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  1. I'm looking into building my first load-out, as iIm new to building loadouts. I would like some advice on what to get like gun accessories and scopes. I'm planning to start the loadout by buying eye and lower face pro. Has anyone bought from https://www.pyramydair.com/ I am looking into https://www.pyramydair.com/s/a/Swiss_Arms_Wire_Mesh_Mask_Goggles/7449 , just wondering about the quality. Gun wise I was looking into L85A1 found one on https://www.airsoftworld.net/two-tone-army-armament-r85a1-l85a1.html however never heard of this website, just wanted to make sure I'm not being scammed.
  2. One of my friends has (could be dad's) a single tone gun, I'll ask him about it, he's also 14 for the record.
  3. They are one of my parents friends so they'd have to be okay with it, as they'd have to come with me to get cause I'm not gonna walk through town with a gun case.
  4. I need to tell my friend about him, as he's super cheap and his dad is looking to buy him a gun for his birthday in a couple weeks.
  5. Hey, I've seen a few players from A55. Just wondering, if I bought camo, eye & face pro from someone, and they also gifted me a gun at the same time, would that be allowed?
  6. A lot of nice players here,we were in snow (the only day we've had snow this year). One of my parents friends used to do airsoft so I'll look into getting some gear off him if I'm allowed to.
  7. Alpha 55 (onsite shop), but there's a shop near me called Tonys Camo & Airgun Centre
  8. Thanks, next time I go which will be in a couple weeks, I'll ask the guys at the site.
  9. What should I be expecting to be paying for a good G36C?
  10. Hey, I've recently gone airsofting and I am looking into buying my own gear but I don't what to get. As I'm only 14, I understand I can't legally buy a gun right now as I've once, could someone please explain how I'd be able to own a gun. I have been looking into two guns which is the Jing Gong G36C (like the look of this) and a M4. The site I've played at, under 18s have to wear lower face and eye pro, as I have a budget so I'm sure of where to look for these. Jing Gong G36C: http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-g36-variants/jing-gong-g608-g36c-railed-handle-w-folding-stock-black.htm#.WrfOWojwbZZ M4: https://modernairsoft.com/collections/airsoft-electric-rifles-smgs/products/lancer-tactical-m4-cqbr-airsoft-aeg-rifle-dark-earth
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