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    Mostly first and only sites. The LAB was the greatest (RIP) and anzio is always great. Tac house and the gaol when i can

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  1. Morning all. I have to take the kids to a party event tomorrow, laser tag at national paintball games near Uttoxeter, but as its the best part of an hour away I I'm going to have to wait on site so I'd like to know if anybody has any experience with them, as I thought I might be able to take rif with and use a range, if they have one, to fettle a new build. I've had a look at the website and there bugger all help on there and no answer on the phone.
  2. Last time I played anzio, back end of last year, chrono was there for players to go through just after site opened and they trust players to go through it, as they do regularly grab people going through to the safe zone post game and there was a roaming chrono too, for random testing. It was covered in the brief, regards to passing first thing in the morning then later failing in that you would be allowed to change or take the rif from play.
  3. With more info its a little hard to make any suggestions, but as a quick suggestion when it comes to the mapleleaf rubbers the omega nub can be a little too hard for some setups but ak2m4 had some omega nubs that were a softer durometer giving more sensitivity to the hop adjustment
  4. I run my tracer inside a suppressor unit. I've done it by using a thread extention which runs through into the suppressor with thread to spare for the tracer to mount to. As for the size I just found a can that was foam filled and had a diameter larger than the tracer and nipped some foam out to make space. I can get more pictures tomorrow if it helps.
  5. The wide bore barrels would be where I'd have been looking. It started as a thought process similar in theory to swapping uppers. As some outer barrels are made of two shorter sections and then a complete hop and barrel swap would effectively be a cheap version of a second upper.
  6. I use a 5.11 vtac 2 point on my 308 and its great. Really flexible setup and comfy. I got mine from tactical kit I think.
  7. I did think that, just wondered if it was workable.
  8. It is my 308 dmr. an idea floated through my head. I have two rails, which mount the same way and wondered if I use a split outer barrel to make the length adjustable whether I could use a second hop and barrel to drop the length of the inner to a point where it would be 350 under and I could forgo the dmr med on sites which are smaller, effectively becoming a semi locked assault rif.
  9. If a 407mm 6.02 inner barrel runs at 400fps on a .2g bb what length would be required for sub 350fps on a .2g?
  10. Should be the site member number.
  11. Ill be working in Minworth I think, if memory serves, or that are anyway, with accommodation ansley way.
  12. Evening all. I'm going to be based in the Birmingham area for work over the next few months and I'd like to know if anyone knows of weekday evening games, bravo one used to do them but they have folded thanks to covid, as far as I know. So is there anywhere that anyone know of or could at least suggest I look?
  13. I'd suggest it's almost there with what's been done. Personally I wouldn't have gone for the titan as the perun units and the stock etu work really well. I'd suggest if you want to change something swap the barrel for a zci stainless steel tight bore. If memory serves the mbr variant inner barrel is 407mm and works well with the stock cylinder volume, though you need a outer barrel extension to cover it. I have the tr16 308 mbr, which I think is a 14.5" outer barrel which covers very nearly all of the 407mm inner.
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