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  1. Fumps

    Mesh googles/glasses

    Yeh I was in the same boat as you mate. I just couldn't get clear lenses to work for me but was really worried about the horror stories I kept reading on forums etc about mesh. I looked around and on recommendation decided to pay more than normal and try Heroshark. I was glad I did, he uses stamped steel that is extremely stiff and durable, it's tough as old boots and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to make the change. He can make pretty much anything you imagine, he does some amazing custom work and is also a really nice fella who is always happy to help. The best experience I can relate to them getting tested was. I once was stacked in a doorway and was one of two who were last men standing in a game of attack and defend, I wanted to check who was out there so I dropped onto one knee and popped my head out just as a guy was sprinting full on at me and was literally so close he almost kicked me in the head. he shat his pants and opened fire with his gas shotty which all 6 rounds hit me directly in the face from less than a foot away. I didn't get a single fragment through them, the shots just bounced off harmlessly. All I got out of it was a slight scratch on one of the lenses and some ruined pants. He was full of apologies because he thought he'd done me some serious damage but after checking where i'd been hit and finding out that I was fine we just laughed about it. no harm done. I checked the mesh straight after there was marks where the BB's hit which wiped off but there was no cracks or weakness at all in the mesh. now I wouldn't use anything else. In terms of vision, they do feel odd when you first put them on, my focus kept switching between the mesh and what I was looking at, but once you get used to them, they just give the same effect as a pair of sunglasses (The type that fade sunlight rather than black it out completely). I don't even notice the mesh effect now. I know people say mesh is this & that. but because I paid a good price for mine, I've never had a single issue with them. I'm not saying they are better, I'm just telling you my experience which I hope is helpful to someone.
  2. Fumps

    Mesh googles/glasses

    I cant comment on what everyone else wears. I have spent a stupid amount of money on various clear lenses and extras (From Bolle trackers to ESS V12's and a lot in between) and all of them have fogged up for me. I switched over to Heroshark's mesh types, they are second to none in terms of build quality . I've never had any issues with BB fragments even when shot in the face at point blank range by a 6 shot shotgun, which didn't even dent them. I cant recommend them enough. The site I play at is very dense woodland and all year round and it does not restrict your vision in anyway. even during dark cloudy days I've never had issues. Hope that helps the OP
  3. Fumps

    Newbie from Leeds

    Hi mate I'm in Leeds (close to Kirkstall Abbey). Lived in Leeds 19 years and have done the Headingley life (its almost a right of passage). For surplus kit check out Johnson's of Leeds. You can pick up almost anything there and they are always pretty cheap & they are just down the road from you. There is an airsoft shop there too. If you want to know the lay of the land just drop me a pm mate I'd be happy to help, I've also got a fair bit of kit spare so may be able to help matey.
  4. Fumps

    Minimum age in airsoft

    My son started playing when he was 12. He's now 15 and has good experience of airsoft. He's always called his hits & listened to advice by experienced players and has now become a bit of a veteran at the site we go to. He's fearless and has a good tactical awareness and has turned out to be a much better player than me by a long way. Kids can be good at things like Airsoft, they just need the right attitude, have a willingness to learn and above all else play by the rules. Its down to their personality, if they are a good kid they will always do well.
  5. Fumps

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Now the owner of a Kjw 10/22 with custom stock. Happy bunny
  6. Fumps

    Eye Pro / Face Pro Test

    I work in heavy engineering. One of the engineers managed to shatter a steel grinding disc last week, a peice hit his face & his Bolle Trackers took a huge impact from the razor sharp shards. Apart from a bit of dirt, the Trackers took hardly any damage and looked good enough to carry on using. We swear by them & wouldn't use anything else.
  7. Fumps

    Where in Yorkshire for Army surplus?

    Johnsons of Leeds is my local shop. If your looking for it, i'd be surprised if they don't have it
  8. Fumps

    Face / Eye pro

    Yes mate, we can go on about being all military (Even when we are basically playing army in the woods) but if one strap or something isn't right, your day is always bothered by that sore bit of skin or it gets annoying because you were trying to sort your face pro & get shot. If your not set up right at the start of the day, little things become big things.
  9. Fumps

    Face / Eye pro

    Yeh Druid I came up with the design & got Heroshark to make it up for me. I hate too many straps around my head so the mask part is suspended from the goggles it gives less of a restricting feel when turning my head & also works well for sighting my primary
  10. Fumps

    How many members?

    I never post here..... .......D'oh!
  11. Fumps

    SISU Mouthguards?

    I have a sisu mouth guard. As an ex boxer I wouldn't recommend it for Airsoft
  12. Fumps

    Face / Eye pro

    I always say, if you don't want to get shot there, cover it. I wear goggles with a small mouth mesh cover to protect my teeth, then a gator over my cheeks, not so bothered about my cheeks its just camo to prevent my face being an easy target.
  13. Fumps

    Imitation Loadouts vs Personal Loadouts

    I have a very basic approach to my kit. I don't follow or copy anything, I just wear what works. I play woodland and often tear kit so I just buy cheap & easy to replace. OD UBACS, DPM trousers, surplus boots, RICAS plate carrier (So I can change to any kind of pouches I want), MICH helmet & Heroshark face pro. Clothes wise I don't think I spent any more than £50 including boots. I really don't think too deeply about what I wear because I enjoy Airsoft for the fun element, I don't take it seriously or consider it a sport, It's just fun & a bit of a mild Adrenalin day out with my son. Picture detail: I'm the one on the right (That's my offspring on the left)
  14. Fumps

    Nwebie rules and equate

    At the site I play all hits are hits, friendly fire & gun hits are considered hits. The line they use, if it hits between the bottom of your feet to the top of your head/helmet its considered a kill.
  15. Fumps

    Have I been kidding myself?

    Good on yer mate. With some hard work & time you will become as crap as us lol