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    Got these with my CYMA CM.121 Desert Eagle. The charger is European and uses a barrel plug to connect to the actual battery adapter. I've also got the actual AEP battery connector and the flappy ejecty thing (technical term) that I took out of the AEP when I rewired it. Could be useful to someone if their's is bust. I've tested the battery once and it works fine, so it's otherwise as new out of the box. Price includes delivery.


  2. I've had some faulty stuff from them before and they've been prompt in sorting it out so I'm hopeful.
  3. UGH fine you win, I bought from BBGunzFourMore instead (Airsoft World).
  4. Got some more info on this; when you call you get through to BBguns4less. Apparently this is a new site where they're just going to be presenting their better RIFs. Unfortunately it's quite new and unfinished so their stock displays incorrectly; I was looking at a CYMA CM057A SVD which is in stock on Rambo but not on BBguns4less so I called them and they confirmed that the latter was correct. The guys seemed honest since they suggested I didn't buy it because they probably wouldn't have it. They also actually answer the phone and seemed to know their products so I'm not put off of using them even though I know any site with BBgunz in the name is anathema around here.
  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Came with my Amoeba CCC but I prefer the ones I already have. Price includes UK delivery.


    , Cambridgeshire

  6. I... didn't know that was a thing you can do! I actually have a heat gun and Dremel too, thanks for the tip.
  7. Just adding a follow up for anyone that finds this through search. I relented and went for a fabric holster; the Viper Modular Holster, it looked pretty minimalist and feels secure. It required a length of double sided velcro to support the barrel as the included one is too short. You can get the fit just right so that there's no risk of the mag release getting pressed by the holster which is my biggest contention with soft holsters. Time will tell how well it wears as I imagine the stiffness will go with time.
  8. Did you get full auto'd in CQB? I feel like nerves get more frayed in CQB and you see the worst behaviour there. I'm not excusing it, but I'd say what you've experienced probably has less to do with your play style than the game format itself.
  9. Nah but I'm willing to put up with a lesser feel for reliability. I've been using a WE for a couple of years and I'm sick of having to put so much effort to keep it running.
  10. Does such a thing exist? There's a decent deal on a TM hard kick Deagle but I hate fabric holsters (particularly drop leg) so if there's no hard holster it's a deal breaker. Is there a Fobus one or Kydex or something similar? I saw a Fobus for a Jericho/Baby eagle but I'm guessing that's not the same thing.
  11. Good to hear it, my mids seem okay with 0.28s and 0.3s though muzzle energy was higher with the former so that's what I use.
  12. I should have posted about this but it slipped my mind, the problem is the magazines. I use the MAG brand 170 rounders. The first 20-30 rounds have these occasional misfires. I've seen the same problem with my 190rnd Socom Gear Lancer M4 mags and read about similar issues elsewhere. I think this is just something that happens with higher capacity midcaps with their strong springs. I see this problem less and less so it's probably the spring getting weaker. For others who might be interested I don't seem to have the nozzle rubbing issue with the plastic TM chamber.
  13. Similar story, had to take them apart and clean them then lubricate. I think they're okay now but I'm withholding judgement till I can field them in the new year.
  14. Anyone used these guys before? Didn't find a thread on them through search. http://ramboairsoft.co.uk
  15. Follow up, almost everything on a clone is identical except for the lack of suede clutch, small self tapping screws into plastic instead of flat screws with embedded metal nuts, and slightly fewer screws attaching the feed wheel cover. I cannot say that clone paddle plastic is weaker than the Odin one from feel or look so I've used it as a replacement. The only catch was that I struggled to remove the bolt from the clone paddle; it looked like it would come out but I decided not to bother since the bolt was almost identical anyway (just slightly shorter). tl;dr you can use a paddle from a clone Odin rather than struggle for official replacement parts
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