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  1. Just don't put it in your mouth... And yes, I know it was the batteries that were to blame for that.
  2. Compare a RS weapon light to a clone and you'll see why people pay more. Sure, "it's just airsoft" but there are situations where RS lights outshine clones by a silly amount. Shining a light from outside bright daylight into a dark building for instance. Or simply the extra range you'll get with lots of RS lights.
  3. As mentioned, it's AsiaAirsoft in a new suit. I've had two orders with AA and both times they screwed up. Can't say I have any desire to order from them again, whatever they're calling themselves.
  4. Hmmm. I only have the option to share from that menu.
  5. I wonder how they define antique. Often "older than 100 years" is banded about. There's a whole lot of viable RIFs that are based on guns older than 100 years.
  6. Perhaps the problem is UPS have discovered a time machine (no doubt in a parcel they failed to deliver) and are now having too much fun traveling through time to deliver parcels.
  7. Big list of sites to scrape info from on the UKARA site http://ukara.org.uk/
  8. I was under the impression stock TM gears are fairly robust even with an M95 and once you go messing with upgraded gears, that's when you really start to mess with the TM pixie dust.
  9. Supposedly CYMA it seems https://www.amazon.com/silencer-scope-spring-rifle-Airsoft/dp/B004000CCW?SubscriptionId=AKIAI2TWEDSMJWGPXOQQ&tag=camelproducts-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B004000CCW
  10. Looks like VFC are potentially working on a P7 or are thinking about it. That or they're just trolling by reposting this from HK with an ambiguous caption.
  11. I like TM springers. Decent quality. Hop up. Can't complain.
  12. Bet's on whether kameriders is one of those sneaky spambots that will soon post a spam link anyone...
  13. Oh yeah, absolutely. It needs to be loose. So it can move to decelerate the BBs. Like people catching nets at circuses.
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