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  1. Seany.exe

    Escape from Tarkov

    So who's been jumping on this? I got it during the new year sale. Will definately be upgrading the the EOD version at some point. Not because the stash size is bigger, that's coming in an update soon for those with a small stash. But because the game is just frikkin awesome. The basics: Military simulation FPS with RPG elements. Massive weapon modification system with risks. Take your chosen gear in, if you die it's all gone, if not you keep what you carry. The game is still in closed beta right now, and it is currently plagued with bugs. Sure it can be a hot mess at times however this is to be expected with early access. The Devs seem to be responsive enough and listen to the community via the forums. Anyone on this or looking for something new to play I definately recommend checking this out. https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/
  2. Seany.exe

    @Sitting Duck.

    Say hi from the forums
  3. Seany.exe

    AEG spring fitting

    Plenty of long videos on youtube explaining it if you can be arsed to watch. fair amount of science behind springy bois lol
  4. Seany.exe

    Dytac Precision Tightbores 6.01

    Not if you get the hot shot bucking which I did. They have the cuts for both. I think you can use either the hybrid or hot shot bucking for using it in an AEG
  5. Seany.exe

    G&G Predator - clean barrel before first use?

    Then make sure you post it to their facebook page with the willy wonka meme.
  6. Seany.exe

    Dytac Precision Tightbores 6.01

    What's it for? Maple leaf crazy jet barrels are pretty cheap and apparently are the hot shit right now. Got one for my m4 but haven't had a chance to test it yet.
  7. Seany.exe

    Cheap M4s

    i want one but wont be able to get to site to get one :(
  8. Seany.exe

    Ammo Counter - Tachyon V2

    Aye it's pretty slick, would be good for support players with 3k box mags :P
  9. Seany.exe

    Angry gun silencer

    I can, using "site BBs" is all well and good but you should be chronoing with the weight the player plans to use to rule out joule creep. When everyone gets off the FPS @ .2g bandwagon i'll be happy. Can't say i've really come across many people who try to cheat the system but then i've not played many places. The mall were super strict with checking with a lower limit and worthing check in joules. Would be nice to see more random spot checks in game though. Can't say i've ever seen one outside of a YT video xD
  10. Seany.exe

    G&G UMG Advise

    The G&G UMP was my first gun, i've upgraded the internals, well cylinder/piston etc but the gears/motor/barrel are stock and it's a laser haven't seen the need to upgrade it. Great little guns and almost as silent as my VSR with the suppressor on it lol. Just heavy as hell and the mags are awkward lol.
  11. Seany.exe

    G&G UMG Advise

    I think unless you re-wire it to the front you'll have issues tbh. I have one and my 7.4 lipo fits in nicely but there's not exactly much room in there. If you have a mosfet I can't see an issue with running the voltage through it just the space issue.
  12. Seany.exe

    TM hi capa slide not locking back.

    Thats fair enough, I can only speak for this one pistol as it's all i've had myself :)
  13. Seany.exe

    TM hi capa slide not locking back.

    Hard to tell honestly, If it's like the gold match which is what I have then you want to look on the inside of the slide, the slide catches on a small metal insert not the plastic slide itself. And from what I can remember there's a little nub on the inside of the slide catch and thats where you need to look. If I remember i'll see if I can show you mine to show you where I mean. Wat? It's the follower on the magazine that pushes it up, there is no slide catch spring lol
  14. Seany.exe

    VSR10 Gspec

    Cool thanks guys, was pretty much what I was thinking myself but wasn't too sure. Debating selling this and getting the SRS :P
  15. Seany.exe

    TM hi capa slide not locking back.

    My gold match is starting to do this, pretty sure it's the little notch on the slide release itself is wearing down. Pop it out and take a look I don't think they cost much to replace. Otherwise it also stopped locking back when I didn't lube the gun for over a year lol, so check that too