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  1. It's to do with head size, so width rather than length of forehead to ears. I wear the small ones. The only difference in these from the regular ones is the lenses has SH on the lens, rather than just S. Large frames/lenses only have one "nose notch" rather than the two notches that small and regular frames/lenses have.
  2. They look legit to me (same as mine). However they are at best "good as new". They have been removed from their packaging and bring sold by a person, rather than a shop.
  3. Arwen

    Ear Shot

    I've been shot in the ear lobe a few times. Was pretty nippy and a little blood but not awful. Lower stomach, knee cap and throat are the bits that I find hurt the most. Fingers would probably be on the list, but I wear bike gloves that have hard bits in the fingers so the BBS just skip off them 😁
  4. This would be enough for me not to play at a site that allows that sort of eye pro on field of play. Ben might not care too much about his eyes and the massive gaps around those glasses. But I can tell you I would feel absolutely horrified if my shot was even possibly one that mushed an eye.
  5. I get so sick of the non-hit taking by a few select players now that I simply don't even bother shooting them any more. I just move and pick another target. There are way more important things to get wound up over in my view! Most players I have found start behaving themselves after a quiet word and/or a few test shots from Marshalls. As for making a gun hot after being chrono'ed. They should be sent packing if found out in my view. That is a deliberate and thought out action on their part to get around the safety rules. No accident or mistake.
  6. Lol I had not even thought about a press/reporter loadout 😅
  7. Ahhhahahha I think processing photos is time consuming enough 🤣
  8. Thanks for the tips, those photos have given me a good few ideas for next game day. Thanks very much 🙂 The most processing I do on 95% of my photos is simply adjusting the levels/curves. I enjoy taking photos, but processing them all to a high degree is something I'm not going to spend lots of time doing unless I start getting paid for it! (which is totally not my aim, photography is a hobby for me.) There are a select few photos that I may process differently. Usually because they are screaming out for it. For the non facebook people who fancy a wee look, until I find something better - https://photos.app.goo.gl/zsss6EJvoPQzbr3b9
  9. I didn't have a hi-viz for about 50min. The amount of players who thought my camera was a gun and started shooting at me was simply amusing 😅 Not only does it mean I get hit a lot more, but it is frustrating for players if they think I am not take my hits... I'm sticking with wearing hi-viz. A Lumix GX7. Using either my prime 25mm lens or 45-200mm lens. No perspex or anything covering them. I don't see the point in spending good money for glass to then shoot through perspex. I'm "protecting" the camera by trying to stay out of direct fire, and keeping the lens hoods on. (I do also have insurance, but I'd rather not have to use it) Generally outside shots I leave on auto with "colour and brightness" adjustment. These turn out pretty much spot on in most cases.very bright sunshine being the most common annoyance.Inside shots I usually end up turning to shutter priority. Totally expect to get shot a few times. But being "in the action" often means I am then in front of someone's "perfect shot". Which understandably is frustrating.
  10. Urgh that sounds so frustrating. Hope they get it sorted quick for you if you send it back.
  11. Hmm... That could be something I could do! Take the best handful from a days shoot 😊
  12. Totally understand that. A few months ago I would have put them on Flickr. But since Flickr limits free accounts to 1k photos and more than doubled the price of pro, I've fallen out with them! If you have any suggestions of a better photo sharing platform, pass on the info.
  13. Cheers guys. I'll give the panning thing a go next time @Druid799. I've done it when taking photos at the race track. I definitely need some practice at it though. Out of the 300-odd shots at the weekend I took. Around 80-90 of them are good enough to post in my eyes 😆 I do love the burst mode on my camera. I tend to wear hi-viz and don't get shot too much. Normally it's by the hire guns I've found. I would rather be playing @ImTriggerHappy, but I much prefer breathing 😅
  14. Good point! I can honestly say I've never asked anyone to stay still for a shot when playing a game, that would really irritate me too 🤣
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