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    Black hawk down inspired loadout with a UK twist 😉GROM inspired loadout
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  1. Quite like these 2 but after any feedback please folks.... http://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric/bi-5581m-boyi M16 http://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric/pj16-p-j-2 M4 hard stock
  2. Here's my first complete loadout, not gone for "realism" as such as it's my hobby and I'm going for what I like, pretty happy with it so far
  3. Think I'm looking towards the jg608-8 the g36k with rails and the bonus of m4 mag and crane stock
  4. Well been gathering some kit for my blacked out special forces "style" loadout...I say style as I'll be getting kit I like the look and feel of rather than a clone outfit
  5. Well I've narrowed it down a bit... M4 or M16 or M14.... hey if I later get the need for a cqb gun guess I'll have to get another one!
  6. Taiwangun sell the 608-6 which comes ready with the m4 mag adapter and has a crane style retracting stock
  7. I've got wood atm for an M16 .....yeah not the best for cqb but o can always buy another gun right!?!?
  8. I'm starting out and stuck in choosing between an M4 or G36c I'm looking for any inspiration help please!😨
  9. Hey my miss is the boss she says!
  10. Toughest decision for me is whether to go M4 or M16 😕 feeling dmr inspired 😉
  11. Not in my line of work certainly not to mention the waste.of money if jot done legit
  12. Sites like taiwangun ask for ukara numbers so to avoid shelling out on a new toy only to have it seized by customs I'll be getting my ukara membership thanks
  13. I don't want a 2 tone not that there's anything wrong with them.just my preference and it'll match my theme better that's all
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