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  1. The KWC markings would imply KWC 😛
  2. Cool. That would be great. Yeah. I kept my cards in my pocket and they got a bit...soggy. I can't seem them lasting long. Definitely need something more durable.
  3. I was there too yesterday and can echo Puresilver's comments. Really great site. Ample parking, actual ceramic toilets, excellent safe zone etc. Pretty opulent for an airsoft site heh. I think the stairs that come down after you've taken the farthest right door in the brief/chrono area needs some type of cover just outside as you just get nailed as soon as you come out onto the street. I don't know if that's possible as I only went down there once but maybe something to think about. Maybe one of the big bins? For the kill confirmed game mode, it would be pretty cool to have actual dog tags instead of playing cards. I had a look on Alibaba and you could get 100 red/blue/green/whatever anodized dog tags for £40/£50 shipped. Probably less with some more hunting/negotiating. I only had a quick look. Have them with a magnetic connector so you could just yank them off. All in all, fantastic site and I'll definitely be back soon. Oh, and bring a torch. You'll definitely need it.
  4. Indeed. I only mentioned it to be pedantic heh. I'm actually in a similar position to you though. Looking for that type of MOLLE mounted case for a Samsung. I was thinking about going for one of newer ones for iPhone 8+ (as they seem better quality) and then gluing a silicone case inside it for retaining but I haven't checked measurements yet. Maybe put a thin metal plate on the exterior as I'm not sure how well they'll hold up to BBs.
  5. Yeah. Pretty crazy. You can do titanium too.
  6. Strongest material possible? Steel. That would cost hundreds.
  7. Very underrated film imo. Even back then you could tell how much effort and training he put into the role re. handling firearms etc. The indexing of mags whilst reloading pistol for example. You rarely see actors do that.
  8. https://www.wgcshop.com/products?search_From=searchItem&item=umarex-vfc-hk417-gen-2-gbbr&search=special&rs=vfc hk417&catid=&cat=&view_choice=b http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/GBB_Rifles_SMGs_Umarex_Umarex_VFC_HK417_16inch_GBBR_V2_Asia_Edition.htm https://www.uncompany.com/product/36109/ http://www.asiaairsoft.com/index_eproduct_view.php?products_id=10353
  9. Zero One recommend an 115x18x18 NiMH for these so one of these should fit. https://www.componentshop.co.uk/7-4v-2000mah-20c-continuous-discharge-airsoft-lipo-split-pack.html?___SID=U
  10. Cool. Could you send me the details please? I've been meaning to visit Poland for years and that would be an ideal stop.
  11. Nice. I've been to a few ranges in the US where you pay a lane fee and then a one off gun rental fee of like $10/$15 per firearm type (handgun and long gun) and you can rent as many guns as you want in that category. Just go back up to the counter when you want to swap or need more ammo. So cool.
  12. A bit of tape should do the trick.
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