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  1. Back in the days of survival of the fittest I wouldn't give her good odds.
  2. I work with fibreglass quite a lot and what you are proposing has been asked before and it always comes up with the issue of getting the wearer to mold their own face. For somebody who knows what they are doing its still tricky and then the mold still has to make it to you without distortion or damage for it to be usable. if you can solve that within the budget you'll do well.
  3. I started off by going alone. It can be a little daunting but if you already trued playing in the past you'll be fine. You'll soon find players willing to work with you to push objectives and support you.
  4. As a note all the mr hop rubber i have are labeled 2021 new on the backing in the packet. Just a thought that they might have 'fixed' something
  5. Bang rules are dumb, too much ambiguity. If you're that worried about getting hurt run the site with a lower fps. There have been a few uk based cqb site I've played at that require a lower fps and semi only and some that didn't allow grenade use simply as they were in a highly urban area. Surrender options. Fine. You call it and they have to option to take it, in the knowledge that of they don't they could be getting hit at the mich closer closer range. Giving players that choice can make for some quite memorable moments, I know I've had few. Dummy grenades. If it
  6. Zci make cracking barrels and theybwork really well with both the macron and Mr hop mapleleaf rubbers. I've used both macaronnand Mr in mine, currently there's a Mr silicon rubber in my dmr and the seal it has is great.
  7. The first think I'd look to change is that rubber. The omega nub is one of the harder nubs available, and its very good as as it can apply pressure over a wide area. As you need to crank the hop to get backspin to lift the heavier bbs I'd guess that rubber is too slick and doesn't have the 'grip to hold the bb and the high pressure is being used to compensate. If you swap the rubber for something softer which will grab better, but wear slightly quicker. I use a maple leaf rubber in my dmr and its great.
  8. As a quick guess, assuming that there is nothing in the gearbox causing excessive strain then it is just the draw that the electrical components require. Ias you are already using 11.1 upping the voltage to reduce amp draw isn't the first thought for a fix so I'd suggest that the battery packs aren't up to task and that they aren't able to cope, suffering sagging voltage and increased draw. The first I'd try is to look to run a higher draw pack and go from there.
  9. Welcome to the slippery slippery slope. On what to expect, just be open, call your hits and have fun. You should find airsofters are a friendly lot. I'm staffs based but out with a knee op so I'll see you on the field later in the year.
  10. Like you I'm in the shorter leg category, but need to wear knee protection with work as well as play. I've found over the years there's no sub for good kit. I've moved most of my kit to clawgear of late, as they are tailored well and the knee protection is adjustable as to its position and fit. I appreciate it is not the cheapest of gear but I've found both the raider and operater to be great.
  11. No cardio specifically but plenty on mauling on site, the joys of working through covid. The shitter is all that benefit will go to waste as now I've had a knee op so I'll be back in the land of the slug by the time I get to play again.
  12. Having had to wear eye pro for years with work and then on the airsoft field it's not worth chancing anything "cheap" you only get one set of eyes. The boiler safety glasses have stood me well for years with work so picked up some trackers for airsoft. They worked great, I treated mine with mucoff anti fog, as I do all my goggles, and they were fog free always. However they did recently fail. On a night game they took a round directly to the frame just on the bottom curve, by the bridge of the nose, and the frame split popping the lense out of the frame. Not a great issue at th
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