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  1. where can I get just the metal slide for this?

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    For sale G&G MP5 SD5 Top Tech + 2 high cap mags + 2 mid caps + 3 batteries + Gun Case gun has never been skirmished as can be seen by the photos. fired 3-4k max there is a issue with the gun currently as can be seen below (forum posts believe its battery or lose connection issue) I believe someone with a little knowledge will be able to sort this very very easy as the gun is so unused why don't I get it fixed? I have and always will prefer GBB as I am mainly a collector. so this will be swapped for another GBBR as AEG aren't really for me. open to offers thanks



  3. after playing this morning, undoing the screws, I have no idea what im looking for and actually not really enjoying AEGs so I think im gonna stick to GBB. gun is now for sale. grab a bargain and probably a very easy fix for an almost brand new gun. please msg if interested thanks
  4. after removing the 2 bottom allen keys and retightening them back up it all seems to be working again. will check tomorrow properly thanks all
  5. Thanks everyone for your help. Will check battery and the motor. Anything I should look for? In a gbb man mainly. Thanks
  6. I'll have to check when I get home annoyingly. It's all stock at the moment . Thanks
  7. The battery is fully charged. The gun firing in the video has not worked that we'll since it started. You pull the trigger and you get a gearbox whine but no firing. It's as if it completes 3/4 of a cycle.
  8. That video was a very good example. It's never usually that good. After some.more fiddling it seems it's better at certain angles. Eg laying down. I mean new as in use wise. I've had the gun about 8 months sadly. Thanks all
  9. Attached video. See it just stops in full auto. This is alit worse on semi most of the time and just doesn't fire. Gun is literally brand new. VID_20190613_163215.mp4
  10. Hello all I have a G&G MP5 SD5 Top Tech. the gun has fired around 3-4k rounds. if that. the last week or so the gun would not fire in semi, after pulling the trigger it would not fire but make a gearbox turn as if it got half way there, switching to full auto it works sometimes, maybe fires 3 -4 shots then the same problem, then I can switch to semi pull the trigger and it might fire one round then the same problem. it feels very clunky now in the handguard and just not how it did when new. any ideas? thanks
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