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    Unique OD/DPM USCM-meets-80s British Army/Action Man Sci-fi-ish mishmash of my own creation.
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    Aviation (single-engined light aircraft, gliders, model rocketry), music (80s hard rock/heavy metal, 80s pop, 90s dance, playing guitar/bass/keyboard), motorbikes, Science Fiction/Space, any outdoors activities (real-life Action Man).

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  1. After looking at a few options, decided to order a UAR, having fancied one for a while. Was considering a JG SG550 but went for the bullpup as its compact and something a bit different. Next fortnight will pass rather slowly as I await its arrival... Just as well as my M933 is playing up, inconsistent FPS (all over the place but consistently low) so I've contacted the vendor under warranty to see if it can get sorted. Had to miss some skirmishes recently due to a trapped nerve and now this. Buggeration.
  2. All, Thanks for the replies. For clarity, I'm not too fussed about having a posh gnu or sniping - just would like something a little different to run alongside the M4 if/when it takes my fancy. Any extra poke would be handy for the couple of larger areas at my woodland site, but not a must by any means. I'll leave the arguments about physics to others... I just enjoy airsofting and getting on with folks. Thanks for the recommendations. Eezer
  3. Hi folks. I Fancy getting a longer rifle for more range and something a bit different to the plethora of M4s out there within my budget of £150... have had my eye on the JG 550 for a while as I like the styling (vaguely futuristic but still traditional, without the plethora of rails, fancy guards etc that I'm not fussed about) and the price is right. Has anyone had any experience with them, are they any good? Cheers Eezer (formerly 125cc)
  4. I own both mid-and-hi-caps. I've found that what I use depends on the scenario played. Winding hi-caps can be a pain in the arse when you stop feeding mid-burst, however having several hundred rounds available can be advantageous as you don't have to reload - something, as a rookie, I still struggle with. My first game I ended up dumping the gun when clumsily trying to reload and switching to the pistol sorted it out during a lull in the action... Mid-caps are handy as you don't need to wind and still have decent capacity. Personally I'm not fussed about rattle, shooting and shout
  5. So would I! At least its an original loadout! Needs a pink pistol with it though 😁
  6. Haha 😆 they're my kneeboards for taking notes etc in the cockpit with a chinagraph. They'll be covered up and put to use (site map on one, the other will have an OD insert and used for notes as normal)
  7. 125cc's V2.0 loadout. Flying suit for a slightly more sci-fi look. Trying it out at skirmish on the 11th. Which one I decide to wear will be weather dependant 😎 P.S. excuse the yellow laces. They're the boots I use on the motorbike...
  8. Liking the MP5s and the G36 with the suppressor. 👍
  9. I don't deny it... the old adage of "you get what you pay for" is true in all walks of life, I have never tried a TM but am pretty sure they will be far, far superior to any 100-quid CYMA or LT that green rookies like meself wield! Anyway, sorry for derailing the thread everyone... back on topic and all that.
  10. That was the point to my question Tackle... not bothered what people spend - its their business after all, I waste £££ on other stuff outside of airsoft. I didn't mean to bruise anyone's ego by asking the question. If someone has the hard-earned to throw parts at an already high-end gun that's their call, I'm just interested as to the thought process behind it. My view being (and it is only my view) that if I was a serious player looking to increase my competitiveness I'd rather look for a platform that already has what I'm looking for - and there are a lot of good choices out there (assuming
  11. Would love a Warq as it would match my unique slightly sci-fi-ish loadout, plus providing excellent protection and it would allow me to wear glasses if I ever fancied a day off the contact lenses whilst skirmishing. Problem is they're feckin expensive. I have considered a Future Warrior (slightly Warhammer 40k-ish and has built-in fan) or a G4. Again however they're dear.
  12. Not entirely sure what the point is in ejaculating a wodge of moolah on a posh, Gucci airsoft weapon then swapping out shitloads of bits in it for even more moolah. What's the benefit, aside from massaging one's overinflated ego or enhancing someone else's bank account? I'll stick to my budget junk that does the same job, flinging plastic spheres at not-very-stunning velocities towards the opposing players...
  13. Let me get this straight. Twelve hundred quid for an Airsoft gun. Regardless whether its been blessed by the Machine Gods of Warhammer 40k, or has a tungsten inner barrel with titanium gears and a 100000rpm motor that runs off a mini fusion reactor, or has xyz other features designed to impress Gear Geeks but with sod-all difference to the average player in a skirmish, it's still a plastic pellet-firing toy gun. For twelve hundred quid. Mental.
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