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  1. MP7 AEP (upgraded)

    Bump open to offers
  2. MP7 AEP (upgraded)

  3. MP7 AEP (upgraded)

    Make: well Gun/Model: r4 Accessories: eotech, 8 mid caps, 6 low caps, 2 high caps, 7.4v Lipo, 3 stock batteries and a bunch of upgrades Condition: good FPS: 275 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: maybe Price/Payment: 165 ono (I can post) Pictures: UPGRADES: Laylax cylinder Laylax piston head Metal anti reversal latch Low friction metal bushings Lipo mod wired to deans (slides in and out if you want use stock batteries I strongly suggest not doing that) Eagle 6 power up spring Air loss mods Nice shimmed gearbox I recently purchased the mp7 off this forum, pumped a load of time into upgrading it just to find I really don't get on with compact rifles being 6,3ft and arms even longer haha so it's a shame to see it go but at least it now can actually be used like an mp7 should be not just a watching the bbs roll out of the barrel. The Eotechs on button is a bit dodgy it has fresh batteries and it works just needs a couple of presses before it turns on (contacts probably need cleaning)
  4. lr300/m4 body

    Make: unknown Item: upper/lower, stock, pistol grip and charging handle Condition: good (a few little scratches) Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: open to offers Price/Payment: £60 ono (postage not included as it will vary) Pictures: yes Everything is metal apart from the pistol grip
  5. would you swap it for a we msk?