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    Sci-fi OD 'n' Black Space Marine/Bounty Hunter/Pilot or something; plain OD generic operator
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    Aviation (single-engined light aircraft, gliders, model rocketry), music (80s hard rock/heavy metal, 80s pop, 90s dance, playing guitar/bass/keyboard), motorbikes, Science Fiction/Space, any outdoors activities (real-life Action Man).

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  1. I find a cardboard box with the target taped/pinned to it works well at catching BBs. Stops our cats trying to eat them 🙄 Would echo everything Rogerborg has suggested. And above all, have fun!
  2. I never use sights, a scope looks cool but learned very early on that a) I can see where my shots are going anyway, so no need, b) my face pro gets in the way and c) it's additional weight. I just point n shoot now, and I'm not half bad at that.
  3. Your choice of BB will often show on whether your site insults on Bio or not. My site mandates Bio as its within Forestry land. Although they do take literally years to degrade. .25 is generally a good all rounder but depends on the play style (outdoor/indoor) and the gun. If you're plinking in the back garden though may as well save cash and just use .2s, keep the heavier stuff for skirmishes. (Said like a true canny Scotsman)
  4. At the risk of going against the grain here I'd say that there are plenty decent beginner AEGs for around the £100 mark and absolutely go for it. Anything by CYMA or JG is a safe bet and my Lancer 933 was about £100; my first gun and quite frankly I still love it. Its reliable, decently put together and happily lobs .25s in the woods I skirmish in. Nice and lightweight too and accepts most mags without fuss. The Core Specnas are much of a muchness and probably worth a punt too. I hear lots of put downs regarding Lancer online but I have to say mine has been perfectly good. There again, same with my UAR; very marmite but I've had no bother with that either. I echo above regarding ammo choice, using 25s or 28s is one of the most effective (and cheapest) upgrades you can make. Good luck with your choice. Eezer G
  5. As always here, thanks chaps n chapesses for the wealth of info, advice, opinions and experiences. Much to think about. Why a 1911 or DE? Pure vanity I guess. My two AEGs are fairly budget models and are very practical and sensible and I guess I fancied something rather more "characterful" (read: completely impractical and full of flaws ). And of the multitude of pistols out there, these are the two I love the look of. The 1911 as its what I've always regarded since a kid as "the" classic pistol, and Deagles are just Deagles... Big berthas that often feature in sci fi settings. Did try a GBB Glock once years ago which was lovely, dont know what make it was, but I just don't get the look. Same with HiCapas. Just my taste.
  6. Thanks for your replies so far. Interesting that someone mentioned the AAP01 as that's one of the few other pistols I'd consider as they appear rather nice and have heard a multitude of good things regarding them so that's an option too.
  7. I've been eyeing up a gas 1911 or Deagle for a while just for something a bit different to use at outdoor skirmishes and as a useful sidearm/backup. Not having had prior experience of gas guns I'm looking for some pointers... -Budget <£130 -1911 or Desert Eagle -Mags readily available Not fussed whether blowback or not, semi only or full auto, rails, metal or plastic etc so open to a wide range of options. Looking around the brands at this price range seem to be Raven, WE Europe, HFC, Evolution Airsoft and Cybergun. Any brands or models recommended or to avoid? Did consider an AEP but put off by sluggish performance and patchy availability or mags. Thanks in advance, Eezer G
  8. Been a while due to madness at work, on call every bloody weekend so no airsoft since January. However... finally the armour is finished. During last week's fine weather, Plastikoted the whole lot before painting in Halfords OD and then sealing with PU Lacquer. I'm happy with the results. Just need to skirmish it now, when I get a free weekend. Also touched up the coat on my rifles and lacquered them for protection, I like the shine its given them. When I get a chance, I'll post a full pic of my loadout. Eezer G
  9. I do like a traditional styled M4 with carry handle and a handguard with covers on rather than exposed rails everywhere. @PinkGunloving that collection. I want to do a gun wall but Mrs Eezer won't allow it. Bad for the Feng Shui, or gives the wrong impression to the neighbours, or she doesn't want the house resembling a Ukranian defence bunker, or some keech like that. Might do it in the garage then...
  10. What a load of keech. I mean, if someone is enough of a fknugget to blow well over 1k on any of these toy guns, they're welcome to it and quite frankly deserve to be robbed.
  11. That's a smart collection that. The SLR is my favourite there.
  12. Why no furniture? It's like selling a car without doors. I.e. no fecking use. New game to play on this thread:- Walt, Charlatan or Spiv? I call Spiv on this one.
  13. Interested to see the comment regarding "only" 315fps. That's slap bang in the middle of a normal AEG performance and IMO perfectly reasonable, I wouldn't say "gutless". Careful not to make the mistake of trying to maximise FPS on .2s only. Personally I'd tune the gun to whatever weight of ammo you are using rather than just on .2s as otherwise results can be erratic. Use a joule graph and work out your target from that... although I'd concentrate more on achieving a consistent hop, as that's what will get you your range and consistent accuracy, rather than chasing fps limits.
  14. I don't get Harleys either. Uncool Japanese low-capacity bikes for me. Now THAT'S funny... and bound to wind up a few folk here!
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