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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 18 hours

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    Clones of the Socom Gear Lancer L5 Advanced WarFighter M4 magazines by Kublai in opaque black. They're advertised as 180rd and I find that's pretty accurate, though I do find in my G&G CM16 the first 10 rounds go everywhere if you try to fill them completely, don't seem to have the same problem in my Ares Amoeba CCC though Has a window at the top where you can see BBs if there's at least 100ish loaded which is a nice little feature (see photos). Decent feeling plastic, easy to get the spring out for cleaning.


  2. Same! I think I just like to feel like I'm getting my money's worth. I think if I had a gas mask for airsoft I'd probably end up putting that on too.
  3. Stick a Cyma in a Cyma, no point in taking chances with compatibility when the best option is also the cheapest. The model you want is a Cyma C.71. Seems to be sold out everywhere right now but you can still import, https://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/amp/p18907/len/airsoft/product_info.html Even if you get tagged by customs it'll probably still be cheaper anyway.
  4. I've tried a few grenades; Cyclone, Burst XL, ASG Storm 360, TRMR and Dynatex. Frankly I've been thinking of selling all the gas ones for a while; they're just not reliable and the BB spray ones are flat out worthless. Actually the only one of the bunch I genuinely like is the Dynatex; never failed once, just a little awkward to load and pull the pin. Goggles-wise my Dye i4s never fog so I don't need antifog. My partner has X800 and struggles with it but finds revision wipes effective.
  5. Yes, what you want is the Cyma C.26. Evike helpfully lists everything it's compatible with, https://www.evike.com/products/27390/
  6. This just appeared in my email and I'm just so confused, I think G&G have an AI they've trained with pictures of airsoft guns and asked it to output random new products.
  7. Just an extra data point; I made an order for an AKS74U last night, realised whilst watching a disassembly in advance (yes I am that sad) that it was TM rather than VFC. No good for me so I called 0930 this morning to cancel. They answered immediately and I had my PayPal refund email in 5 minutes.
  8. Time Left: 1 day and 6 hours

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    I'm going to be picking up one of these soon so I figured I'd give the wanted section here a shot to see if I can save some money. £100 for a working one, £50 for unknown internal issues, not interested if externally damaged. Can consider collecting in Cambridgeshire and East Anglia area.


  9. Urgh vom what have they done with that poor ICS!? My guess is it used to be two-tone and now it's... that. Edit: nope that's what it looks like stock, https://www.airsoftgi.com/product/ICS-CXP-16-L-Sport-M4-Carbine-AEG-Airsoft-Rifle-Tan-12629/
  10. Cool! How do you apply it? I've only heard of people using spray paint so I'm not familiar with using dye.
  11. What's even worse is that his videos are popular enough that they appear in more mainstream media like Ladbible (note I said "mainstream", not "good"). That makes his stuff the public face of airsoft. The most recent one I spotted was him "punishing" people for not wearing full face protection by purposely hitting them in the face with his SRS. I reckon airsoft has enough of a stigma with the realistic guns and military gear without this guy making us look like thugs.
  12. I'm keen on a Scar-H and since I have a few AEGs already I thought I might try out a GBBR. I'm not as concerned by performance as reliability, so how often do you find your gun going down on a game day?
  13. I did this to my G&G CM16 with great results, @ak2m4 sold me the new outer barrel and handguard; can't recommend enough https://www.ak2m4.co.uk
  14. I want to use LIFE but they just don't have the shapes and sizes available. I like that they're less prone to burst into flames and that they like to be stored fully charged like a NIMH.
  15. I'm on the fence, I love not having the wires in the box, but the trigger assembly can absolutely die in a fire.
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