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    kwa MP9
    Tm M&P9 (a few)
    WE M9
    Ares G36c
    TM VSR10
    G&G 308 mbr
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    mostly contractor and shit kicker, pmc or armed militia style
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    Mostly first and only sites. The LAB was the greatest (RIP) and anzio is always great. Tac house and the gaol when i can.

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  1. He must know where his towel is, he's on this forum.
  2. Allen key set. Gaffer tape Elastic bands Paracord Cloth tape/finger tape
  3. That's not a bad shout. I used big luggs on a lot of my work tools, good stuff.
  4. When running my vsr or dmr I have a weapon link which I've attached to 90° adaptor on my mp9 so it stays flat to the body. https://bombupairsoft.co.uk/products/fma-weapon-link-retention-molle-dark-earth?variant=31913145434215
  5. If a manufacture says 11.1 I'd go 11.1 As the internals would be designed around that voltage.
  6. I heard very mixed reviews on the customer contact front, but having seen the product, they are good. Having said that I tried for a set but in the end I gave up trying to get any communication out of them and made my own weights. I hope you have better luck than I did.
  7. You could have a look at the warrior pathfinder rig. It's made to be worn standalone or velcro/clip placard onto the recon carrier. The velcro panel on the back can carry a dangler or horizontal molle system.
  8. If all the parts you received are in those photos then you are short a few to be sure. I can't see selectors and their associated screws or the bolt release catch, though the bolt catch isn't required for function. The inner barrel also looks a tad long. As for was it good price; only you can know, as it looks like you have an unfinished project or someone's I don't know what I'm doing, on your hands. If the titan is in there and functional then you wouldnt be out of pocket if you parted it out I think. Having said that you have the parts which aren't pictured then you have the makings of a potentially good rif, if you can put it together.
  9. Hello, welcome and you ccantbbe any old than the rest of us.
  10. If you should be tell if there is a gate unit in the 308, its fairly obvious. If you have time and inclination a photo of the 308 pats laid out I could most likely tell if something is missing as I've stripped mine a good few times.
  11. If the 308 internals which operate the stop on empty function have gone completely (gearbox gone) then its a little harder decision and it would come down to which felt better in the hand. Though I'd be tempted to go or the mod 2 for something shorter for cqb sites.
  12. I know a chap who started playing with strobe and then sacked it off as its not much use in a practical sense. A weapon light with a momentary switch is what he uses now. I have always used a light with a momentary switch which can be used to push positions and corners but goes dark instantly.
  13. I'd keep the 308 and the cyma. One stops on empty and runs a dmr caliber magazine. Ticks two boxes for me, giving access to some site dmr rules if wanted and it stops on in empty. Cyma AK, its a ak, why wouldn't you keep it. Prk, as much as I like rhe vityaz 9mm the prk isn't it and as much as like kwa feel, they dropped the stop on empty to put gate mosfets in.
  14. Function wise mine was great. The only issue I had was finding an npas that fit, but that years ago, in the end I built up a new nozzle for cqb. I did come across some people who had issues with miss feeding but I know kwa changed the feed lips on the mags and there's a producer which makes single feed lips for the magazines as well.
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