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  1. There are fakes with full Magpul markings.
  2. Madbull do blue tracers but only in 0.12 I think.
  3. Yeah. I picked a particularly Gucci one for the link ha. I've seen used ones sell for pretty good prices though.
  4. I think realistically, you need farm type land that at least for the moment, has little other use. Then whack up a few temporary agricultural warehouses and build what you want inside. Due to the temporary nature, hopefully planning wouldn't be a total nightmare seeing as it could all be reversed. When you get kicked off the land, no big deal, just dismantle and move. You can hire them too so if it all goes tits up, you're not out a load of £. Admittedly I don't know the full costs but still. I used to know someone with a farm and he had a yuuuuge warehouse he stored cars in. It would be perfect for airsoft. The way I see it is there are few other options (in the south at least) seeing as any land owner would be mad to dedicate their ideal CQB building for airsoft when it could be making them more money renting it to so many other people. https://www.spaciotempo.co.uk/experience/countrywide-farmers/
  5. I'm sure there is a video somewhere (somewhat lengthy) of TM's presentation on it where they show the 3D drawings of the gearbox. You can see it briefly in this video.
  6. Lots of cool stuff at the MOA Exhibition 2019. We have Mini and full sized GBB Uzis from Northeast GBB FAL from VFC L85A3 conversion kits for AEG and GBB from Angry Gun G17 from GHK with lots of cool features
  7. I assume you're just talking about the tower block re. paying for parking and your school sites have parking on site?
  8. Yup. It does scream of dealing with people that...aren't very knowledgeable. Telling you to deal with the courier? Lol. A courier won't give the recipient any information, only the sender. Just keep working your way up until you can speak to someone that doesn't get their responses from a flowchart. Or you could go straight to 100 and and contact the Paypal UK MD. Worked for me when I e-mailed Tim Cook with a problem that his moron employees wouldn't fix. https://ceoemail.com/s.php?id=ceo-10403&c=PayPal UK-Managing Director
  9. I assume you've asked how it's OK for the buyer to return it to a completely random address? What was their response?
  10. A few years I threatened Paypal with small claims and I got my money back when a RIF never turned and that was a dodgy seller. Seeing as Paypal have messed up here I imagine it shouldn't be too hard to get a refund.
  11. Ah. I didn't know Paypal was officially cool with airsoft now. That's good. That makes this even weirder.
  12. Who brought it to Paypal's attention that the item in question was a RIF?
  13. I don't know if it's a case of happy to pay, more like not really any other options in the area. Like the price of milk at a petrol station heh.
  14. I'm looking to put some performance upgrades in a TM G17 and you generally come across the Maple Leaf Crazy Jet inner barrels being recommended as the best thing since sliced bread. However, there are some people that argue the whole thing is just a gimmick and you're better off with a regular inner barrel. Anyone tried both Crazy Jet and regular? What are everyone's thoughts on this?
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