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  1. Arwen

    Talk me out of it? (New gun)

    Yea, I've read about doing it that way. I've yet to try t though 🙂 Got all the bits to make some pistol mag pouches so gonna try it with the.
  2. Arwen

    Talk me out of it? (New gun)

    You lot (and @Trojax88) are totally rubbish are talking me out of spending money....
  3. Arwen

    Talk me out of it? (New gun)

    I'm dabbling with it. I'm fine with sewing leather, but when it comes to putting snaps and rivets on I end up getting too confused/making a mess. Molding is also difficult as I've not made a press yet... but making a little "cup" for the end of the barrel to sit in is doable for me just now.
  4. Arwen

    Talk me out of it? (New gun)

    I'll make one out of leather for it, shouldn't be too complicated if I do something like this :-
  5. Arwen

    Talk me out of it? (New gun)

    I found a few reviews of the mares leg that mentioned this about the full sized A&K rifle. All the reviews have said the Mare's leg version seems to not be plagued by leaks, so long as you are careful about keeping some gas in it. They better not have only one left.... But https://extremeairsoft.co.uk/shop/assault-rifles/gas-gbb-rifles/winchester-1873-ak-stubby-rifle/ have it in stock apparently. If I do get it, I'll bring it to the depot next time I'm there. You're welcome to have a shot if you are around.
  6. Arwen

    Talk me out of it? (New gun)

    They are both around £175-£200 when I can find them in stock. Unless of course I can find someone selling one second hand.
  7. Arwen

    Talk me out of it? (New gun)

    This is handy to know, I wasn't too sure if the gas lower than green gas (duster gas?) would make enough of a difference. Interesting thought on the spingers low FPS, I never though of that but it makes perfect sense. Oh and I know neither is gonna be a patch on a "proper" rifle. I am mostly thinking of getting it for a bit of a giggle The past few game days I have played a few short games with pistol only (it was too hot to lug around gear!). I found I actually enjoyed the limited ammo I had ( 2x 24rnd mags) before finding some cover to reload if needed. I'm expecting this to me kinda similar, but having the additional back up of the mk23.
  8. Since I started playing airsoft away last year, I've had a bit of a lust for a Winchester Mare's Leg (as used by the lovely Zoë in Firefly/Serenity). I've found out that there are two versions of this gun available for airsoft. The KTW is a springer, shoots around 220fps and has a ~15 round mag, which you can apparently get more of for quick reloading. This is normally made of wood effect plastic and metal. Although I think you can sometimes buy it with a wood kit. The other is from A&K and is gas powered. all metal and wood. Shoots around 330-360 on green gas apparently. Has an internal mag which holds ~20 bbs. Comes with a "special loading tool" to refill the mag, but I suspect a speed loader will do the job too(?) So, anyone got one? Had a shot of one? Thoughts? I like them both, although would prefer one with real wood. The lack of sights doesn't bother me, I mostly shoot by eye as it is. I'd probably use it indoors most of the time (in buildings at local outdoor site, at The Depot etc) but possibly for short range outside games too, using it as a primary with my mk23 as a back up! To my knowledge I've not shot any KTW or A&K guns, what are peoples thoughts on them as manufacturers? Does one have any better quality control than the other? The A&K is currently in stock in a few places (after being out of stock for months). The KTW I can't see in stock anywhere, but have pinged off a few emails to see about availability. I was trying to hold of buying any more guns this year, as I'm trying to save for a house. But... well... it's only money isn't it?
  9. Arwen

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I have a pair of scarpa mountain boots too. Really nice boots, but I find they pinch too much when I wear them for hours on end. Cohesive bandage is my go-to when my joints start playing up. Nice and flexible, breathable and supportive. It's magic stuff
  10. Arwen

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Can't go wrong with the defenders! I love mine 😁
  11. Arwen

    Landwarrior airsoft / Land Warrior / LWA

    It actually works on loads of shops. I found out cause I'll chuck everything I want in my basket at lunch time, then wait until I get home to order it. By that time they usually send out an email to entice me to buy from them The key is to make sure you have logged in so they know who to email.
  12. Arwen

    Landwarrior airsoft / Land Warrior / LWA

    Not sure if this is a standard thing, but log in, put everything you want in your basket and leave it for a few hours (or over night). You'll then get an email for free delivery.
  13. Arwen

    New - love it - CONTACT REAR!!!

    Wow, that's some major route changes! Can see the police station becoming a bottle neck if they hide anything in it now... Although the dirt might stop me slipping around upstairs quite so much. Sadly I won't be at the depot untill October at the earliest 😭🤯😭
  14. Arwen

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    We've done a quick test in the house. Apparently I'm a bit muffled, but it's not awful. Will report back after a full scale test!
  15. Arwen

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    More covert Comms (well, more covert than shouting 😄) And possibly the most expensive and tiny bit of rubber/silicon/whatever I have ever bought. I'll get to test it, along with the ultra cheap, wider barrel tomorow 😁