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  1. I occasionally see people in the US using 0.4g+ in their AEGs. Their FPS limits are higher though and I'm wondering at what point the BBs are just too slow over here. I specify full auto because I want to rule out semi-auto DMR type things. What's the heaviest BB you've effectively used in your AEG? Do you just go as heavy as your hop will lift?
  2. Lollingsgrad

    Omega Nub not same shape as hole on bucking! Please Help!

    This is a bit of a necro but hopefully a timely one. Bullgear hop units for the M249 are back in stock and eBay has a 10% off site wide with code PUMPKINS till 8pm tonight.
  3. Lollingsgrad

    Active Hearing Protection Compatible with Radio?

    These things are almost half the price and have good reviews, https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B07BSB7YW4/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?smid=A24AEIIXDULKWI&psc=1&th=1#productDescription_secondary_view_div_1536081008998 22dB noise reduction vs 33dB but the reviews of the 33dB one suggested they were very heavy and not great for extended use. Considering I just want to avoid hearing damage, not necessarily achieve total sound isolation, do we think these would do the trick?
  4. Lollingsgrad

    Active Hearing Protection Compatible with Radio?

    Oh nice tip! That is a better option since finding the button on the little mic can be a right pain.
  5. Lollingsgrad

    Active Hearing Protection Compatible with Radio?

    So for reference my radios are, https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B06VWNRJDY A way to side step the problem, think I could just cut off the ear bud it comes with and attach a 3.5mm male jack? It looks like then I'd be able to hook it up to these without further faff or expense, https://www.amazon.co.uk/Honeywell-1018953-Howard-Leight-Defender/dp/B00D3FG2SS
  6. Lollingsgrad

    Active Hearing Protection Compatible with Radio?

    What do you do about mic if you only have audio input on the cans?
  7. After ending up with tinnitus for a couple of days from being in a building when a grenade went off I'm keen to start protecting my hearing. Active protection looks like it would help whilst being useful in other ways (and the enormous cans look cool to boot). Does anyone know of any that allow you to connect your radio/Walkie Talkie? If it's important then my radio has one of those rectangular ports that separate the headphones and mic but I suspect I can find an adaptor for whatever the cans have.
  8. Lollingsgrad

    Omega Nub not same shape as hole on bucking! Please Help!

    I'm currently hunting around for one of these in anticipation of the stock Classic Army M249 chamber being awful. They seem to be out of stock world wide though.
  9. Lollingsgrad

    Defcon Airsoft

    Agreed but as we've all experienced at some time or another getting such rules enforced can be far more effort than it's worth. Classic Army seem to have quality control issues so I want to try and make sure I buy this thing from a retailer that won't mess me around.
  10. Lollingsgrad

    Defcon Airsoft

    Shame about this as when I contacted them they made it sound as though returns would be paid for if something was dead on arrival. That just leaves Zero One as my option for a Classic Army M249 Mk2 and they'll be away till September. Oh well, waiting it is.
  11. Lollingsgrad

    Want to get into Airsoft But...

    Yes! Combat Airsoft in Thetford isn't too far from Bedfordshire and does Saturday game days.
  12. Lollingsgrad

    Extreme Airsoft / extremeairsoft.co.uk

    Yeah good advice, I missed out on a crazy deal of £250 for the CA M249 para from Fire Support because of holding out for Extreme Airsoft to come through.
  13. Lollingsgrad

    Extreme Airsoft / extremeairsoft.co.uk

    Honestly if you need it within that time span I would take a refund. I was waiting a good two months or so and I was always given time spans of a couple of weeks for everything. If they say they'll call you back, they won't; get them to say when something will be done by then call them when they invariably miss the deadline. Also I found if you called before 1000 or after 1600 no one was ever there.
  14. Lollingsgrad

    Extreme Airsoft / extremeairsoft.co.uk

    I had a mixed experience with these guys but it is my belief they are honest if disorganised. I bought an M249 Para from them that stopped working after the first few shots. I got a replacement shortly after this but it was the wrong model so I returned it. It took a long time to get it all resolved and there was a lot of reminding them on my part but this was largely Classic Army's fault as the entire batch turned out to be faulty on testing and then they were out of stock for ages. Despite the difficulty and the wait I could tell they put an enormous amount of effort into rectifying the situation and I can't in good conscience fault them with anything but bad luck. Most of the problems I experienced could easily have been due to the fact that they were moving warehouse during the time I was dealing with them. I got my refund and I'd buy from them again but if things go wrong, patience and persistence may be required. By all means email them if you have problems, but then immediately pick up the phone and call them if you ever want a reply.
  15. Lollingsgrad

    justbbguns / Justbbguns.co.uk

    Aw man don't say that now I'm tempted by the dark side again. £270 for the Mk2 does seem a really good deal... that said I've previously owned and know of two other lemons so I think Classic Army quality control is sketchy enough (non-existent?) that I'd want to know I'm getting it from a retailer who wouldn't make returning it painful.