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  1. Tore my hair out trying to sort out a TM G18c I picked up with an aftermarket slide and frame. Just could not get it to cycle properly, was messing around with the nozzle, different gases and mags. In the end everything was magically fixed when I just fitted the original TM slide and frame...
  2. At a site last month and they had one of the staff going round taking photos most of the day, I thought it was a missed opportunity to kit him out in a blue press jacket and helmet.
  3. They do in fact manufacture guns in-house, though it's certainly possible they farm some of it out.
  4. A few videos helped massively, I managed to get all of the LiPos storage charged last night, and am charging the rest of the NiMHs at work right now.
  5. Yeah I think I need to get over on yt and watch a ton of videos, I just don't know what I'm doing at all. E.g there's a 5 pin socket in the charger for balance charging, but the balance leads on my lipos only have a 3 hole plug. Which of the three ways of inserting this plug is the way that doesn't burn my house down? 🤔 🤣
  6. Thanks for the tip, think I'm OK with the lipos I just bought as they are wired the same as my existing NiMH batteries (i.e wrongly, apparently). Just a lot to take in atm and electrickery has never been my forte at all. Currently experimenting with just auto charging a nimh I don't care about too much.
  7. Oh it's not soldered? In that case I'll switch the wires around at work tomorrow. I have some heatshrink tube to tidy it up after. Edit: found some heatshrink in my toolbox and just did it on my lap while watching TV. Super easy, I used a lock pick to bend the tabs down.
  8. I am in way over my head 😂 Looks like the tamiya to xt60 adaptor I bought has its wires crossed? Either way it looks like I'll be using the NiMHs this weekend after all, there's no way I'm going to figure this out or sort the wiring issue before Sunday..
  9. I was considering doing this, keeping an eye out for a cheap charity shop suit for the purpose...
  10. Just doing some quality-of-life tinkering before next week's game. Found an old ammo tin my dad used for fishing stuff, bit of a clean and spray here and there and it's now my new mag carrier, with space for oodles of mags and bbs. Also made a couple of BB bags out of some soft goggle cases, cable ties and water bottles, they work great for carrying and dispensing BBs in the field.
  11. lol wtf are you on about. Absolutely childlike understanding of firearms law and the political zeitgeist, mixed in with some cliche quasi-fascistic 4chan meme bullshit.
  12. Cheers all, I've just order three batteries and a charger - hopefully will be all set up in time for next weeks game at Reforger.
  13. That's great guys, thank you
  14. I have had a search around but info seems to be spread out all over the place - I'm considering swapping everything out for LiPo batteries for better performance and longer battery life, but I just have a ton of questions: *First of all; brands to buy and brands to avoid, for both batteries and charger? *I see that some come with Deans connectors and some with Mini Tamiya - are the Tamiya ones ok to use or do I have to rewire all of my AEGs? Or use Deans to Tamiya adaptors? *Is the risk of fire and/or catastrophic failure exaggerated under normal/sensible use? Do I really have to keep them in an asbestos bin at the bottom of the garden? *Most of the impetus behind this is that I'd like to be able to get a full day out of one set of batteries (at the moment I'm only getting a bit more than half a day out of stock NiMhs), is this realistic? *So far all internals for my AEGs are stock, so I was going to go with 7.4v, perhaps upgrading to 11.1v if I upgrade gun internals later on - is this sensible? *Any reason not to get the biggest/highest mAh I can fit into the gun? *Anything else I should know getting into this?
  15. TBH this is the kind of thing that's shit in real life but might be quite good for airsoft. Watching with interest.
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