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  1. Arwen

    Hate it with a passion.

    Ahhahahahhahahah I hope I see you at a game, you're gonna hate me! This could only annoy you more if I was using my stockless G&G Wasp I dare say!
  2. Rumour has it that some folk at my local use .3+'s in their aegs... I believe they do cause if I'm around 30m away from them and they shoot at me, it's super easy to move out the way and "dance" between their bbs ! (Some then get highly frustrated at this and call a marshal) Personally I use .25's in mine. Not because of the quickness of them, but because I do not like getting hit rapidly with anything heavier than that, so I assume others don't too. Heavy bbs in snipers I totally understand. And since they cannot rapidly fire them I don't see the problem. so long as they keep to their MEDs. Heavy bbs in DMR's and AEGs however can be a problem... a lot of DMR's can get near the same speed as fully auto on a standard AEG. If the user is not sensible it is super easy to put half a dozen or more bbs into a person... which does hurts.
  3. Arwen

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I've bought many bits... probably don't need all of them, but handy to have spares since they will fit both my AEGs 🙂 Also, shims, o-rings and various pots of grease and lube! Now looking forwards too them all turning up, learn a lot about putting it all in a tiny space, testing and hopefully making my Recce work much better than it ever has from new!
  4. Arwen


  5. Thank you very much! That's exactly what I was needing. I checked the bearings last night, they seemed to run smooth, with no notchyness. I'll get reading up on fixing the motor height, think you've found the reason for the noise for me The piston teeth are all plastic, and look unchewed (only pic I have of it jsut now, can take another one later though ) I was thinking of replacing it with metal teeth... but then got thinking should I stick with plastic as pistons are cheaper to replace when worn than gears? (I was thinking this one maybe?
  6. Arwen

    Take a quiet moment to think .

    At my local site we do have ceremony. We play on an old RAF base and there is a reasonably large number of serving and ex-forces members at the site every week, so they tend to lead it. It can get pretty emotional. It is much more "from the heart" than any other remembrance ceremony I've been to before.
  7. Thanks for all the info and tips guys, much appreciated! The noise from it sounds like grinding/crunching, so I was expecting to find some worn teeth or metal bits. however... it all looks pretty straight and damage free to me. Within the tons of grease I can see what appears to be metal shavings (like you find in a first oil change with a motorcycle...) however I cannot see anywhere that has been scuffed. 😕 Some pictures... The tappet plate doesn't look damaged to me (I've forgotten to take a picture of it...), certainly not as scuffed up as the selector plate. However it does feel very pliable. I thought they were meant to be stiff? As for barrels and stuff, I would get the ZCi, however it never seems to be in stock in the length I need - 430mm-ish. I'll probably end up going for a laylex Prometheus one. I've got a selection of hop rubbers so I'll play around with what ones works best with the hop unit and flat nub I have. Thanks for the links @Iceni those prices are more my style!
  8. After more googling I now realise that black plastic bit is the selector plate, not the tappet plate I'm opening the rest of it up this evening....
  9. So, after not hearing back from a tech I asked to have a look at one of my AEG's (Falkor Defence Recce) . I decided I'd try doing the work myself, and started last night by removing the gear box from the receiver (harder that I thought due to the over engineered ambidextrous bolt catch thing!). First off, I'm taking it to bits partly for my own amusement, and partly due to the fact it probably could do with a service as it is noisy, and sometimes misfeeds. I also will be changing the barrel and hop unit, so figured I may as well order any gear box bits I need at the same time. As expected I found masses of grease everywhere... It is truly horribly how thick the coating of grease is on everything... look at that massive blob! Once I finally managed to remove the gear box, I found even more grease, and the bearings seem to be weeping a dark coloured oil... Is this normal? the bottom bearing in this picture also feels... odd. I can press the centre of it and it pops out further on the other side. The rest of the bearings do not do this. I assume this means it is not shimmed correctly? And lastly for now... My tappet plate seems rather chewed up and bows out slightly... So I'm thinking of getting a new one. However it looks like no other m4 tappet plate I have seen online. Can anyone tell me what version this is? Rear:
  10. Arwen

    Lipo battery recommends

    Stick with a 7.4 lipo unless you know completely that your AEG can take more. Lipos come in all shapes and sizes, personally I like these ones https://www.amazon.co.uk/Airsoft-1300mAh-cranstock-battery-Vapextech/dp/B00IHXPW9Q/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1539280115&sr=8-4&keywords=Airsoft+lipo I've also never had a problem with the nuprol ones. Although others have.... I am careful when charging all batteries though.
  11. Arwen

    If the purge is real..

    I'd suggest you get your definitions right first… What you are talking about is genocide.
  12. Arwen

    Options for a beginner purchasing

    I don't know VSA's financial records or situation. However numbers are always pretty reasonable for the location. Most shoots there is 30+ players. During the summer it has been reaching 60+. Walk on is £20 (£18 if you are a member) including a hot dog for lunch. Say the hot dog an bun costs £1 per person, that's £510 a day (assuming 30 people, who are all members. so £17x30) and they all have their own guns so no maintenance required. I am unsure how much they pay to use the land, or how much marshals and staff get, or how much the insurance costs. However as they have been going for a few years now, and not went bust I can only assume that their free hires thing is not detrimental to their finances. I think some sites hire fees are extortionate as they use sub £100 aeg's and charge each hire £20 for the use of them. Does that mean they only use the hire aeg's 5 times before getting rid of them or dropping the hire price? Or to they use the hire aeg's 25 times (a year if you play every fortnight) so each hire guns alone earn them £350 a year in hires (assuming they are booked each shoot, minus £50 for general maintenance and repairs.) Say a site has 5 hire aegs that they hire out at a cost of £20+ a £15 walk on fee, this included a face mask. The site plays 25 times a year and the AEG's are all hired each shoot. Start up costs Purchase price of aeg's = £500 Purchase price of face masks = £100 (5 x £20 for "fencing" mesh mask) Total start up cost = £600 Income Hire's (£20 x 25)x5= £2,500 Plus walk on fee of £15 each time = £1,875 Total income = £4,375 Maintaining and repairs = £300 Net profit = £3,475 So yea, that is a healthy profit for not much outlay. However now think about this from a long term point of view, especially if you also run a shop.... If you are trying to encourage people to take up the sport. Then their initial outlay is high (£35 plus what every they spend on bb's and other kit). This can put a lot of people off. It also encourages most people to look for cheap things by scouring the internet and does nothing to encourage them to keep coming back to you (unless you having an amazing set up/personality) If you have their initial outlay as low, they are more likely to take the plunge and actually try the sport and get hooked. So you get a regular stream of new players, who are buying kit from your shop (guns, pistols, clothing, bb's, pyro etc), giving work to your gun tech's and they are happy to come back to you time and again because of your good prices. Because they will then probably like you and your site, they will invite their other friends along... If you want quick profit, then yea, charge for everything. If you want a long term profiting business that people like and appreciate then lowering prices is a good move.
  13. Arwen

    Patches are now available(ish)

    One of @Trojax88's work colleagues made it for him. I've got a little cubone one, made by the same person 😆
  14. Arwen

    Patches are now available(ish)

    Mine arrived, the gray goes very well!
  15. Arwen

    Ex forces Aberdeenshire

    Welcome! Where about are you going for your shoot on Saturday? My top tip, don't take it too seriously 😁