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  1. Arwen

    Throat protection

    I seem to get shot in the throat at least a couple of times every game day. I tend to wear a buff now, which takes enough of the sting out of it that the bb does't leave a mark. And I don't get too hot. Also means I don't get sunburn when it sunny! You get many different types. Thin ones and ultra thick for winter. They even come in funky camo! https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Seamless-Multifunctional-Neckwarmer-Motorcycling-Camouflage/dp/B01MTAAYMU/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1542026786&sr=8-10&keywords=neck+buff
  2. Arwen

    Gun picture thread

    Is that a grenade launcher?! Looks like madness! 🤣
  3. Arwen

    Sniper or Designated Marksman?

    I totally agree with this. Both my AEG's out shoot some snipers and DMR's at my local site. One of my AEG's is completly stock, the other shot easily 65m with only a new hop rubber and nub.
  4. Yes, although you should phrase it more in a question so as not to appear like you are being confrontational. Police can only search you if they have reasonable grounds to. And you have a legal right to know why they want to search you, or why they want to know your name etc. ta-da - https://www.gov.uk/police-powers-to-stop-and-search-your-rights
  5. Arwen

    Pets at games

    I've just found this thread… I now wonder if my parrot ZaZu would put up with one of those vest on. She does put up with me wearing "weird" things in front of her 😁
  6. Arwen

    Do you get scared?

    Not scared, but I was properly freaked out when I was hit with rapid fire (apparently not full auto..) to the face, from my own team mate, from about 10ft away... It was enough force to move the goggles I was wearing and got hit too close to my eye for comfort... Thankfully I was wearing mesh lower face pro so this was the only mark on my face!
  7. Arwen

    From Gamer to Airsofter

    Welcome! By the sounds of things you were running in front of your own team all day? If that is true, be thankful you were playing with an experience crew, and they didn't just shoot you in the back of the head! Good on you for getting stuck in though. Too many new folk don't.
  8. Nice tip @Rogerborg, will try that next time! It was the anti reversal latch that cause me most hassle to keep in place too.
  9. I have, picture was taken before I did though.
  10. Just a little update - All the bits arrived, I decided to stick with the plastic piston, however did order a new head. This has solved the very poor seal I had (And didn't even know about until I tested it) So I removed everything, cleaned, replaced the piston head, tappet plate and selector plate. Adjusted the motor height, checked AoE and shimmed the gears where needed. I must say, the most difficult part was the requirement for at least four hands to hold everything in place to get the two halves of the box back together! Popped the spring back in and connected up a battery. Was very pleased that it worked first time and didn't sound awful! Tonight it is the time for hop and barrel mods, then chrono it and see if I need a downgraded spring due to the very poor seal I had between the piston and cylinder, probably from the day it arrived. Thanks very much for the help and advice @Iceni, I feel like I've learned a whole lot more about my AEG's now !
  11. Arwen

    Gun sale removed?

    Just pitching in... Lastpass is an excellent password manager. Syncs across your devices, hooks in with your finger print reader on your phone if you wish. Chrome and firefox extensions work perfect. It also has an inbuilt password generator that you can set up different "profiles" for. I highly recommend it.
  12. Arwen

    Hate it with a passion.

    Ahhahahahhahahah I hope I see you at a game, you're gonna hate me! This could only annoy you more if I was using my stockless G&G Wasp I dare say!
  13. Rumour has it that some folk at my local use .3+'s in their aegs... I believe they do cause if I'm around 30m away from them and they shoot at me, it's super easy to move out the way and "dance" between their bbs ! (Some then get highly frustrated at this and call a marshal) Personally I use .25's in mine. Not because of the quickness of them, but because I do not like getting hit rapidly with anything heavier than that, so I assume others don't too. Heavy bbs in snipers I totally understand. And since they cannot rapidly fire them I don't see the problem. so long as they keep to their MEDs. Heavy bbs in DMR's and AEGs however can be a problem... a lot of DMR's can get near the same speed as fully auto on a standard AEG. If the user is not sensible it is super easy to put half a dozen or more bbs into a person... which does hurts.
  14. Arwen

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I've bought many bits... probably don't need all of them, but handy to have spares since they will fit both my AEGs 🙂 Also, shims, o-rings and various pots of grease and lube! Now looking forwards too them all turning up, learn a lot about putting it all in a tiny space, testing and hopefully making my Recce work much better than it ever has from new!
  15. Arwen