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  1. I received a Acog style sight today, no night illumination, I was wondering if I could attach one to it somehow?
  2. thanks for checking me on that, it's statically a quarter not half. https://www.nhs.uk/news/mental-health/nearly-quarter-14-year-old-girls-uk-self-harming-charity-reports/ But most kids don't got to A&E didn't, they hide it from their parents, and most self harm is superficial, and doesn't need stitches on my experience.
  3. That is entirely true, but unfortunately, much harder to track.
  4. It's A line. It's the least contentious line. It's the most middle line. Between 8 and 18. I'm not a fan of that line, I think that line is, redundant, i think this is the 21st century, and we have much better measurements than the average age of maturity. I didn't spend weeks crafting that post, don't read too much into where things are, it was snappy, so ended my post with it, there are 3 other lines in there based on age. Oh? The only ones I knew of were at towerhill. I didn't know london had swallowed up tyburn, it was just a place to name to me, didn't know where it was. But thank you for enlightening me. "James Patrick Bulger (16 March 1990 – 12 February 1993) was a boy from Kirkby, Merseyside, England, who was abducted, tortured and killed by two 10-year-old boys, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables." They're both 10. They both don't have to live with the shadow of what they did. How is this girl different? (Other than being an adult now who's frankly not a very pleasant person)
  5. It did happen of course, stupid of me to say that. Sorry.
  6. I believe 18 is the current line drawn, the boy who killed that girl on ayr would have had identity hidden til 18, and will be given a new one, records are sealed at that age for less notable offenses. That's up for debate. 16, 18, 21? that's something you'll need to ask a physiologist, a hormonal specialist, a teacher, a judge, parents and a policy maker for. Should adults be screwing teens? Some people say no, make it 18, some people say 16 isn't keeping up for the time because 12 year olds are screwing each other on a regular basis, there isn't a consensus. But given how the bullshit at my school continued til I left it behind, I'd suggest something more, in the later side of that. By 19, I was someone unrecognizable. Maybe age is the wrong metric to measure. We also have to recognize that teenagers are high as fuck. Like when I got rejected by one girl I was into, I went off the RAILS, because it seemed like the end of the world, because hormones and emotional inexperience. Discipline in our schools is so poor, maybe if it was harsher, we wouldn't have these sorts of issues. The fact is, we've never had so many kids trying to kill themselves, half of all girls cut themselves, and we're getting on a tangent of a tangent here, but, that didn't happen in the 1950s, and maybe ti was faith, maybe it was discipline, maybe it was better parenting or promoting independence, or authority, or maybe the ones who were troubled weren't in school at all, but we do have this problem now, and it serves the purposes of absolutely no one.
  7. and at 17 contracts are not legal binding because children are morons. Also it's 8 I think, at 8 you can got to court. The" other one "did those things as an adult, and should face the law as an adult. (and as an aside if he presents an unreforming, ongoing threat to our citizens, he should be executed.) I'm just saying, children aren't adults, we draw the distinction for a reason, cause of their lack of life experience and context, at at 15 I was a prick, and racist, and I was causing all sort of hell to people who didn't deserve it, because that what life was like for me, and consent, and all these other things we take for granted in adult life, were high ideals for philosophers in ivory towers that had absolutely no reliance on the "real world". My life experience was people taking the shit out of me, and every nice person watching on and saying nothing, and my mother being an utter nutcase. We start children off in a situation, school, families, that very often isn't "normal" but to them, that is their norm. They didn't choose that, is just how it went. I can absolutely see how systemic school year racist Islamophobic harassment, and the all too often ineffectual response. could drive someone into the arms of terrorists, it happened often enough in Ireland. Children don't stay children, and there is a point where we need to draw a line,t hat line isn't 15, if it was, adults would be dicking them.
  8. Yes. They are punished. But they are not condemned. They are allowed an opportunity at redemption, and their records sealed. Children need to punished when they do wrong, and if this moron had run away to join ISIS and then realized it was a fucking awful idea, she too should be punished. But she didn't, there was no realization. She just picked a side, a side that lost, and she is a child no longer, she has hanged herself. But I reject that a child, any child, having been a troubled child, and knowing that for me the causes of that were external not internal should have to live forever with the consequences of youth.
  9. She was a child, we do not condemn children for their actions, only adults. Now she is an adult, and she is pro-war crimes. This is different.
  10. But then we charge less per head and end up letting the bloody riff-raff in. XD
  11. Stuck a nerve there druid? I had grandparents, emphasis on had, I've done both those things. I'm sorry if you you have only experienced acts of empathy and respect in grand, one off gestures, that is indeed a a very fine thing to do. But it can also be small acts, daily, saying hello to your building manager, of a morning, not flitting past him on the way to work, thanking shop assistants when they take your basket, or listening politely when someone speak about whatever bulshit religion they believe in. Those two people, are still people, and when I last looked, this was still a civilized society that did not stoop to such levels, we do not peddle hate and hostility. One of those people is a diplomatic ally, the other a civilian. Your problem with it is you do not like them, my problem is it could be our Queen up on a target, or Sir David Attenborugh, or the 98 year old you have so fetishized above, and I understand how I feel about that, and how some other people feel about these characters,a nd how that creates division and discordance within our community unnecessarily by pillorying their image. It seems for you, empathy and respect are grand spectacles, they need not be, it's just what you do. You seem to think I'm in some great row, or upset by people doing this, I'm not, I'm offended, I'm also offended by the smell of dogshit, and small children, offended, does not mean upset. And I am a special kind of snowflake, an iron one: But allow me to end by saying, I don't wish for you to feel bag, it is a very fine thing for you to be so hardy, and unaffected by irritants, but don't expect us all to subscribe to your philosophy. When someone says they're offended, they're being restrained, what they in fact mean is someone is being rude and that they will remember that. Cheers, Now see this is genuinely offends me. Let me explain, historically executions have been preformed at the tower of London, this rides roughshod over that tradition.
  12. I'd actually be interested in the history of that. Yeah, pretty much.
  13. They tend to keep quiet until one of them can't keep their mouth shut anymore. Then they all jump in.
  14. I'm totally him, fo sho changed my name gender, date of birth, location, order history email address, but don;'t worry about it, you can ship it to me at Number ten downing street London. ;P
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