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  1. Gun picture thread

    Ideally less than £50 I'd say. Cheaper the better though.
  2. Gun picture thread

    That does look ace @Druid799! I'm liking the shorter and slimmer style ones like that, but they seem to be the expensive ones I dislike how high my current one sits on the rail, although having adjustable magnification has been good at seeing what I actually like (x3 or x4 I am finding useful - my distance eye sight sucks...)
  3. Best position for a camera for youtube

    I have mine mounted directly above the barrel, so you see the muzzel of my gun and can follow the bbs. It looks pretty good, but gets boring after a while. Would be best with two cameras so you can cut from each camera when the time suits.
  4. Goggles!

    Revision bullet ant are what I have. Got a deal on brand new ones on ebay a few months ago for £36. Come with smoke, yellow and clear lenses and they are really comfortable. Once the foam is removed from the top and bottom they rarely fog, unless I am running a lot and wearing a hat!
  5. Goggles!

    Correct maths, and yes, I agree we should all be wearing "better" eye pro. It's why I now wear Z87+ rated goggles , which allow for a much harder impact (using a pointed projectile too rather than a spherical one) Numbers stolen from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ballistic_eyewear I suspect the F rated glasses work, as by the time most bb's hit the lenses, they have lost enough momentum that they are below the impact rating for the lens.
  6. Goggles!

    I've seen on a few sites rules about using full seal eye pro, but that is about it. SOme sites state they will test shot any eye pro they do not think/know if safe. So if you turn up with a pair that is not common, be prepared to get them test shot. From what I have learned, frames and lenses are rated independently when it comes to goggles. Glasses (with no head band/strap) can only ever be rated F - no higher. To get a higher rating, the frames must have a strap. Cheap protection found on ebay may have F rated lenses, but not have F rated frames, which is why the lens pops out when shot. Source : http://www.safetyspecs.co.uk/BS EN 166.htm Personally I wouldn't trust mesh to protect my eyes. I've had bb's shatter on my face mask, and yes, no damage done to my face/teeth, but the thought of the shrapnel going into my eyes freaks me out.
  7. Gun picture thread

    Thanks, partly why I bought it was the stock. It's an RS2 stock, comes as standard on it.
  8. Gun picture thread

    Finally got the Recce shooting a decent range and predictable today. They now all go very slightly to the left, but no more pathetic range and very flaky accuracy! So I took a picture of it to mark the occasion Maybe time to get a scope I really like for it now...
  9. One of my other hobbies...

    Cheers! No bother about the patch :-p The zombie thing is actually one of the reasons I got into Airsoft. Our ZORT for events are all airsoft players
  10. One of my other hobbies...

    I thought this was something to do with Horror so I wanted to post a picture of one of my other hobbies.... Thankfully I googled "Horology" first and found it is nothing to do with horror, but I still want to post this... so... well... yea. I get dressed up as a zombie occasionally
  11. Full size rifles and CQB

    I've never had much of an issue aiming without sights at close range to be honest. BB's are relatively easy to see. If the first one isn't quite where you want it, just adjust the position When I've got the gopro on the wasp I know that if I cover what I want to hit with the gopro, generally that's where the bb will land. I wont even mention the questions/looks I get about being able to aim and aeg without a stock
  12. New person needing help

    Nice choice, especially the grey
  13. Full size rifles and CQB

    Simple -- don't have sights on your gun. I don't (much to some peoples annoyance)
  14. From what I gather... The gun is expensive to start with, BTC-SPECTRE-V2's are like hens teeth and people regularly pay 2x what the RRP is on them - without fitting. Work by Sam - to some he is a TM god, other's are happy with work from else where. From what I have seen his work is ace though. So this could be trying to command a premium. Doesn't say if it has been rewired for normal lipo's. Without the mag's it does seem pricey to me. Probably close to what they paid in total for the work...