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  1. With the simple business license, does it cover the people you're playing with on the day or do they all need their own simple business license?
  2. The main body, it doesn't slide into the magazine as it should it gets jammed.
  3. Weird question but has anyone found a brand of CO2 cartridges that are slim? I'm aware they're supposed to be standard but I'm having trouble finding ones that don't get stuck in my WE magazines.
  4. Thanks for the education, all! I guess the idea is a non-starter. Airsoft World said they'd try to get one on the next order for me, I'm not in a rush because it'd be useless over winter anyway!
  5. I suppose one thing that would particularly scare me is if it arrived shooting too hot. Do you know if KY are bad for that? I'm after a WE R5C GBBR; their little PDW stocked honey badger-ish thing. The 5.56 one not their new PCC thing.
  6. I appreciate the advice of just doing it, I agree it'll probably be fine; I'm still not comfortable doing it. I might try Zero One but knowing their prices I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to double the price.
  7. I want to pick up a GBBR that I can't get in the UK from KYAirsoft. I really hate the laws around importing and the horror stories of dealing with clueless customs even with UKARA. I figure retailers have to deal with this all the time so I wonder if I could just link them and ask them to pick it up so I can buy it off them for a mark-up or something like that. Anyone ever tried anything like that and cares to share a retailer that's amenable to it?
  8. My CYMA M9 works fine! Granted it only puts out 230fps but it sprays pretty hard on lipos so people notice eventually! This answers my question though so I will save myself a buck and stick to electric when it gets cold.
  9. I won't lie I suck at irons and my pistol aim really is that bad the RMR has been a life saver 💩 Maybe I'll just accept that as soon as it gets to around 10C it's time to get out my AEP.
  10. So my WE G18C is great but it's not cycling brilliantly even in moderately low temps (~10C) and using black gas only really helps down to about 5-7C. I'm frequently assured TMs are magic and work in low temps but I'm skeptical. I love the G18C and want to continue using one as my side arm; will going TM really help me keep cycling as temperatures drop? Bonus question, I'm sure at least some of the low temp cycling is down to that plastic slide. I use an RMR on my G18C; if I add that to the slide is the extra weight going to kill the cycle?
  11. I've had numerous jams with 6mm Ammo, but they're good in unfussy guns. I mainly use the 0.25g bios in my M249 and find them great for that. The 0.28g bios are also good in my shotgun. Basically if you need tight bore and consistency look elsewhere.
  12. Ah sorry, I glossed over this. I've used the black but not the tracers because I couldn't source any bio ones.
  13. Just as a counter point I've been using Geoffs natural (and super) BBs in my midcaps and gas guns since I started playing. I've never had one shatter or jam inside either. This isn't to discount your testing, I could believe they're more fragile than other brands, but perhaps not enough to cause actual issues.
  14. Any brand in particular for this? I've used this before, think it'd do? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Plasti-kote-24002-400ml-Premium-Acrylic/dp/B006O6D8FS/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=plastikote&qid=1625784721&sr=8-4
  15. Anyone who's had a black WE knows the paint job can rub off with photon pressure alone in direct sunlight. I've never seen such weak finishes. If you've got a new WE, is there a cheap and easy way to keep the paint on?
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