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  1. Lollingsgrad

    Biggest battery that'll fit in an M249 para handguard?

    Sorry! It's the (S) 2600mAh 25C cranestock.
  2. I'm looking at this one, https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F231988856225 Would it fit? Could I go bigger? I'm aware of the mod to get the battery in the box but I'd like to avoid any modifications till the warranty runs out.
  3. I bought a cheap CYMA P90 to try my hand at teching without fear of destroying a several hundred pound AEG. I was going to start with a flat hop since it looks easy but I've heard that the hop chamber on the CYMA is kinda garbage. Does anyone have experience with the CNC'd chamber that appears under a bunch of brands shipping from Hong Kong? https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/ProWin-CNC-Hop-Up-Chamber-for-Marui-90-G-P-AEG/141977906867?epid=812060932&hash=item210e8aeeb3:g:xagAAOSw3mpXJczP I was also considering going tight bore so I can go down to a lighter spring and allow it to shoot at a higher rate without going to a massive battery that'll fry the reportedly dodgy trigger contacts. Does this make sense or am I confused? First time teching so I could be talking nonsense.
  4. Lollingsgrad

    Special Considerations for EU Import?

    Yeah I guess I'm just nervous because the VCRA makes the manufacturing, selling and importing of RIFs a crime which means so far I haven't had to worry about it as a domestic consumer. Logically I know it's fine it just makes me nervous, the whole defense business always sounded to me like "we will prosecute you but you can try saying this in court if you like". Not that reassuring; I'd be a lot happier if UKARA WAS a license.
  5. Lollingsgrad

    Special Considerations for EU Import?

    I'm tempted by the discount I can get on the Cyma P90 if I buy from Taiwangun. I've heard of people buying from them before but they had this slightly worrying warning saying "For UK and Ireland orders shipping is at the customer’s own risk." This prompted me to try to work out what exactly the risk they're referring to is so as to ensure I'm not exposing myself to any legal risk just to save £50. I spent some time searching these forums and am under the impression that I might need to fill out a firearms exemption? What does this entail and why is it required for an imitation? Also I've heard that they sometimes require you to prove your UKARA and you have to rely on your game site for this. Could there be any legal repercussions if for any reason I can't get the proof? Would the RIF just be returned to sender? Also is there any special legislation around importing RIFs from the EU?
  6. I was thinking a molle battle belt and a H-harness. Close enough? Any better suggestions?
  7. Is propane actually cheaper if you're not buying in large bottles? I realise that the main point of the review was to highlight superior consistency of propane but this seemed like a good opportunity to bring it up. It seems like green gas is about the same price as pure propane; cheaper if you find a good deal. Does anyone know of cheap propane sources (<£10)?
  8. Lollingsgrad

    RPK and LMG site/milsim rules

    True and I fully agree but apparently in the US there are milsims that do not allow the use of RPKs as SAWs because they are as easy to wield as any AR. I get the impression that isn't the case over here in the UK on account of no one seeming to know what I'm going on about. I think I'll just get one
  9. Lollingsgrad

    Weekend Warrior Airsoft?

    Anyone bought from them before? Didn't seem to find them through searching. EDIT: http://www.weekendwarriorsairsoft.co.uk
  10. Lollingsgrad

    RPK and LMG site/milsim rules

    Before this gets too derailed I'm mainly concerned about whether the RPK is considered an LMG across the UK. All I've had to suggest it might not be considered an LMG is the word of US airsofters and hypothetical rules discussion based on opinions whether it should or shouldn't be. I'm thinking the RPK probably is considered an LMG in the UK though as I haven't turned up anything to suggest otherwise in the few UK milsim site rulesets I was able to find online.
  11. Lollingsgrad

    RPK and LMG site/milsim rules

    Do you happen to remember if there were restrictions on what an LMG could be? Could you have stuck a drum mag on an M4 and called it an LMG? I'm curious because Reddit airsoft talk about the RPK sometimes not counting as an LMG. That said most of them will be US players and I haven't found any evidence of it being the case anywhere here.
  12. Lollingsgrad

    RPK and LMG site/milsim rules

    Back when I was getting interested in airsoft I had my heart set on an M249 Para out of nostalgia for Counterstrike. When it came to getting my first AEG I ended up getting an LCT AK for the flexibility since my local site is CQB with no full auto. Using it has increasingly made me appreciate the platform and associated loadouts and now that I'm getting around sites more I'm thinking I want a great big machine gun again. As it turns out, LCT RPKs are cheap and I'm impressed enough with mine that I'm considering it instead of the para. That said I have a couple of questions: 1) Are there many sites/milsims in the UK that have LMG rules (e.g. full auto for LMG users only) 2) Are you aware of any sites/milsims that DO NOT consider the RPK an LMG?
  13. Lollingsgrad

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    I've searched and the last mention of the subject seemed over a year ago; I use 0.25g ASG Blaster BBs but would like to switch to some kind of bio BB, could you recommend me a brand that won't jam my tightbored LCT?
  14. Lollingsgrad

    The "Share A Bargain" Thread

    Thanks! Just snapped one up; great deal, this thread is dangerous.
  15. Lollingsgrad

    The "Share A Bargain" Thread

    Got a direct link? I just checked and they're all at least £85