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  1. Thank you both, its been very educational 🙂
  2. I just measured it with a 7.4V battery and the current peaked at just under 8A on full auto. The wattmeter doesn't seem to show a summary or peaks after the testing stops so 7.9A was the highest number I observed during the test. Does this make it a very understressed setup indicating a weak spring or perhaps not much compression in the cylinder? The gearbox is stock v3 and it chronos at 345 to 350 fps with 0.2g. It used to chrono at 335 before I replaced the stock inner barrel with a 6.02 430mm ZCI and the Maple Leaf Hop bucking and nub. Not sure how good the shimmi
  3. I could be tempted. I only live about a 10 min drive away and have been wanting to try it out. However not sure what the travelling rules are from Kent to London. Tier 3 to tier 2?
  4. I just ordered a watt meter to see what the load is. The 12a and 10a mentioned - is this on single shots or under auto?
  5. I will play it safe and replace them with the glass fuse that came with the gun.
  6. I just finished installing an XCORTECH XET304U mosfet, 11.1V lipo, deans connectors and 16 gauge wiring in my Cyma cm028. The rate of fire has gone up from 11 rps to 19 rps and the trigger is much more responsive so a win so far. I've been reading that some people remove their fuse to reduce the resistance in the wiring. However I wanted piece of mind and in my search for an alternative I came across polyswitches as low resistance and resettable alternative to fuses. I connected two 16V 10A polyswitches https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153536855033 in parallel and the gun seems to work
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    Bulldog M4 in good working condition. Good starter gun or garden plinker. Chronos at 312-320fps with .20 bbs Includes: – 2 magazines: a mid(or low -not counted the number of BBs it holds) capacity magazine and a high capacity magazine – Ni-Mh 8.4V 1600mAh battery – works and holds charge but not sure how old it is. I’ve been using a Lipo battery with the gun and this is the spare. The lipo battery is not included in the sale. – Charger with European pins so will need a UK adapter -original box


    Hextable - GB

  8. I really like the idea of a shorter AK as I always found it a bit unwieldy. Out of curiosity - how are all the M4 managing to have range and accuracy with the shorter inner barrel but the ak needs a 455mm one?
  9. Thanks for the replies! I take it all barrels would fit as long as they are the right length? I measured it at 455mm. Looking at this Madbull just not sure it's worth spending £30 for a barrel on a £90 gun. I might bend my existing one and keep an eye out for a used one. Will try to use some epoxy adhesive on the broken part for now. The part is made from plastic. Which Cyma models are based on VFC? I really like the CM045 or the CM011 high speed. A new gun is definitely in my near future but feels wrong to just throw this one away without attem
  10. Hi, Unfortunately I fell on top of my Cyma CM028 during an airsoft skirmish at the weekend and it broke the body and enclosure that goes around the hop up.The barrel is also bent. I have a replacement body but not sure if the hop up body or barrel are replaceable or where to source them from. Can I just bend the barrel back or just shorten it to cut out the bent section? Is it a write off or can it be repaired? Thanks
  11. Where are you based for pickup?
  12. Thanks 😁 What happened to your MP5?
  13. I managed to get the spring changed. Taking it apart wasn't a big job but as this was my first time opening an aeg gearbox putting it back together was though. I hadn't expected that the anti reverse and spring would all pop out in different directions repeatedly while trying to get the gearbox top shell back on. 😬 A 3 hand job minimum to keep all the parts in place. Biggest headache was lining up the selector "wheel" and keeping it in place while inserting the gearbox into the lower part with the handle. It was firing 360fps with 0.20 on the stock spring. W
  14. I do like wood on an AK. My vote is for the CM045a
  15. Hi, I love it. Feels very heavy, sturdy and bigger than expected. The body is plastic out of the box and so is the stock and hand guards. Dust cover, barrel and trigger guard are metal. Shoots great but I don't have any experience with high end AEGs so couldn't comment how it compares. Feels nice and solid. I replaced the stock and handguards with a wood kit for an AK74 which was fairly easy to modify with a file. I have also replaced the plastic body with a metal one but I get occasional misfires and wondering if the new body is causing it. With the metal body the
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