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  1. Like a lot of hobbies, you decide your level of engagement and how expensive you want to make it. You could get kitted out from scratch for <£200 and go out and have a fine old time. Not that fools like us do this of course, but we *could*...
  2. I wear a pair of mid-height Merrel walking boots and they've been perfect for comfort, support and durability. They also do a good job of not making your feet smell. My boss was talking them up for years and now I'm a total convert to the brand.
  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3jFqhjaGh30
  4. I've got a ghost ring rear sight on mine, it's pretty nice and more solid than the stock sight. Works really well with a fibreoptic front sight. It's worth putting some mild threadlock on the top rearsight screw; it has a tendency to work itself loose, especially if you're using higher power gases.
  5. Just a bit of fun. Feel free to play on your next game day.
  6. I use hi-caps just because I can't be arsed to carry around 7/8 (or 10!) mags, in fact I might reduce my loadout from 3 mags to 2 because I rarely go through even half a mag in a single game. The vast majority of the time I keep it in single shot mode, in fact on Sunday I only switched to full auto once.
  7. The sight of a poor creaking plate carrier being pressed into use as a girdle may be even worse. At some point a chap needs to do the decent thing and just put on a gillie suit for the sake of the rest of us. Ive gradually come to the opinion that while many people *want* a plate carrier, what they *need* is a chest rig.
  8. One of the site regulars had an impromptu car boot sale today, lots of bargains to be had. I picked up the following lot for £50-odd: that's 2 moscarts and a launcher, battery bag, hi capa piston, m4 stock, mesh mask, rubber knife and a scope extension with honeycomb shade. Bargain I think. I've tested the moscarts already, can't wait to use them in anger...
  9. I have headed off any incidents with my own HW airguns before they happen by immediately stripping them down, fettling and relubing. Prior to 2016 I would order them direct from Germany along with an export spring, thus avoiding any problems with Hull Cartridges ham-fisted gunsmithing. Though their QC is on a downward curve (as attested by the off centre front sight dovetail on my HW30s) HW airguns are still mostly well designed and extremely easy to strip down and work on yourself, no reason to get into sending them off to anyone if you are even slightly mechanically capable.
  10. No, the connector of the sky charger is xt60 MALE and your battery cable is mini tamiya female, so you need an xt60 FEmale to mini tamiya male cable. (I get why its confusing because they both have male/female aspects, but it's the outer plastic part rather than the inner pins that define whether it's male or female) I believe this is what you need: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143993734576?epid=1078020355&hash=item2186b205b0:g:LZgAAOSwgApXC677&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA8C6PFyZ5V7ohTvgcFYrzSJyx9wjRQPvjQ2RKZNjzR6LafjlvpIlBWVm9On8vAPXDRnvQKuI9hJRnuoEtAPuYgHStpMezN%2FD6fU9EDPmN%2FS%2BaCjbCclPb0qDAkxXPL%2B4CkB06MHLverilFVEbWbILx3O8oh0z%2BXw%2BvmaXIf762mKZXeBdLzG7U%2F%2Ba6cXSONT8%2BmXzNLW%2BXIE8ITbXyUp%2FtDOTd7j6P5iza58LmrVoE7kC7lJxQste0Ue9XwjYuKTpfTM694XTveFa1glWbIkYUwsHgrSwwHlRx2C7fM%2Fy%2B47Tl1pUztyRVOHy0Qi49%2Ft1CQ%3D%3D|tkp%3ABFBMqI2Z081g Edit: No, I was wrong about the xt60! But this is the cable you need. God my head is spinning now lol
  11. Which one is that, out of interest?
  12. I am aware. I am also aware that up until quite recently they would just angle grind off the ends of mainsprings when respringing import airguns for the UK market, without collapsing the end coil or grinding it flat. More than one person has fired half a tin of pellets through a brand new gun, only to open it up and find the inside of the piston torn up to fuck because of the sharp point left on the spring. Anyone who would do that to an airgun is a know-nothing cunt that I wouldn't trust to service a nerf gun.
  13. The cable you need is xt male to tamiya female (assuming your battery leads are male - could we see a pic to be sure? The standard is female). The socket on the sky charger is female.
  14. DPM as above literally designed for the UK/western Europe and I still think its an effective camo, more so than jack of all trades but master of none MTP. If the DPM guy in Rostoks pic was lying prone at the base of that tree on the right he would blend in very well indeed... If you wanted something a bit different I've recently been looking at the Finnish M05 camo, not quite so many accessories available as yet but it looks like it would blend in well in heavily wooded (particularly coniferous) sites. Field craft is your friend though. Stick to the shadows, don't silhouette yourself and keep still where possible, and you can get away with wearing whatever within reason. Personally at the moment I'm wearing a jack pyke mesh leaf suit over tracksuit bottoms and a long sleeved t-shirt, which is a great summer set up that suits my quasi-Designtated Marksman role, though I do have a goretex DPM loadout ready for the autumn/winter.
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