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  1. Vulpiness

    Hold all in every camo there is.

    That's why they pay you the big bucks.
  2. Vulpiness

    Do cameras help prevent cheats???

    Depends on the cheating, not calling hits, not so much, going out of bounds or camping spawn, that's another matter.
  3. Vulpiness

    Hold all in every camo there is.

    Oooo, handwarmers, that's a grand idea. Depends, but I think it's a good idea to have the option if I get crabbit, I guess if I'm going the former it'll be T-shirt and shorts, but I know one of the one in wales, it's in like a quarry, goes that latter. I am yet to actual take the leap into milsim, but it's why I started airsofting to get to that point, and I'm 90% there, just need tan and green stuff for teams, and to lose wight so I fit into what I have. :/ But I like planing ahead. :3 Hense the thread. Found that exact bag https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kammo-Tactical-Black-Deployment-Bag/dp/B0793SJW4G/ref=sr_1_2?s=sports&ie=UTF8&qid=1547819251&sr=1-2&keywords=black+deployment+bag
  4. Vulpiness

    Hold all in every camo there is.

    Garden slippers: Tell me you wanna wake up at 4 am and put your boots on just to walk to the *ahem* "moon-door". I also tend to wake up sweaty, so if I'm going to have night clothes, might as well be something soft, unless you two perpendicularly like my musk? :p There is no way as a self respecting girl imma go on public transport with the face god gave me, that thing is hideous. XD I do prefer the neatly stacked thing. I can fit 9 bags under my window and still be able to see out at windowsill level, I don't think I'll need more than 9 until I move again.
  5. Vulpiness

    Hold all in every camo there is.

    Well, black-bag realism aside, I still have to carry bedding, bed, tent, tech stuff, make-up, spare gun mags, batteries, spare eyepro, , slippers, pajamas, going home clothes, food, 2L Water bottles for the hyropack, and frankly I'd rather leave them somewhere than hump them in a bergan all day. I also need to stuff my now empty gunbag somewhere, the bags for the tent, for the bed, the plastic bag with the dirty clothes in it, etc. There's lots of stuff I might like to keep in the safe zone, rather than carry it all day,a nd I don't want to have to search in the dark on sunday night for bags for bits and bobs. It's not really for clothes, its more keeping all the same loadout armour together so I don't have to go digging for it at the bottom of my wardrobe, or under my table, I wear the clothes outside of airsoft, because, gotta save money somehow. It just seems more sensible to keep sets all in one bag no? Keep them under the window, pull out whats needed. I'm not planning on owning every armour set ever, but the ones I do get I don't want scattered all over my room, and it doesn't fit in the locker, hasn't since the first year.
  6. Its an AR-15 without a forward assist. Not to be rude, but that's kinda boring. why not get a sharpshooter rifle, or a G3, or an ares EBB G36, they're GREAT, really they are, been running one for three/four games now, could not be more pleased, things a goddamn dream.
  7. Vulpiness

    Hold all in every camo there is.

    Milsim my friend, milsim.
  8. Vulpiness

    Hold all in every camo there is.

    I forgot about this., Oaky, new question, where do I get one of those specific bags?
  9. Vulpiness

    Hold all in every camo there is.

    No, but I have an entire room The well I don't like that idea TBH, cos the idea is I take the bag with me as part of the loadout. :p
  10. Vulpiness

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    then to have green by now.
  11. I need a very large holdall for helmet, body armour, battle belt, or basicly full riot armour with molle pouches, as well as other (empty) types of bag, etc. I need then in like every camo there is. Such as the russian ones. The idea is I can just grab a holdall and know what kit is in it.
  12. Vulpiness

    Impression kits driving gun purchases.

    Yeah, I ahve this problem, hence my UK Police-ish laodout.
  13. Vulpiness

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    ^.^ She's cute. But I meant the 5.11 and do thy come in green yet/