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  1. Oh man that sounds horrible; sometimes the worst does happen even when everyone has diligently followed the safety brief but it wouldn't make you feel any better when you're facing the very real possibility of having burnt someone's face. That said, it sounds like you came as close as you can come and the person was shocked but fine? Are they as loud as that? I don't like those Mk5s, had tinnitus for a day after one went off in the room I was in and I wasn't even that close. I always wear active hearing protection these days.
  2. So apropos of nothing I've decided I need a grenade launcher. I was going to get the shower shells till someone pointed out the existence of TAG round compatible shells and whilst expensive they're not as bad as I would've guessed. A few things worry me about them though, firstly the rifling in the tubes; I'm not familiar with firearm legislation but this strikes me as Probably Not Okay? Also the reaper rounds that go bang and flash look amazing, but what happens if they hit a person? Is there anything in the design to make that safe or are you looking at impact injury and potentially setting clothes on fire? Are these just a fun toy that should by no means be allowed near humans or what?

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    Clones of the Socom Gear Lancer L5 Advanced WarFighter M4 magazines by Kublai in opaque black. They're advertised as 180rd and I find that's pretty accurate, though I do find in my G&G CM16 the first 10 rounds go everywhere if you try to fill them completely, don't seem to have the same problem in my Ares Amoeba CCC though Has a window at the top where you can see BBs if there's at least 100ish loaded which is a nice little feature (see photos). Decent feeling plastic, easy to get the spring out for cleaning. Selling for £4 each or £18 for all of them, postage will be £2.70 with Hermes regardless of number posted.


  4. It's a different problem at least, most shots are fine and it only overfeeds when this problem with the spring not locking back occurs and I have to essentially double cock it. It never happens when dry firing; a major clue seems to be that when this occurs the pistons haven't managed to lock forwards. I wonder if getting some lube onto the pistons and into the feed tube, getting some BBs through then cleaning out the barrels afterwards might help, what do you think?
  5. Got a CYMA trishot and played with it all day Sunday. It was surprisingly good although seemed to degrade very quickly. Towards the end of the day, about once per shell I'd cock it and it'd feel a bit harder than usual. BBs will load into the barrels but the spring won't have locked back. Without fail when I cock it again it will load the spring correctly but then the next shot will be a mess of 4-6 BBs that obviously don't go very far. My understanding is that when these things start to malfunction it's pretty much bin-time because there are no replacement parts and disassembly is a nightmare. That said I'm not quite ready to give up on it because it's fun and it does shoot well most of the time. Can anyone experienced with the inner workings of these things give me an idea of what could be wrong and what it'd take to fix it?
  6. So this is interesting and upsetting. I'm sure you're right because you're normally hot on this subject but I'm curious to hear where you got this from. I thought the current understanding was that if this limit is exceeded it's unclear what this means but we assumed it fell into section 5?
  7. I didn't know it was three separate pistons! I was actually more concerned about most of the puff disappearing out of two empty pipes. It comes in at ~300fps on a single BB.
  8. VSR, and both stock and after fiddling. I suspect joule creep is something you normally need to tune to get (i.e. Weighted/heavy piston) but I've not tried myself.
  9. On a tenuously related note (because I don't want to start a whole thread about it) does anyone else get batshit crazy readings from their trishot spring shotgun? Is the proper way to chrono these things to just load a single BB? I guess these Acetechs can't handle multiple projectiles passing through.
  10. I've seen negative joule creep in my springer and all my AEGs so I'd actually bet the other way.
  11. So far I've taken apart and fiddled with a CYMA P90, G&G Combat Machine, CYMA CM.121 AEP, VSR, APS UAR, and a King Arms AEG SVD. Weirdly, I had the worst time with the Combat Machine by a fairly large margin. There's so much to do just to get at the gear box, then the internal gearbox wiring adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the usual spring juggling when closing up. I get the feeling that the V2 gearbox, the most popular and ubiquitous, might also be the biggest pain in the arse?
  12. I've got the HD one which I use most of the time; good for indoors and woodland.
  13. I don't think realism should be enforced anywhere but milsim. If someone wants to run around with a HPA tapped hi-capa with a drum mag on an open skirmish day that's cool. Not the kind of game I want to play myself but I'll take a disadvantage in exchange for more fun.
  14. It absolutely is a narrative device but the difference in gameplay is real in my experience. Also I'd point out "firing for effect" is a reasonable description of what you're supposed to be doing! You can argue the usefulness of the effect but if you keep picking at that thin veneer of fantasy you're going to end up concluding we should just be playing laser tag or at least with something where the ballistics involved aren't ass :B
  15. If you're anything like me, get the AEG you want first time because if you compromise you'll just want it again later. If you want an MG42, get that MG42; it's a cool looking toy. With regards to play style, @Rogerborg's right, slap a box magazine on anything and you're a support gunner in airsoft. That said, if you have a large AEG that's obviously meant to look like an LMG I find people treat you differently. Running my M249 Mk2 I get people asking me for cover fire, moving up when I'm covering. I've also been given permission to be the only auto guy in a semi auto game which people seemed to enjoy on both sides as it added some extra flavour. For this reason, I wouldn't go for a Stoner or Para as they're easily mistaken for ARs. Bet you wouldn't get that problem with the MG42 though!
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