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  1. I have a feeling that this might not be kosher, I recall checking another post where an airsofter from HK was looking to move here, and he posed the question of taking apart his RIFs first. I believe that Tommikka said that this would likely amount to smuggling and piss customs off. If I were to go about it that way, I would send part of it back. The issue I suppose is that the airsoft gun I'm interested in has a stamped steel receiver, so I'm concerned that it'll look very gun-like no matter what I do. I'm not sure it would be ok for me to take it apart, but still have all the parts on me as I enter the UK.
  2. Hi all, I just so happen to be going on holiday to Hong Kong soon and was looking at procuring a RIF there. I do not know if my UKARA membership is active or not, and even if it was, it would expire before my return. So my question is: would it be acceptable for me to paint the RIF in the bright colours exceeding 51% of the surface area of the RIF, and bring it back in my suitcase? The airline's webpage states that I would need to inform them of this as it is an IF, though I don't believe we need documentation to buy an IF or import an IF, just for a RIF. At what point would someone question say "that's RIF, not an IF, and you need a defence"?
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