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  1. Sounds like someone's pulling your leg
  2. When you say correct PTT, which one specifically? Generally that is the weak link.
  3. I'm starting to suspect whatever retailer advised rocketdogbert of this issue might perhaps be responsible by either messing up a battery conversion or OK'ing the use of higher rated batteries and is now trying to do damage control/passing the buck. The fact that no other retailer has heard of any issues and now TM coming back with the response above and their quickness with dealing with the MK46 issue...Very suss.
  4. Are you at liberty to say which dealer? As it seems at least a few UK dealers haven't heard anything about this.
  5. Nothing on their site either. If there is a genuine recall, they're certainly not trying very hard to get the word out.
  6. I've played a few times with Legion at Longmoor and never found the supposed random chrono or hot guns being an issue.
  7. Standard M92s are pretty much ideal for suppressors though I don't think I've ever seen one on an M93R. Perhaps you could try a Nine Ball threaded adapter. https://www.titano-store.com/en/c/airsoft-c28617/guns-external-spare-parts-c28854/accessories-c29462/m92f-nine-ball-silencer-adapter-582879-p904933
  8. Tread carefully with AsiaAirsoft
  9. Good to know. Does Sendico work with RIFs too, do you know? I know a few services don't allow them.
  10. Nothing collectible about a CYMA Thompson. They're available for £130 new so this would be worth £80-90.
  11. Gangsta City is one of those exceptions 130+ (I think) at the last one and was excellent.
  12. Real operators wear these bad boys. I'm told the guy that slotted OBL rocks one of these.
  13. I can't help but feel the fact so many were stolen means the chances of someone getting busted for it rises considerably. Now if it was a handful or a dozen or two dozen, probably easy to fly under the radar but 2000? That's 2000 opportunities for someone to fuck up. The smart play is to get them all out of the country and back into Europe. I can't see crims wanting to sit on 2000 rifs, nor can I see a good way to offload so many. Wishful thinking perhaps.
  14. Fwiw, I had a pair of scope rings that were ordered late June and sat in China until early September when they finally left and were delivered a few days after. Could just be some sellers are crap. I've found that to be unusual though.
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