked like he was straight out of the woods!! or like the round bloke with the size xxxxl shirt rolling out of the plod car. And when we see the ones which dont fit our internal bias they stand out more. That being said the one in the pic above I think looks like a normal copper. I dont have an issue with his beard or mohawk hair. And as mentioned, its about their professionalism and ability to do the job not their look.
  13. There was an armed copper outside Horse guards the other day with a beard longer and much more unkempt than that one. Standards are slipping!!
  14. My brothers played it, I had never heard of it before and they took me to a skirmish and I loved it (even if it was Bunker 51 ) havent looked back. The realism of the guns was a big draw but building loadouts got me really into it before I realised it was silly and did not bring much to the game, we went to The Mall (and it became our regular site) and realised it was easier to play with less gear and just found the tenseness of games fun. Now its more about having/using different types of guns. I dont get to play much at all (worked out my last game was Jan ) but now I play more than my bros who introduced me to the game!
  15. Cant remember my last game day :( managed to find time to play on sunday though Woooo!!

    1. Albiscuit


      January was my last game ffs!!

    2. BibbsOnTour


      I hate that feeling 😣

    3. Robert James

      Robert James

      Same. I'm finally getting out again on the 16th over at Plantation

  16. Will try to get there on the dates on sat 8th if poss, highly doubtful though.. such a shame, only went once and it was awesome!
  17. We will have none of that kind of language around here please!!!
  18. Glad you said this, I was looking up X site the other day and wondered why their website was no longer working!!.
  19. I almost bought one of these, have absolutely NO need for it but thought it looked flashy and was on offer. Im kind of glad I didnt, as it would have been mostly pointless. And I am sure you would get a few years out of the Acetech ones, Unless you used it weekly and always played in the dark I would fully expect it to last a good while!!
  20. The Acetech tracers are SOO much better than the B&T ones, its in the budget, pretty sturdy although I haven't bashed it about but have used it at the Mall for months and I was always banging into walls and caching the gun on things, pretty slick looking (a lot smaller and more slimline than the B&T) has an on button and flashes to let you know etc. However, you charge it via USB (lasts a long bloody time though) never had it run out as long as it was charged up before a game. Not very aggressive! BUT you may be able to fit it inside a silencer and paint teeth on it or something
  21. Hey I HAD to find something.. Kent is a big place so I clicked the map and was overseas!
  22. Only issue is its a LONG way to Kent Ohio, in the US to collect it
  23. Couple of Evo Hi caps, one for me and one for a pal I know wants one, I MIGHT be able to get out to use em this sunday too, will make a nice change, not played in AGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!
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