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  1. Lollingsgrad

    Replacement paddle wheel for Odin M12 Side Winder Speed Loader

    Follow up, almost everything on a clone is identical except for the lack of suede clutch, small self tapping screws into plastic instead of flat screws with embedded metal nuts, and slightly fewer screws attaching the feed wheel cover. I cannot say that clone paddle plastic is weaker than the Odin one from feel or look so I've used it as a replacement. The only catch was that I struggled to remove the bolt from the clone paddle; it looked like it would come out but I decided not to bother since the bolt was almost identical anyway (just slightly shorter). tl;dr you can use a paddle from a clone Odin rather than struggle for official replacement parts
  2. Lollingsgrad

    Who are Kublai? Would their midcaps be worth a shot?

    Follow up on these, I can't recommend them. The spring weakened after only 4 uses and now only feeds if the gun is tilted upside down. I've managed to get them working again but I had to lubricate the BB channel which is something that always struck me as a bad idea. Also whilst they locked into both my CM16 and my Amoeba, I had to put some tape on the back of the magwell in the former and on the rear visible portion of the gearbox in the latter to stop them rocking backwards in the magwell. I believe that was also impeding feeding.
  3. Lollingsgrad

    Ares Metal 300rnd Hi Cap for M4

    Time Left: 2 days and 6 hours

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    Came with my Amoeba CCC but I prefer the ones I already have. Price includes UK delivery.


  4. Lollingsgrad

    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

  5. Lollingsgrad

    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    Yup! Out of stock though, sorry to shatter your dreams.
  6. Lollingsgrad

    Replacement paddle wheel for Odin M12 Side Winder Speed Loader

    Only when turned upside down, although keep in mind that mine has had some novel and unintentional modifications made to it...
  7. Lollingsgrad

    Replacement paddle wheel for Odin M12 Side Winder Speed Loader

    Nah if that turns out to be my only option I'll probably just give up and settle for thumb loaders (and avoid Odin Innovations products in future for that matter).
  8. Lollingsgrad

    P90 inconsistent semi cycling

    Why those brands out of curiosity?
  9. Lollingsgrad

    P90 inconsistent semi cycling

    I could believe tappet plate issues, the spring is okay but the plate itself is a bendy piece of garbage. The reason I suspect the random nozzle positions is I'm thinking a BB could be pushed through the lips prior to firing. That said grippier bucking lips might solve that. Maybe I'll try this G&G green bucking I've got laying around and use it as an excuse to try flat hopping. If I'm right that this inconsistent nozzle position is the problem would a sector chip help?
  10. Lollingsgrad

    P90 inconsistent semi cycling

    It doesn't double feed, just sometimes a BB will roll out of the barrel instead of being propelled. The semi action is crisp and never double fires, but the nozzle will be all over the place. Sometimes deep in the hop, sometimes fully retracted etc. Can post a video if this is unclear.
  11. Lollingsgrad

    P90 inconsistent semi cycling

    I recently had a bit of fun working on a really awful CYMA P90. Turned out pretty well, went from shooting 170 to 310fps on 0.2g and the accuracy isn't bad. However it does occasionally dribble a BB out of the end, about 1 in 50 shots and only on semi-auto. Something odd I noticed about it is that compared to my G&G CM16 (the only other AEG I've opened) the start and finish position of the nozzle is very inconsistent. Could this be the cause of the occasional semi misfire? How would I address it? If it's relevant the internal changes are hop chamber (TM), barrel and bucking, then nozzle (SHS aluminium single o-ring), shimming, spring (shortened SHS M100) and motor (16tpa SHS).
  12. Lollingsgrad

    Replacement paddle wheel for Odin M12 Side Winder Speed Loader

    Same, although when returning the handle I turn it upside down and rotate the handle counterclockwise. Seems to empty the loading wheel back into the reservoir. Hopefully this isn't the thing that's been breaking paddles but I never encountered a lot of resistance doing it.
  13. Lollingsgrad

    Replacement paddle wheel for Odin M12 Side Winder Speed Loader

    Since January, so not that long, willing to accept it's almost certainly user error on the clutch setting but I do hope I can just get a wheel replacement rather than a whole new loader. They sell rebuild kits for not too much but the only place I can see selling them is Fire Support and they're out.
  14. Lollingsgrad

    Replacement paddle wheel for Odin M12 Side Winder Speed Loader

    I want to say yes because I did set it to slip at high tension but clearly the answer is no because this happened! I think it looks more surprising than it is because if one paddle breaks then there's more tension on the next one, so it's more likely to break etc... What is surprising is that it continued to function acceptably like this till the last one broke last night. Hate to think how it must've been scratching up the BBs in this state. Starting to think these things are more trouble than they're worth...
  15. So I noticed my speedloader wasn't doing a very good job of shoving BBs into my midcap recently, decided to open it up to see why and... yeah... Where can I get a replacement? Importing is so expensive I might as well buy another. Wondering if I should just get one of the cheap clones and take the wheel out of it.