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  1. True, the slug, sniper setups are a bit silly.
  2. First person to say WE MP5 has better externals than VFC. You must have seen a dodgy VFC as WEs look like crap compared to VFC.
  3. How much does one of these go for these days?
  4. I don't know why it's not happening already. I gather numerous well established FB groups centered on the likes of TM Recoil for example have been wiped clean out numerous times and they keep going back to re-build. Madness.
  5. How on Earth did Nuprol manage to get in bed with LCT?
  6. I was getting WA 1911s from them for £130 shipped. I saw similar WAs in the cases at Airsoft Armoury for £299.99. I wonder if they ever sold heh.
  7. 2005/2006 was pretty sweet. I seem to recall it was $2 to the £ which made stuff pretty cheap. Loads of cheap ACM stuff coming on to the scene from 2006/2007. Going back a bit further, 2000/2001 I was still at school and we could freely peruse the likes of Airsoft Dynamics and ogle at the various AEGs. I remember when the teasers came out for the TM G36C which of course everyone thought was super cool when we were messing with TM springers and TM Steyr NBBs. Sure, there's loads of M4s about now but when you consider what is also available, the sheer number of different models, it's mind blowing. Not to mention the advancements in tech, MOSFETs, TM NGRS, GBB, HPA, etc. I think we're yet to peak tbh.
  8. senseofhumour.exe has stopped working
  9. Pretty normal sized car really.
  10. I don't know, it's quite refreshing to have a shotgun in a video game that doesn't feel like it's shooting confetti with a 2m effective range.
  11. I seem to recall reading that it was on it's way too. Perhaps bad info from the seller. So annoying this fell through. It would have been incredible.
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