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    Best ever eBay airsoft related buy?

    I search for worn and nearly used trainers on eBay, specifically look for incorrectly listed, spelling mistakes or for shoes that people are selling but don’t know what they are. best blag was some rare dunks for £5 which I sold for £150 as the seller didn’t know what they were and listed them as something else 🤣
  2. Albiscuit

    Best ever eBay airsoft related buy?

    Bought a whole box of stuff for something silly like £50 when I first started years ago, seller used a load of shitty pics and a bit cagey on contents but I could see enough that it was a good starter box for myself. It arrived and i realised it wasnt a great deal for me after all so split it and relisted. most of it sold and I got about 70 quid for it, but the pouches and plate carrier (listed separately) went to the same guy, with a MOD po box or forwarding address or something for almost 200 quid. To go this day I have no idea what brand it was or what it was actually worth!!
  3. Albiscuit

    Is this a ghost gun????

    Gosh that’s awful, what next!!
  4. Albiscuit

    How are there so many M4s?

    I get her point to be honest.. I understand the other points but from an economic point of view it does not ‘seem’ sustainable that each manufacturer has about 89 versions of effectively the same gun in such a niche market. They must be selling, but I can’t see how or where... I suppose the prop/movie markets ammount to a fair percentage but I do invisage warehouses full of the fucking things..
  5. Albiscuit

    What are you driving?

    Ah shuddup! I use the term jeep like I use hoover and biro.. I know they are brands but I don’t care. Go and split hairs with your barber I COULD have meant I want a wrangler with a tent up top but no.. you got me. plus if I were to get a proper 4x4 off road looking beast it would be a defender all day long!! can barely afford my fiesta in all honesty so no chance there!
  6. Its like that gold revolver. I cant possibly see anyone paying the asking price for it. But someone will see it and decide they NEED it and buy it or make an offer!
  7. Albiscuit

    assistance in choosing matching gear.

    The bits on the right of the image are trees, bottom left are jeans, blue if I am not mistaken and the floor looks sand/tan coloured Sorry boring day at work...
  8. Albiscuit

    Be careful emoji

    If it happens it will not be about animal rights it will be about availability and sustainability , and of course animal right are made up by humans, the same way EVERYTHING is... But animals should have better living conditions when it comes to being bred for food, the same way kicking a dog to death should also be illegal!. But damn killing yourself? really, a slight over reaction no?
  9. That would depend on the quality of workmanship and the costs of the other parts its added too. Obviously it would be extremely harder to sell modified or customised guns as the market is considerably less but what you ask for it would depend on what you thought was a realistic return. Bearing in mind the buyer has not commissioned the project, you cannot expect to get a return that would equate to covering your full costs. again I would suggest 2/3rds of the cost to not be unreasonable but expect to haggle.
  10. Albiscuit

    What are you driving?

    @Prisce and the Evo wins!!.. Need me a jeep with a tent on!!
  11. Ah fair enough. Im a big advocate for seeing what I already have that will work before spending money thats all I would have used a big suitcase and some old sheets as a short term solution What I used to do was use an old long sports bag like this: https://www.sportsdirect.com/kookaburra-350-wheelie-bag-92-850026?colcode=85002647 And took out the top thin foam layer than came in the gun boxes and sandwiched my guns in between whilst they were in the garage. Was an easy cheap solution.
  12. Albiscuit

    Crawley Noob needs advice

    You have done research on your own so brownie points for you not wanting us to sort everything for you Regarding the gun, all you have chosen will do you well straight from the box. Some of the best games I had was with my cheapo Combat machine (even when it was not running properly). Just go with what you prefer the look of. The best advice is try to get to a local store and get a feel for them. Nothing better than being able to hold them and test them out! Just remember you will need battery, charger, mags and maybe a carry case so leave some money in your budget. A sling is always useful too. Potentially ask your local store too for a deal. If you were to buy everything from them see if they could chuck some gear in for free or at least give you a discount etc. I have bought online from surplus store with no issues. Best to pop along and have a chat with the guys.
  13. Albiscuit

    Airsoft and aeroplanes

    Good find!
  14. What about a suitcase? If you have one knocking about it could get all or most of them in, take us less room and you might already own one or be able to borrow one for the short term to hide them from builders eyes. Was it not you who sold guitar equipment? Do you have any guitar cases floating about
  15. God yeah, those things are like sandpaper!! But thats why I have a spare pair of socks in the boot...
  16. Albiscuit

    UK Armed Police Loadout

    I know its not usually something we would worry about, or even SHOULD worry about. But some very good points there actually.. I for one had certainly never given it any thought!!
  17. Hands and bum mostly Haha Boom tishhh!!
  18. Albiscuit

    Tracer unit, what bb's

    Oh, yeah its just red will not show up properly.. I had to buy red tracers last time as it was all the shop had, used the whole bottle eventually, they were shite at glowing but caused no issue at all with the tracer. Still works a charm.
  19. Baby wipes have been pretty fucking handy the past few visits!!
  20. Albiscuit

    Tracer unit, what bb's

    No, depending on the tracer unit sometimes red tracers hardly glow at all. Oops, didnt see Trigs response above!!
  21. What prices would you consider fair for woodland walk on? For a site like that £20/£25 is the going local rate for woodland. I would not expect to pay more than that unless it was something special! Any building ideas or landscape ideas? The best site I have been to in regards to building/landscaping is Airsoft plantation. Really good quality defined areas, mortar pit complete with vehicles, trenches and EXPLOSIONS, kill house, village, and a great mix of shrubbery and trees. I like the mix of purpose built villages and woodland, places with clearly defined areas. Would you prefer Saturdays or Sundays? Usually play on a Sunday but only due to lack of Saturday games anywhere local, happy for either, but I suppose I would prefer a Sunday. If you live far/over an hour or so away, would you come here? I lice closer than that but my max dive to a site is 90 mins If you live far/over an hour or so away, would you come for a big event? as above What bigger events would you like to see hosted? I.e North vs South, large weekend camping & airsoft etc I would love, night games, 12hr battles, weekend battlesims or overnight camps. Would happily play Saturday and Sunday with a social aspect to the camp in the eve. Questions to the few people on this forum that are fairly local; Would you prefer MilSim or skirmish site or maybe a mix of both? I am a skirmisher, but would love to try some milsim/battlesim style games in the future. So a mix would be great! What prices would you consider fair for woodland walk on in this area? Answered above
  22. Albiscuit

    Holy cow!

    love it!!
  23. Albiscuit

    Is this a ghost gun????

    @L3wisD Dont get too excited now!!
  24. Albiscuit

    De-Railed discussions / Rants etc

    Hardly so, in fact I have WAAY more energy now I do not eat meat (not a vegan, but hardly have any dairy/processed food and no meat)
  25. Albiscuit

    Have I done anything wrong?

    A UKARA is not necessary, it is ONE form of defence. Now I cannot speak for the retailer, and it could even had been a picking incident, however I doubt it as they probably didnt have two tones available in or for the mystery box's, lets face it these boxes are generally full of left over stock the shop wants to get rid of. The retailer probably thought as it was a mystery box it was a skirmisher buying, in which case is their defence. However as pointed out its almost 99% certain nothing will come back to the shop and im almost certain the integrity of the sport is still intact. Like most threads in the Law section we can argue points of view all year long and nothing will change!