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  1. Yep and he doesn't monetize either so you can binge him with only one ad between vids. Good man. Yep agreed, good shout!
  2. Reminds me of the dude in the sea with no arms and legs, I imagine it may be you who put him in that predicament.
  3. Earth = Round Vaccine = I'm not well enough read up on them. Not very satisfying answers I'm sure, maybe this will help. Mask mandates are stupid!
  4. Also a sweat monster, let us know how they hold up, most reviews I've seen are affiliated.
  5. Clique clique boom! Divisive statement it is not, the division already exists and you see it as divisive because it opposes your narrative, I didn't create that division with my statement, a statement which could be applied to life/society in general not just Airsoft and can therefore be applied even by a person who hasn't passed the number of posts or skirmishes required to have an opinion. "Cunt" ouch MY words cut me deep. Never insulted anyone for being old, I implied that old usually means one has enough experience to wield some influence, not really an insult. Goby? Cue MerriamMonkey! Oh wait he's already been back through here and failed to pull you on it, cliquey much? Again no experience in Airsoft needed for my socially based observations. Also don't be a hypocrite, your gobby, you know it and your clique knows it but you use it in favour of their narratives so they don't pull you on it.
  6. @Dobbin66 Glad you had a good time! Like who and what you want! Don't be swayed or silenced by the so called many they are often just the loudest, oldest or most influential in their clique's. Listen to all but think and decide for yourself what is slander and what holds truth, there's always a little of each to every argument. If you take a position express yourself regardless of the general consensus and implied stigmas, you may be opposed but most will not hold disdain from one thread to another and it's worth being here as the knowledge and experience is high. Hope you enjoy your time here and in your next game, regardless of whose on your team!
  7. @Pseudotectonic the whole speculative invisible tech is just a daft and proves that people are just being salty for the sake of being salty, making up extra ways to whine. Bands for safety? Fairness soon went out the window! More rules you bring in the more whiners whine. Ghillies have to wear leg bands for when prone, well ok non Ghillies can't stay in cover that hides arms, on and on and on it would go, more whining than enjoying unless you enjoy whining in which case jobs a good one for some I guess. Ghillies should use bolt action and pizzle and that's a good handicap at closer range. Agreed, so let them enjoy it their way. Id argue cheaper than Otacon Stealth Camo or selling your soul to the devil for that magic stuff you were on about. That to me means that ranges are shorter than real life therefore Ghillies are less effective. It's not a problem if you don't make it one, you can have hi cap high rate of fire if you want and they can have low rate of fire high concealability. Who cares, enjoy it and when you find one before he finds you and you take his arse out it will taste so much sweeter.
  8. Which pretty much means you need to import, all I see on websites for anything I want is out of stock. @steampunksultan consider asking your chosen store to restock what you want and just pay their markup, still have to wait but most likely less hassle.
  9. If you don't mind elaborating, what's 904x? Googles giving me vacuum cleaners. Oh never mind, that's the M904x lol, I'm stupid ignore me!
  10. If the arm band is to show team affiliation not to make players stand out then who cares where a ghillie wears it so long as they accept that when they get shot by friendlies it's their own fault? Players often shoot people before band identification simply based on player directional heading and their own itchy trigger fingers, probably the same ones whining about ghillie band placement. If your on side with a ghillie communicate so you have some awareness of his area of operation to negate the frequency of team kills and vice versa/more importantly Ghillies communicate with your team before you start. It's not cheating if the band is for team identification as opposed to making one stand out and the only one suffering is the ghillie himself when he gets hit from both sides. @leadly put some longer grassy fabrics on one arm, wear the band on the arm, cover it with the fabric, screw the whiners on a technicality, of course they will still cry because they like to suck the fun out of everything!
  11. Speaking of Luke, he posted a video last night stating that his turnaround time is down to 4 weeks and he's accepting work, he accepts mailed items!
  12. Whatever pistol you buy make sure mags are easy to come by, I bought an ASG CZ P-09 then quickly realised I can't find mags anywhere barring importing and even then there's few choices. Ended up finding a classified ad on here for the same pistol with two mags and some other bits such as holsters for the same price I paid for my gun and only been skirmished once, I bought it for £100 just for the mags but a good deal really because I would of paid £50-£70 for the mags even if in stock in UK so I technically got the pistol and accessories for the change but I was lucky in that regard. Love the pistol fits my hands really well but its just not easy to come by mags. Food for thought!
  13. Yep common website trick to generate traffic!
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