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  1. I hope the sites are indoor with AC. Playing outside in Vegas would be hot as balls.
  2. Tourist ranges are so frustrating. 5 rounds on this, then on to the next one. You need at least a mag to get a proper feel. Especially for people who have never shot RS before. A few rounds to get used to recoil etc.
  3. For those still wondering what exactly is battlesim. https://legionairsoftevents.com/battlesim-events
  4. At the end of the day, we''ll probably get those members anyway as they're building a community on an anti gun platform that could be wiped out with the click of fingers from someone at FB so they'll be looking for a proper place to hang out.
  5. Don't bother with US shops. Find something similar from an EU/HK/China shop.
  6. I see they are testing the theory of "no such thing as bad publicity".
  7. As long as the site has a wind corrected munitions dispenser system, I'm not bothered.
  8. Seth dude. Whilst you may or may not have some grand idea to revolutionize airsoft, it's probably best to just keep shtoom until you're actually able to talk about it. You're coming across like a guy that claims to have invented a perpetual motion machine but won't provide any details. The more you talk waffle, the harder it is to take you seriously.
  9. Anyone heard anything about a new venue yet?
  10. Well, if they're maternity trousers, shops are taking gender equality too far as they're in the men's sections.
  11. Can you even buy jeans these days without some stretch feature added? It seems every pair I pick up in a shop is stretchy.
  12. TM G17. Steel slide. Volante BBU. CO2 mags. Pretty much the hardest pistol recoil you can get.
  13. You do understand it completely compromises our agreement on how we still get to play airsoft right? It's not just some idiot possibly taking the room temperature challenge. It puts airsoft in the spot light again and possibly compromises it. Our whole thing is we introduced a system whereby only legitimate airsofters/reinactors can buy RIFs. If a retailer is not abiding by this, it's a severe issue.
  14. No one else seems to be concerned a retailer is sending out RIFs to someone with no UKARA?
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