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  1. Forum Meet Ups for Mall Players

    Not sure what a filmsim is to be fair xD Well if we see anywhere interesting we can see who wants to go. I know there's a few on here we can trust to show up if they say they're going to
  2. Forum Meet Ups for Mall Players

    Fair enough must have just been me being unlucky, everytime I got shot there was a group just waiting in choke points you were holding. Didn't seem o be any movement haha. Does it have to be the mall? What if a group of us were to do a milsim or something? I'd like to try something new
  3. Forum Meet Ups for Mall Players

    Didn't you do something like that at the last official forum game? Worked out pretty well for you guys cause everyone was a pansy
  4. Yo, i've wanted one of these for ages. This is the high power version correct? Could you tell me the avg fps between the normal and low power shells? I need to be able to skirmish with it and airsoft websites are terrible for posting the correct fps (Example, patrolbase list the same fps readouts on both versions, asked them about it and was ignored completely).
  5. Laser Engraving a Pistol Grip

    Honestly I would, I love customizing the sh*t I own. Plus this shouldn't be too expensive to do to be fair
  6. Something like this?
  7. Short answer, no Long answer. Of course not ffs you've just been told already.
  8. A+ TKO valve, opinions?

    Bump, lol
  9. ASG Dan Wesson 715 6" Hi-Power Revolver

    Get the low power version if you plan on skirmishing. If you're planning on using the high power for anything other than target practice or in america then you're just a prick. Good thing that all sites I know of at least chrono everything before games
  10. Mall Saturday 23rd

    Damn, thought this was gonna be another forum game lol.
  11. Could I have your opinion please guys

    Last time I played airsoft there was a guy running around the woodland in a chicken suit, is he an idiot too? Or should we all agree only multicam is allowed?
  12. Lasers in Airsoft. A safety hazard?

    But they look f*cking cool when you're running a pistol in the tunnels and there's a ton of smoke from flashbangs.
  13. 1911 aluminium slide issues

    Might be that it just needs a breaking in period? make sure it's properly lubed and sit there racking it for half an hour or so make sure it's nice and smooth
  14. TM Hi Capa 5.1 upgrade ANSWERED

    Indeed, if it's fairly old you could chuck a new hop up rubber in it but i'd stick with the stock TM ones. My Gold Match has never let me down....apart from when I didn't lube it for nearly a year and the slide stopped locking back. Still works perfectly now!
  15. Limited choice on DMR

    I recently got myself a WE ACE VD (SVD GBBR), it's a bit worn out but honestly I'm upgrading it anyway, looking around for an A+ TKO valve in stock at the moment but running a few shots few my chrono it's averaging about 1.6J on .25s so it should be good once I wack in the new barrel and sort out any air leaks to get the consistency up. Still waiting for the barrel and scope mount to come through but man, I can't stop playing with it it's just gorgeous and once I get this thin running how I want it's going to be an absolute BEAST of a DMR. then of course there's always the option to HPA tap a few mags