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  1. Probably (at least partly) because TM have announced one.
  2. CKinnerley

    Gun picture thread

    Had the TM pistol already, decided I wanted something to go with it a while back.
  3. CKinnerley

    First gun purchase?

    As ubiquitous as it is, the G&G ARP-9 is probably the most effective and efficient little CQB shooter you could get, doubly so for a low-maintenance gun for the first time buyer. Or if you want super-duper universal mags, the 556 version of the same gun.
  4. CKinnerley

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    The warrior universal has been around years, tons of positive reviews out there. Long as you don't need to mount a light and your pistol isn't mega small or monster huge, it should work for 95% of what most people would be using.
  5. CKinnerley

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Are the pouches you're referring to not in this picture? Because those are just Pencott. Entirely possible I'm mis-understanding however.
  6. CKinnerley

    Gun picture thread

    Don't be knocking having back-up iron sights for the back-up iron sights.
  7. CKinnerley

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I could be reading something wrong here, but if folks are comparing the VFC ('Umarex') and TM 416s I'd say that's a real apples vs oranges. The VFC is much more your standard AEG inside with somewhat higher quality externals by comparison, but realistically you're not going to ever get it to have the bolt lock/release, moving bolt and recoil simulation that the TM has out of the box. I do wish TM did make slightly beefier and more realistic outsides with the stock muzzle energy VFC tends to provide, no doubt there and I'm sure lots of people feel the same, but equally the energy put out by the TM is plenty good enough given their hop units and having owned a few NGRS guns for some years now I've grown to really love the empty mag feature.
  8. CKinnerley

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    WGC and eHobby always been 100% reliable for me over many years and many dozens of orders, they're the 2 I've used most anyway amongst others. It's the ones who deal entirely in the clone stuff that have those sort of consistent issues.
  9. CKinnerley

    Patches are now available(ish)

    Enquire in what way, would be the question? I'd like to think we're not yet at a state where you get arrested for having a tiny pvc picture of a gun on a patch.
  10. CKinnerley

    Loadout Visualiser?

    The only alternative I've used over the years - and this is not quick but it is more effective in the long run - is just looking at a lot of pictures of what other people already use. Sometimes threads on forums have a lot of broken img links when you go back far enough, but there's no shortage of skirmish sites/event organisers that post albums full of pics every week (for example) and it only takes a couple of minutes to scan through 100s of pictures. Anything computer generated, will not (as mentioned) ever look the same in real life. As an example of that, I've seen guys to 100% faithful recreations of BF3/4 loadouts but even with the time I've sunk in to said games, when I see the images it really takes me a minute to even clock the fact they've copied a game, on account of how drasticalyl different it always ends up looking in the real world. I think what matters is stuff like; is your rig comfortable, do your pouches hold everything securely, can you draw stuff from your belt without shit from your upper torso getting in the way, does your face pro prove to be massively inhibitive, will you pass out from heat stroke when it's 30 degrees in that loadout etc etc. Those real issues are countered by buying decent quality stuff, learning yourself and learning from others who have a lot more experience and can effectively pass on that experience. Looks? Well you buy whatever colour/camo you personally like, hunt around for clothing/LBE in that colour if you wish to invest the time. I know I dump a lot of hours in to scouring the net for clothing and kit in specific styles. My concern is always to help people avoiding buy shit that fails them functionally. If you buy something and it functions but doesn't look just the way you like, that's not going to be nearly as big of a deal. Also, crucially, aesthetics will tend to come as a result of function. People who've got their gear figured out always look better than guys clomping about with their laces undone, loose straps flailing everywhere, drop-leg holster too low and swinging in the breeze, helmet/rig/shirt that doesn't fit etc.
  11. CKinnerley

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    The 7 isn't even being procured anymore according to what I've read, anyone going away should get the virtus. Certainly no reason for anyone to feel bad like their taking the armour off of a service persons' back(/head). Not saying airsofters shouldn't be very careful about surplus kit they buy, and doubly so posting it online. Reality is issue kit is decent for the job it's meant to do - an awful lot of it is really impractical for playing airsoft in, so overall you're better off with other stuff for multiple reasons.
  12. CKinnerley

    is there anywhere to get custom guns made?

    I'd imagine it'll be less than that, but it sure ain't gonna be combat machine prices either.
  13. CKinnerley

    is there anywhere to get custom guns made?

    I'd fully expect something that'll involve so much scratch building/fabrication to cost more than just a fair bit, that's a hell of a lot of highly skilled man hours you're asking someone to put in to something. Hope you've got a decent budget set aside.
  14. CKinnerley

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Moral objection to what? (Would be the question) These are low powered toys that are far less dangerous than bows & arrows, or baseballs bats, or a cricket ball thrown at high speed, or a billion other things. Which in turn of course, makes it objectively illogical to have a fear of airsoft but not archery. Guarantee the issue is the look of RIFs, but the aesthetic is quite literally the only 'scary' thing about them.
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    Definitely a unique trouser design that'll stand out from the crye copies (if that's your goal). Made from legit 50/50 NYCO Pencott fabric, well stitched, also rather expensive at retail and not available in the UK that I've seen: https://www.asmc.com/Clothing/Men/2-Line-clothing/Trousers/Leo-Koehler-Pants-Defender-20-PenCott-GreenZone-p.html I've actually written a piece going over ALL the details and features which you can read here for details: http://thefull9.net/strange-pants-by-germans/ Sizing is 'Medium' so if you're in or about that 32" waist range and average height you'll be good to go. They seem to line up with all the other Medium or 32R size trousers I've got from many other brands/issue kit. The D3O knee pads are NOT included in this sale, however if you don't want to shell out on those then literally any bits of foam can be stuffed inside the knee pad pockets. Price is all-in with postage included. Everything else I have for sale is also pictured here - https://flic.kr/s/aHsjPXJkHw