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  1. Seany.exe

    G&G UMG Advise

    The G&G UMP was my first gun, i've upgraded the internals, well cylinder/piston etc but the gears/motor/barrel are stock and it's a laser haven't seen the need to upgrade it. Great little guns and almost as silent as my VSR with the suppressor on it lol. Just heavy as hell and the mags are awkward lol.
  2. Seany.exe

    G&G UMG Advise

    I think unless you re-wire it to the front you'll have issues tbh. I have one and my 7.4 lipo fits in nicely but there's not exactly much room in there. If you have a mosfet I can't see an issue with running the voltage through it just the space issue.
  3. Seany.exe

    TM hi capa slide not locking back.

    Thats fair enough, I can only speak for this one pistol as it's all i've had myself :)
  4. Seany.exe

    TM hi capa slide not locking back.

    Hard to tell honestly, If it's like the gold match which is what I have then you want to look on the inside of the slide, the slide catches on a small metal insert not the plastic slide itself. And from what I can remember there's a little nub on the inside of the slide catch and thats where you need to look. If I remember i'll see if I can show you mine to show you where I mean. Wat? It's the follower on the magazine that pushes it up, there is no slide catch spring lol
  5. Seany.exe

    VSR10 Gspec

    Cool thanks guys, was pretty much what I was thinking myself but wasn't too sure. Debating selling this and getting the SRS :P
  6. Seany.exe

    TM hi capa slide not locking back.

    My gold match is starting to do this, pretty sure it's the little notch on the slide release itself is wearing down. Pop it out and take a look I don't think they cost much to replace. Otherwise it also stopped locking back when I didn't lube the gun for over a year lol, so check that too
  7. Seany.exe

    VSR10 Gspec

    Make/brand: Tokyo Marui Any accessories included: Box, suppressor, 3xTM mags, original cylinder (+ trigger unit? Haven't looked in the box for a while lol). Stock pouch/rest thing Unsure of the barrel, I think it's a prommy TB no markings but it's black. Came with the upgrades Stock TM hop unit with ASP type B arm PDI W-hold bucking, fairly new Laylax teflon cylinder LL Trigger unit/piston etc Upgraded spring to sniper limit unsure of spec. TDC modded Mags have 3d printed tabs on the bottom to aid in removal which works pretty well. 3m Scotch taped on to test before glueing but they held so well i just left them on "Custom" barrel spacers (paper and electrical tape) Stock foam filled to eliminate excess sound Can hop anything i've thrown in it, generally use .45s if available, .4g if not. Last chronod @ 2J with .4s as far as memory serves Effective range 85m ish, have had a couple of good 100m+ shots Originally bought this with the upgrades when I first started skirmishing, have since learned to tinker and this is running nice right now. Blemishes/Marks; Couple of slight marks on body/suppressor from camo tape being glued onto the gun which was removed once I purchased it, barely noticable, otherwise pretty clean slight outwards dent on the end of the suppressor from a double feed, does not effect accuraccy Pictures: Can add some later, currently at work lol. Just looking for guestimate
  8. Seany.exe

    Silverback SRS Sport

    Anyone wanna buy my vsr? xD
  9. Seany.exe

    Silverback SRS Sport

    Seriously considering selling my VSR right now.........
  10. Seany.exe

    Airsoft Youtubers

    Youtubes algorithms pick up on all caps titles and it gets suggested less :P
  11. Seany.exe

    Airsoft Youtubers

    This gun is INSANE! You won't believe what happens! (AIRSOFT CHEATER SPOTTED!!1)
  12. Seany.exe

    precautions you take buying used

    Are you saying coconuts are migratory?
  13. Seany.exe

    RDS Battery help

    eyy, it was the 1632. Thanks for the help guys, couldn't find any in shops so gambled on a cheap ebay one and it's the right one
  14. Seany.exe

    How many of you prefer tan/fde rifles?

    Tan can look nice i guess, I prefer black or natural colours. The backyard rattle can paint jobs often look so horrid that it would look better if someone threw up on it. It all depends on the shooter.
  15. Seany.exe

    Throat protection

    Just get one of these