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  1. Ive had a Dynatec for years. Its pretty much flawless. The delay is around 3secs. Ive heard the by leaving it compressed its possible to make it longer, but i like having a short timer on it. They can be fiddly to reload. Definately not something that can be done quickly. (Unscrew cap; pop out the old shell; use a tool to re-set the firing pin; hold the spoon in place while re-inserting the pin; "oh bugger, where did i put the pin"; new shell; screw cap back on). There are some multi-shot impact ones that are (allegedly) more user friendly. But, as with anything, its preference. Ive had my Dynatec around 10yrs and will likely not go any other way.
  2. Hi guys Im wondering if i can get some advice on a reasonable price for a Project Gun. The AEG has had a couple of thousand rounds through it; then into storage for 5yrs. Its come out with a couple of problems that i dont have the time, money, or knowledge to fix. Looking to sell it as i could do with the space, and money, to go on more important things. JG G36C (totally stock). - Fire selector is a bit stiff and doesnt definitively "click" into position when swapping from Safe/Semi/Auto - The trigger sticks when pulled. So, it fires and stays firing until you push it back. - It doesnt feed. The gearbox turns over fine, just wont feed. - The mechanism that locks/releases the stock is stuck so the stock is always folded. 9 mid caps (some have the side clips missing) 1 hi cap 1 "SL-9" stubby mag M4 magwell converter. Not attached, but included in the package. No battery. I recon for someone with some knowhow it should be an easy project to get a decent AEG. But anyone have an idea on what sort of price? I was hoping for around £75 for the whole lot. Is this reasonable?
  3. Several years ago, i got stopped in Victoria Train Station by transport police. Mismatch camo gear and a gunbag obviosly caught their attention. If you do get stopped (very big if), just comply with whatever they say. If you get defensive at all ("i know my rights! You cant search my bag! Blah blah") theyll assume your hiding something. I let them look in my bags. Explained to them before they opened it that there is a RIF in the bag, so they didnt get a shock when they opened it. After talking them through opening the battery compartment so they could see it was just a toy, i got extensive questioning as to; where is the site? How much to play? So its just fancy paintball, right? Can i have a go? Oh wow! It feels realistic, doesnt it? As long as the rif isnt 'ready to use' (mags seperate and not loaded, battery disconnected etc) you should be fine.
  4. Nothing overly special, but my M4 Stubby. Need to grab a short taclight for it and tweak some internals. But overall its pretty faultless. Just need to get a sunday off now so i can use the damn thing...
  5. To be really pedantic; As the barrels on airsoft guns aren't rifled, can they really be classed as Rifles at all?
  6. From experience; My JG G36 has been taken apart to be turned into an SL-9...then back to a G36 again. It was one tough b******d to take apart - even with all the screws and bolts out it held itself together. Back as a G36 it's been used and abused. Dozens of games and it hadn't let me down. Dropped and bounced down a flight of stairs. The mag fell out. But that was it. It recently went into storage in my loft for 5yrs and now it's come out the trigger is naff, but I recon it will be an easy fix. It won't let you down. Main con is that the (NiHm) batteries can be a real snug fit in the handguard. I've pinched and nearly stripped the wires several times trying to slide the hanguard back on.
  7. Welcome to the Sport/Game/Madhouse buddy. Its good that it's helping you actually feel better in yourself too. For me, the adrenaline is a great stress relief. Running round like an idiot always you forget the past week! This is a normal. The problem being most all AEGs (as stock) function the same way. So there's no "best gun", just what's best for you. Before you buy anything, have a play around with some guns at your site and get a feel for them. You may find that you love the look of a gun, but to actually use it just doesn't suit. Definately try before you buy. Mostly, enjoy it. We're running round the woods pretending to be soldiers, firing plastic balls at each other with toy guns. If people take that too seriously there's no hope for the world!!
  8. So, EvilMonkey, you are one of the people who was discussing buying RIFs with him then? Sounds highly suspicious to me Hopefully the authorities see that it is all on the level and he doesn't get any real trouble from this.
  9. Was the marshal out of order for moving the pyro? Yes. Pyro stays where it lands. For safety and keeping it fair for everyone. Was it out of order that it hit you in the back? No. It's annoying, especially considering that your kit got damage first time out. But, it's the nature of the game. Anyone could have thrown that pyro and - if they throw like me - caught you/someone in the back. I've had a Mk5 land, and go off, on my back while I was lying down. No-one was to blame for it, just bad luck.
  10. Used to play with a Riot Shield at an old site. It was always kept as a single use item, so if the carrier is Hit they (me) wasn't allowed to use it again that game. Grenades were an hit on shield carrier regardless, as long as they were in range. Worked out quite well as some parts of the site were an absolute nightmare to assault, (The Chapel, Fort Amherst (C.A.G.E) if anyone is old-school enough to remember it.) so it was good to have an advantage....but the Single Use Rule meant it didn't make it unfair. Even then, we didn't use it every gameday. It was nice to have for a bit of fun every so often. It also made a handy table in the SafeZone :-)
  11. TM Hi Capa. Job done. Considering the kid is using it, I recon a 4.3 as it is slightly smaller. But there's a dozen or so Hi Capa variants. Just make sure you have a read of the stickies to brush up on VCRA and two-tones etc. You will have to get your new 2-Toned. It's the go-to-piece for a lot of airsofters, and well worth it. Reliable as anything and had plenty of upgrade potential if you really want to go that way. Although GBB do tend to cost more in the long run (buying gas etc) you'll find them a lot more fun than a cheap springer.
  12. Because he potentially, might have thought about, maybe, some time in the not to distant future, considered thinking about doing something wrong. And that means he's a bad person. It does make the assumption that it's fairly easy to make IEDs etc if some guy managed to make one out of a couple of tins and spare wiring...and bought "explosives" online. But it's always been my assumption that making these things isn't particularly hard, considering most genuine ones are made in someone basement - not Dr Evil's lab. So, yeah, some guy made some circuits and a pressure pad and is now EVIL! I'm sure I did something like this in school to make an LED turn on....?
  13. Out of context, this does seem pretty bad. But, as with everything, without all the info we can't tell anything. This could have been a simple response to her asking "How do you get it to work with the smoke and the bang?" Well, that's most of us in trouble too. My 2pence: The guy was a bit of a tit for posting vids in YouTube about it. If the Lass reported him as a Terror Suspect, you can probably assume she wasn't an Airsofter herself - just a confused woman wondering why she's getting photos of bombs being sent to her. As for making a RPG-7 (allegedly) ... VCRA... Manufacturing firearms ... Etc etc. No wonder he's being investigated. "We have more to fear from the bungling of the incompetent than we do the machinations of the wicked."
  14. I've got a Systema level TM ;-) I've always found that any problems with the LiPo can be solved by stabbing them with a knife. Pierce them to vent them and you'll never have a problem with them again 😃
  15. The important question is, whats the best LiPo to run the hairdryer?
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