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  1. Lollingsgrad

    Extreme Airsoft / extremeairsoft.co.uk

    I had a mixed experience with these guys but it is my belief they are honest if disorganised. I bought an M249 Para from them that stopped working after the first few shots. I got a replacement shortly after this but it was the wrong model so I returned it. It took a long time to get it all resolved and there was a lot of reminding them on my part but this was largely Classic Army's fault as the entire batch turned out to be faulty on testing and then they were out of stock for ages. Despite the difficulty and the wait I could tell they put an enormous amount of effort into rectifying the situation and I can't in good conscience fault them with anything but bad luck. Most of the problems I experienced could easily have been due to the fact that they were moving warehouse during the time I was dealing with them. I got my refund and I'd buy from them again but if things go wrong, patience and persistence may be required. By all means email them if you have problems, but then immediately pick up the phone and call them if you ever want a reply.
  2. Lollingsgrad

    justbbguns / Justbbguns.co.uk

    Aw man don't say that now I'm tempted by the dark side again. £270 for the Mk2 does seem a really good deal... that said I've previously owned and know of two other lemons so I think Classic Army quality control is sketchy enough (non-existent?) that I'd want to know I'm getting it from a retailer who wouldn't make returning it painful.
  3. Lollingsgrad

    justbbguns / Justbbguns.co.uk

    Airsoft Forums UK saves the day again, I was thinking of getting an M249 from these guys. Think I'll either pay the extra to get it from Zero One or hold out for a good second hand.
  4. Lollingsgrad

    Fast molle pistol mag pouches

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    Good condition only used a few times


  5. Lollingsgrad

    Nuprol flash mags in CM16?

    So I decided to answer my own question by buying one of every hi-cap p-mag that Bullseye Country Sport sell then sending back the ones that didn't fit or didn't feed. Out of all of them I found the Ares one and, surprisingly, the Nuprol flash mag worked best. Gonna stick with the Nuprols!
  6. Lollingsgrad

    LCT 7.62 style waffle 70rnd mid cap

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    LCT 7.62 style waffle 70rnd mid cap that came with my AEG; £6 delivered, never used.


  7. I did but this doesn't answer the question. I'm not looking to find out what I can upgrade and with what because I already know this through searching. What I'm trying to ascertain is what has the most impact; from what I've read, it seems like trigger adds nothing unless it's not firing properly, and people are undecided whether barrel makes a significant difference.
  8. Lollingsgrad

    Best reusable grenade

    I mainly have them because: a) I am slightly addicted to buying airsoft guff b) I heard that some sites only class bangers as distraction devices. That said I've never encountered such a site
  9. Lollingsgrad

    G&G AEG hi-cap Mag for M4 450rds (Grey)

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    Came with my G&G Raider, never used. Prefer P-mags. Price includes delivery


  10. Lollingsgrad

    Good standalone knee/elbow pads

    I use a set of gel knee pads in a compression sleeve that I've had for years. They're actually paintball ones (Empire). I've never found I needed hard pads and I like the support the compression sleeves give me when I'm running around.
  11. Lollingsgrad

    Best reusable grenade

    I was interested to find out what suited me best too so I've got a TRMR, an ASG Storm 360, an Airsoft Innovations Cyclone and a Burst XL. The TRMR is by far the least hassle and most reliable of the lot. With limited time between games it'll tend to be the only one I reload.
  12. Lollingsgrad

    Battery chargers - what are you using and why?

    Turnigy Accucell 6 mainly due to cost and availability. It can charge anything you'll use and does so in a way that makes it pretty unlikely you'll blow something up. I actually went for it because I heard there were problems with counterfeit B6's and the Accucell is a Hobbyking thing that I could get directly from them.
  13. I've bought a Well MB03 that I intend to upgrade and I'd like to know how far I really need to go to get something usable. I'm fairly convinced that going for an Action Army hop chamber and a Maple Leaf Autobot bucking will be the majority of the improvement. Is upgrading the barrel actually important? I get mixed messages on this and the availability and expense of a VSR inner barrel is such that I'd quite like to skip it. Also is there any point upgrading the trigger assembly, cylinder, piston and spring if the stock FPS is pretty close to field limit already and the thing doesn't slam fire or otherwise break when you use it?
  14. Lollingsgrad

    6 Cyma AK74 5.45 style metal mid caps

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    Selling my CYMA 5.45 style midcaps because they don't seem to feed my LCT consistently. Not a problem with the magazines because they eject BBs rapidly. Comparing the feed hole to the mag that came with the LCT it looks like the CYMA ones are just a little smaller and set a bit further back, so I guess they're just not compatible. Note that in using them with my LCT I had to file the contact wedges at the mag release on some of them since a few would jam in the magwell otherwise. Also I had to super glue a couple of them back on when they snapped off on initially trying to get them out of the AEG after jamming. They've never shown any sign of coming off since though. £25 for all 6 including delivery.


  15. Not trying to talk you out of it but it's worth shopping for magazines before you jump. I considered a SIG for my first AEG but couldn't seem to find magazines for it anywhere at the time.