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  1. Registering interest in the WA Marsoc, Hardballer, MP9 and M1100 pending pics etc
  2. I've mainly been doing battlesims recently and I never carry water on me in game. I'll have nearly 4L in a bag left at spawn and drink as and when. Half frozen for hot days so it stays ice cold all day.
  3. I don't suppose you could share your proxy bidding service could you?
  4. I seem to recall a Pancor Jackhammer was also promised.
  5. This seems like a good alternative. I have one and it's decent https://www.componentshop.co.uk/accucel-6-digital-charger-with-5a-power-supply.html
  6. Pretty sketchy website. No contact details etc
  7. Jesus Christ man. Give it up. Stolen valour 🤣
  8. All you had to say was "yeah, I guess not posting more information could be a bit counterproductive to my recruitment drive" But no, you had to be a colossal bellend and derail your own thread. Maybe in a few months when you try again, you'll behave more like an adult and not a petulant child flinging insults left, right and centre.
  9. OK. You have to be trolling now. Can you seriously not read? Lad? I probably starting airsofting before you were even born fella.
  10. lol. Good luck making friends on here with that attitude. Prat. Also, I suggest you search out a dictionary and learn the definition of slander...
  11. The way it comes across to me is OP is seemingly trying to project a very hush, hush, "you know if you know" kind of mystique around his group as if he's recruiting for some actual military/government agency that is so secretive, it doesn't state what it's all about in the job description. Now, if this is how he wants to go about matters, that's fine, it just comes across a bit walty imo. Just update an existing post. No need for new threads with zero new information. OK, "things have changed", state the changes. You can't be arsed to type it out but you're going to have to anyway if someone PMs you. I'm sure you're probably missing out on possible new recruits due to your unnecessarily secret post.
  12. I can't help with the issue I'm afraid, but if you want to boneyard it, fire me a PM as I could be interested
  13. There's going to be a very small amount of people that will appreciate this piece unfortunately. I would say maybe test the waters at £150.
  14. I've had mags sat in storage for 10+ years with no more prep than a quick squirt of 134a gas fwiw
  15. You're just throwing money down the toilet with gas/BB grenades. Just avoid and get blank firers and or disposable pyro.
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