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  1. Looks fantastic for that enviorment! I've been taking photos at my local site on and off for while, I've noticed boots are a common thing that sticks out for snipers. The other is the bolt on a lot of snipers. If they are shiny ( either through use or by design) they end up glinting in the sun, like a little beacon. I've seen many snipers that get those covers for their scops to stop the reflection, but don't think about the other shiny bits on them or their guns. Some saftly specs can also do it, mesh seems to work much better in this case. I was playing this sunday as VSA in Dundee. Pic
  2. I'd be testing that the bb's themselves don't shatter. Other than that, if it's not a high fps through the chrono then invite marshels to be shot with it to see if they can tell the difference or not.
  3. ZeroOne bb's I had feeding issues with, the ASG blasters, like has been said, shatter ever do often so I stopped buying them. Guarderbb's I used for a good few months with no problems, however few places sold them at the time and shipping was not the cheapest if all I wanted/needed was bbs. Nuprol RZR were ok (possibly a few feed issues, but I dislike bb's in bottles. I prefer pouches/bags. Been using G&G .25's for ages now without any issues, price is good and I can get them delivered cheaply, especially as there is a local group f us using them so we order them all together. Can't see
  4. Looks like the same kinda mask, but the one in the picture is mesh rather than lenses.
  5. Awesome work! I try doing this every so often, however I end up getting cramp in my legs/arms after about 5 min. We had a game day yesterday, I was shooting with my camera rather than a rif (pictures here) however. Lots of new players, which suprised me to be honest but with some guidance from the more experienced players it turned out to be a really great day. New players taking their hits and not being scared of running to the front lines as it were 😁
  6. This is Pan, one of my many axolotls.
  7. I have this rucksack. https://www.military1st.co.uk/14002210-mil-tec-molle-us-assault-pack-large-red.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwk8b7BRCaARIsAARRTL6G-csfllwwcl9TD8RO7n4UHDKji_FlfLyBJGwMuU5ipGuP06vOHngaAiMIEALw_wcB It's massive and fits all my bbs, mags, spare mags/sling/pouches, bfg and bits. Oh, and the all important lunch, water and snacks! And yes, mine is bright red. 😁 Use what ever is easiest for you I would say. It all depends on what kind of kit and how much.
  8. This is my experience of "them" as well. It's just a different playing style. Personally, I think sites that don't want to force everyone into playing speedsoft style need to have a rule/enforce that rapid fire (full auto or super quick single shot) is to be capped at a sensible rate of fire. I do tend to double tap targets I am shooting at, but more and more I seem to get hit not by a single or double shot, but 4-8 rounds within a second or two from the same player. That I find very annoying...
  9. I first saw one of these last week and I was impressed! Going to have a look into them. They could very well be the answer! 😁
  10. I tend to go looking like a lost hillwalker to be honest. I've tried a few different styles of belts and chest rigs and those waistcoat/jacket style things. Nothing is even remotely a good balance of comfortable and practical. Pretty much cause boobs get it in the way. Chest rigs have not been designed for women like me 😂 I borrowed a battle belt from my partner for my last game day, it's comfortable and I can fit enough stuff on it, but as soon as I run it "jumps" of my hips and then rotates around.... Annoying! So I'm going back to the carry less and attach it to a s
  11. Viper Strike, up in Dundee. I've heard from a few the POW are taking it seriously too, but I'm sticking close to home for now 🙂
  12. Our local outdoor site has been open every weekend (alternating Saturday and Sundays) since lockdown restrictions were eased and allowed it. They have restrictions in place - pre book only, max numbers, hand sanitizer, track and trace, no inside buildings only games etc. I feel ok going to it, mostly as I usually know the majority of people there and trust them not to turn up with symptoms, however I do stick to some precautions - I now always use the outside safe zone tables, I stay playing outside of the buildings on site, and generally wear a mask during breifings etc whe
  13. I've also been told (and used ) 7.4v lipos are good for 8.4v NiMH batteries. But yes, I think you might struggle getting a lipo to fit there. Is running a batter bag/box an option? VP batteries are pretty thin, but I think they might be too wide then.
  14. It's to do with head size, so width rather than length of forehead to ears. I wear the small ones. The only difference in these from the regular ones is the lenses has SH on the lens, rather than just S. Large frames/lenses only have one "nose notch" rather than the two notches that small and regular frames/lenses have.
  15. They look legit to me (same as mine). However they are at best "good as new". They have been removed from their packaging and bring sold by a person, rather than a shop.
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