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  1. OrchMan92

    Airsoft Innovations Burst XL

    Brilliant thanks, I did try and search but it kept telling me to search again in so many seconds
  2. Hi, anyone had any experience with these grenades? what are they like to use, how easy etc, and how do you use them, either distraction or as a Grenade? And if so, what are people like with hit taking for it?
  3. OrchMan92


    Bought from airsoft zone twice over the last month, once in the shop, and once online. Spoke to a guy called Marek who couldn’t do enough for me. My first visit, bought a glock 19gbb, other accessories and some gloves, which after making a 2 hour journey from the store to my house, weren’t what I was really expecting when using them with my guns properly. I emailed about a return and refund/exchange and he said items bought in store were not returnable but was happy to let me do it anyway. It took a week or so to get a reply as they were short staffed, but as a result of the delay, provided free returns labels, and even processed a refund the day I sent the gloves back, meaning I could then order more items whilst the gloves were on the way back. I don’t think I’ve experienced such a trusting company to do that. And the new items I bought, even on 3-5 day delivery arrived 2 days later. Couldnt fault the service even if I tried, and well worth the 4 hour round trip should I need to buy more from them
  4. OrchMan92

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    ASG blaster or ASG blaster devil BBs?
  5. OrchMan92

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    This looks awesome. Trying to do something similar myself, but won’t for fear of selling my family and the dog to buy more guns!
  6. OrchMan92

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Took a trip today to a not so local airsoft shop, came out with a glock 19, gas and silicone, extra mag, speed loader and gloves. Would have had a case for glock and my M4 but they didn’t have any
  7. OrchMan92

    Hi from Dover

    Yeah, I've got some guns, but no vest/rig to carry things, only 2 mags, and I'm far too lazy to do it without something to carry it all or keep refilling mags! ;-)
  8. OrchMan92

    Hi from Dover

    thats a shame. God damn the evening game is so tempting! I'll have to get all this gear i need and want much quicker!
  9. OrchMan92

    Hi from Dover

    Evening game sounds good, any idea of times?
  10. OrchMan92

    Hi from Dover

    The Ashford one I've seen before looks quite good! I'll be trying that one. I've just got to get A few more bits of gear and I'm ready to go!
  11. OrchMan92

    Hi from Dover

    Yeah I used to go to shadowopz when I went originally, but I'm looking to go a bit more frequently. There's a few around this area, shadowopz, quex, one called dark water, so I'll have a look at see what looks the best!
  12. OrchMan92

    Hi from Dover

    Sounds a plan! I'll look into it, thanks
  13. OrchMan92

    Hi from Dover

    Sounds a plan! I'll look into it, thanks
  14. OrchMan92

    Hi from Dover

    That's cool I know Quex park, been camping and to a couple of concerts there, never knew there was an airsoft site there!