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  1. I prefer a long rail. 😉 Mostly for looks, but in function, I'm terrible for hitting the end of long guns off walls/doors etc. A rail takes the brunt of it better than an out barrel I would think.
  2. Arwen

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    That is so sleek looking @cropzy!
  3. Arwen

    Airsoft Ruined Movies For Me

    Yup! I'm starting to notice it too I can't find good pictures, but Colin Salmon in Resident Evil prefers his grenade launcher trigger !
  4. Arwen

    Highest quality BB's?

    The whole Bio and non-bio bb's thing as got me itching to do an experiment... Bio-bbs are marketed as breaking down quicker than non-bios in compostable environments. Being dropped in woodland, dumped in landfill or even slightly pressed into mushy ground is not really a compostable environment. To compost things you (normally) need a balance of oxygen, moisture, heat and "food" for the bacteria and organisms that break things down. This is normally a mix of "greens" and "browns" (grass cutting, dead wood etc). Laying out in an open field, bb's are too open to the elements for composting to take place effectively (too much oxygen, too much variation in temperature and moisture) Landfill, there is not usually enough oxgen or "food" for bacteria and organisms to break everything down. Yes plastic waste is something that everyone should look at reducing however they can. But in my mind, bio-bb's are incorrectly labelled as "better for the environment" compared to non-bio bbs. I suspect there is very little difference in braking down time between the two of them in real world scenarios. The mechanical moment of soil/feet/weather more than likely breaks up bb's long before they "compost".
  5. If you think Glaswegians sound funny you should hear Aberdonians talk!
  6. Arwen

    What AEG to get as your 2nd gun?

    Ok, so what is your current range roughly? Are all of your shots going of in wild directions or do most go straight and the odd one flies to the side? When you say lacks consistency, do you mean the range fluctuates or the accuracy fluctuates. Or does the aeg have feeding/firing issues? From my experience so far, if a well known good brand of aeg is clean and maintained correctly then they will all perform pretty much the same. What bb's are you using, and what FPS is it chrono'ing at? Have you cleaned the barrel? Tried applying a different amount of hop? Checked the hob rubber and nub condition? These three things, if found faulty will be effecting your range and accuracy. If the hob rubber and nub are damaged new ones will cost £20 tops. Cleaning a barrel is free pretty much. If you just want another M4 style AEG that will most likely shoot great out the box, then I'd say stick with G&G or spend a little more and go TM.
  7. Arwen

    Notifications not loading

    All seems good now! Thank you
  8. Arwen

    Hi from Newcastle

    We do have a bike thread somewhere with what everyone is riding, however the forum seems to be having a bit of a strop this morning! I've got my little Honda MSX 125 and a BMW F700GS. Very different bikes to each other, but I love them both.
  9. Arwen

    Notifications not loading

    Seems to be the whole site navigation that I get the error with. Using the Activity stream I can navigate around. And if I am quick enough I can click the pop up about notifications and it will take me to the place. Good luck!
  10. Hey, not sure if this will work... This morning I cannot access the forum feedback section (I posted this via the create link at the top). I get this error - Also notifications are not loading. Just get a whirly wheel. Tried on chrome on win 10 pc and chrome on android phone. Same result.
  11. Arwen

    Hi from Newcastle

    Very nice! It was an older 600 Diversion I passed my test on. Really loved riding it, even though I could barley reach the ground with one foot while still on it
  12. Arwen

    Hi from Newcastle

    Welcome! Hard wearing kit you are looking for? If you are struggling for sizes in army surplus, hill waking kit is ace. I wear various versions of crag hopper trousers and no matter how much mud, crawling through trenches and jaggy nettles, it all washes off! And the important question... what bike(s) do you have?
  13. Arwen

    What AEG to get as your 2nd gun?

    I'd sort of second what @Jez_Armstrong is saying. My "cheap" G&G shoots much better out the box than my Falkor Defence that was 3 times the price. In what way do you want "a better gun" ? What goes your Raider lack? What annoys you about it? What would you like that you do not have?
  14. Arwen

    Bethesda new game?

    Yea I'm really hoping they go back to story telling. Raids in MMOs are fun, for the first couple of time. They then get boring... Then annoying.
  15. Arwen

    New Player In Scotland