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    mostly contractor and shit kicker, pmc or armed militia style
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    Mostly first and only sites. The LAB was the greatest (RIP) and anzio is always great. Tac house and the gaol when i can.

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  1. Dmr to whether you'll get the most from the dmr role will depend on what the sites you play are like in terms of dmr rule sets (most of my locals dmr has to be dmr calibre, not long m4 etc) and the terrain. The way that some sites grow up in the summer; the loss of longer sight lines and the MED meant it is so much harder to be effective. In regards to the heavier bbs, it's a must; limited shots and controlled MED means rounds need to have a better chance of getting to and of being felt by the target, so a bb that will hold on to its energy better and be less effected by wind etc makes sense. Cost wise I dont find it too bad. Yes they dearer, but I'm using low and mid caps only, even running all my midcaps I'd still be carrying less rounds than a single high cap mag so 3000 geoffs last a couple of days at least. Before sinking a pile of funds into a dmr use an aeg as a dmr for a few days. By that i mean play in that dmr manner; only use single shot, give yourself a MED, force yourself to either not take the shot or transition to a sidearm. If you are comfortable after that then the extra range you can get with the dmr will just be a bonus. If you find it too frustrating then as your still effectivly an aeg, you flick the fun switch and charge back in. Personally I play dmr-esque anyway, having only recently returned to aegs from exclusive gbbr use. Low cap mags and semi only was easy but I've recently dropped a softer sping into the 308 to get back under the aeg limits and given myself a 3rnd burst. The reason being that with the sites I'm playing currently the range i have is more than enough with the rif well built and good ammo. I can help team mates more by being effective in the ranges the site has and I can still play my low cap, flanking style I like. Long post I know but hopefully it's relevant.
  2. I've played somewhere where they wanted no more than one round per second for a dmr. I know the perun mosfets have dmr mode where you trigger won't function beyond the set rate.
  3. I know your pain, been thrrough it many times with the council. I'd bet they'd have a better chance of licking their own elbow than producing a system that works.
  4. British tactical have a stealth admin pouch which is very similar, up I think it's wider than the sandwich bag, might be worth a look, I'm considering one as I like the axl sandwich pouch too.
  5. Any battery which can supply the demands the gearbox should work in theory, there are some buts though. Some oem cheap out on parts and though they should run fine on 11.1v they don't and they go fizz pop and let out the magic smoke. The other thing is discharge, if a gun doesn't have low voltage cut off then it will continue to draw and lipos don't take kindly to being drawn excessively low, best case is that it'll just wreck the cell, worst is it goes full fire pop. I prefer lipos. With care and understanding they have great output for the physical size and a good battery and a good charger goes a long way.
  6. Marmite. Glorious marmite. Drizzle it on top of crunchy peanut butter, so good.
  7. The other ptions would be to pop off the predator rail and cut the predator bit off the end and refit it.
  8. You'd most likely need to swap the rail and the barrel nut. If you're willing to do that then it should be fairly straight swap.
  9. As much as I like the minimo, I don't think it would be as useful as I have a warrior 901 bravo too for faction type games, I did think about popping some velcro panels on that too. Something small to stuff at the bottom of kit bag as a loner or super light grab and go. I found a comfort pad and couple of side clips at British tactical, so that's another option. Too many options.
  10. I need some side clips as the placards aware the warrior ones and only have the vertical clips as the side clips are part of the rpc. I nearly always wear the rpc so just rip and swap the mag pouches, which are one the placard, but a strap system for warrior placards yommake themm standalone would be really useful.
  11. Thanks folks, now I don't what too choose. I suppose there are worse problems too have.
  12. Both of those had promised but the side clips are part of the pouch element not the velcro panel. Which is unfortunately the warrior placards don't carry the clip sections. The chesty looks to right sort of thing, well the style that I was think of, would just need to gey some clips for the shoulder straps.
  13. Morning all. Does anyone know of a harness system that takes placards? I have an rpc and a fee separately setup placards for swapping setups quickly, which is great but on occasion I'd like to be able to use one of these setups as a standalone set of pouch for a friend or pick up game where I'm not running the rpc or a larger chest rig. Something along the lines of the ops minimo but without the extra molle panels to the side, basically a panel of velcro strapped to the chest.
  14. I'd suggest going real steel sling wise so you don't end up spending loads an a rif and then bouncing it off the floor when the cheap sling fails. I'm using a 5.11 padded vtac 2 point and it's great with the weight of gbbrs.
  15. No issues with opening the wallet but there needs to be something in it, bloody kids keep emptying it. Thanks for the advice though, I'll look up the feyachi. I'll look it up, thanks.
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