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  1. They're both licensed apparently. Lots of WE stuff is now.
  2. That's going to land in at £425 if you pre pay duty and taxes. Cheaper to buy in the UK as they're not €500 here.
  3. Operation Red Sea legit blew me away. I think it helped they had massive help from the Chinese military but the attention to detail was phenomenal For instance the plate carriers holding actual ballistic plates that gradually got more and more fucked and puffy, disintegrating as they took more and more hits throughout the film. The sheer amount of military hardware was impressive too. It wasn't all just Chinese gear either. A nice range that I'm sure everyone could appreciate. MP5s, M249s, CZ BRENS, AUGs, SCARs, the list goes on. It rivals and probably beats the average western military film in terms of the armoury. It is also the first film I've seen that has shown the use of Scalable Offensive Hand Grenades which I hadn't even heard of until seeing them in this. Very cool grenades. It's a fairly long film but it's quite packed with action. Just as you think something is resolved, something else kicks off. It's awesome. I'd describe it as Tears of the Sun mixed with Black Hawk down x100, in the desert. Some awesome brutal scenes with practical effects too which is nice. Also, the actress Luxia Jiang is an absolute BEAST in this. No strong female roles in films? Yeah, not in this. She's basically a one woman army. Up there with Ripley and Sarah Conner imo. In short, if you have any interest in action/military/war films, you need to watch Operation Red Sea. It's 95% in Mandarin with a couple of dodgy English parts but I'm sure we're all capable of reading subtitles. I mean we're not Americans 😉. I think I'm going to have to re-watch it today after typing all this heh.
  4. I'd get a multi racket tennis bag with big, colourful 'Wilson' or 'Head' branding if I needed to take a load of gear on public transport. Hide it in plain sight.
  5. It's a RIF mate. It doesn't matter if it's a made up weapon. M41A, Deckard Blaster, Dredd's Lawgiver, all RIFs.
  6. Are you sure it has a metal slide? It just looks like the stock WA slide.
  7. I thought this thread was about Derringers lol.
  8. There's a VFC AEG coming out soon. Not a KWA.
  9. I hope the sites are indoor with AC. Playing outside in Vegas would be hot as balls.
  10. Tourist ranges are so frustrating. 5 rounds on this, then on to the next one. You need at least a mag to get a proper feel. Especially for people who have never shot RS before. A few rounds to get used to recoil etc.
  11. For those still wondering what exactly is battlesim. https://legionairsoftevents.com/battlesim-events
  12. At the end of the day, we''ll probably get those members anyway as they're building a community on an anti gun platform that could be wiped out with the click of fingers from someone at FB so they'll be looking for a proper place to hang out.
  13. Don't bother with US shops. Find something similar from an EU/HK/China shop.
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