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  1. CKinnerley

    How many of you store guns with empty mag in?

    There's absolutely no upside or advantage to leaving mags in guns, but from a safety perspective it only makes sense to remove them. Hell it's easier for storage in most situations anyway.
  2. CKinnerley

    3d printed dual mag adaptor for AR-57

    Not even having the P90 mag in the gun anymore makes no sense to me overall, but on the other hand well done on the design effort. I'm all abou heretical airsoft, even if only for other people to use. It's kinda reminiscent of the Burton rifle from WW1.. ish.
  3. CKinnerley


    Loose fitting layers, doesn't take thick or heavy fabric it just has to hang a bit loose to absorb the energy of the beebs. That's literally all there is to it. If there isn't a decent air gap between your current jacket or shirt and your torso you'll end up taking almost all of the energy, the more of a gap there is the greater the energy in the shot is spread through the fabric, like when you shoot a curtain. A loose BDU/PCS shirt will do that well, or if you stick to civvies then take your pick of any garment you like. Way cheaper and lighter with none of the heat retention of any sort of armour and you won't get whinged at near as much because people perceive PCs and Armour far differently. Also with any sort of armour you'll always get hit were it isn't - not that that actually happens you just notice those hits far more. As I've mentioned on here before, pain is no reason to go tanking up like a juggernaut because apart from anything you'll be a slow, hot, sweaty mess and have a bad day when certain people scream at you for hit taking (which will happen more regardless of what the reality is in either direction).
  4. CKinnerley

    Question regarding camo

    Look at pics of your site, in summer and winter. Pick a camo (or 2 maybe) that lines up, there are loads available pretty cheaply to provide a good match to anywhere you'll play airsoft. ?? Profit.
  5. CKinnerley

    Footwear for cqb.

    I agree in a way, but in all these years I've never slipped on BBs in any significant way (maybe through good tread selection) and there are a crap ton of hobbies that involve moving around outside i.e. where there is rain and wet grass/slippy mud/smooth concrete. Outdoor airsoft included of course. So I don't think slippery surfaces are even close to unique to airsoft and I'd also primarily regard that as an argument for good sole pattern choice, not for large/heavy boots. Tread prevents you falling over in the first place, the boot concept is about preventing ankle injury once you've fallen over, but as mentioned you're entirely likely to incur injury to plenty of places other than the ankle by falling over. Again, there's good boots, not against the idea of them, but I don't find or believe they're quite as vital as some people might think that's all.
  6. CKinnerley

    Pouch for extended Glock magazine

    I'm not a grammar Nazi, but perhaps be careful with misspelling wrap/wrapping.
  7. CKinnerley

    Pouch for extended Glock magazine

    Well, have you ever held a double stack 9mm pistol mag? MP5 is also double stack 9mm with a thin metal construction like most popular pistol magazines. So either a generic SMG pouch for the MP5, or the extended TACOs. Or if you fancy a chest rig, the Spiritus/Haley/WTF Gear. Would not recommend a short pouch at all, long pistol mags in GBBs weigh a lot and you would likely end up losing mags through momentum and movement, not to mention the leverage forces created by the majority of the mass of the mag being unrestrained are quite substantial.
  8. CKinnerley

    Footwear for cqb.

    I mean.. no I haven't unless you're taking something I've said very much differently to the way I mean it, but yes I fully agree on the 2nd part. Generally speaking, as I've said a few times now people can wear what they like and as I've done in every single gear topic I always advocate for saving up to buy good quality stuff regardless of what it is. Reality is there are loads of other games and activities people engage in that are at least as kinetic if not more, with the same hazards and where taller boots would be of benefit, but folks don't get near so adamant about it as they do in airsoft. I don't think the advice is defacto incorrect or irrelevant but I don't believe it to be as major of an issue as some people think either; again particularly by comparison to the cheap and poorly fitting eye pro that is absolutely everywhere. Bust an ankle - very bad, lose an eye - different level.
  9. CKinnerley

    Footwear for cqb.

    Yep, there's differences, but I'd imagine the training is somewhat equalised with the huge pressure the joints etc are put under when you're talking olympic level competition and the like. If people want to wear boots that's entirely fine but I find watching where I step works great and it's a non-issue indoors or in generally flat/smooth urban settings. Maybe other people have done themselves in on flat surfaces, but again I think if you just pay attention to where/how you move you'll most likely be alright. I spend all my time in issue boots just feeling restricted and over burdened by the bulk and weight and I have also come close to messing an ankle up by jogging down a rabbit hole, but obviously that was entirely concealed by grass. You can also migrate an injury from the ankle to a snapped shin bone with really rigid boots. Not denying the bone might well be easier to fix long term but there's no magical solution to anything, better to just be careful in the first place and not go for a tumble, certainly when you factor in the injuries that can occur to other areas by just falling over.
  10. CKinnerley

    Aep 556 sight and tracer help..

    The absolute fastest way to aim in close quarters is practicing instinctive/point shooting. It's free and weighs literally zero grams compared to any optic. A 1-point sling attached at the base of the buffer tube where it meets the lower receiver won't impede you switching shoulders and moving around while still providing the option of letting the weapon swing when you want to chuck a bang or get your pistol out etc.
  11. CKinnerley

    Footwear for cqb.

    If truly 'all' I will be surprised, pleasantly so of course. Indoor - personally I've spent a lot of time running around in trail running type trainers. Pretty gap'y soles compared to normal sneaks, so never had an issue with BBs. I don't personally think 'ankle support' is near as big of a deal as the mythology would imply. TONS of sports are played at top level in trainers with no ankle support - athletes performing at a level and moving in ways/at such speeds that I'd wager 99% of us here can't even imagine it. Granted they tend to push for performance and maybe slightly take a risk of injury but for airsoft I've never found I needed boots myself. If there are any sneaky pot holes at the mall (for example) I've never seen them; I think sealed eye pro is waaaaay more of a safety concern but many people just wear glasses with gaps way larger than a BB around the edges, so everyone makes their own risk assessments.
  12. CKinnerley

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    "Just Innovation" *knocks off the Magpul Hunter stock without getting a license* Not saying it's a bad purchase but that box is comedy fuckin gold.
  13. CKinnerley

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    What you're trying to remove is the barrel nut, the delta ring is just a stepped sleeve around the barrel nut that is mostly only found on older style guns (usually fitted with plastic handguards) and it doesn't hold the barrel on - almost as common a myth as the ukara license. Barrel nuts are often torqued on crazy tight in airsoft, frequently tighter than is needed even on a real AR-15, then they even glue the buggers on sometimes. Also there's occasionally weird ways the nut might be locked on, grub screws, or it could even be fake in some rare cases and the barrel held on in some strange way, that's the nature of airsoft. Speaking generally: Depending on brand, a strong vice, heat gun and (as demonstrated) a really sturdy barrel nut spanner are very much advised. Tools are nearly as good of an investment as eye pro when it comes to putting money in to stuff you can use your entire life.
  14. CKinnerley

    Gun picture thread

    There's a lot of errors in there, but I'm not an impression-guy so I'll just highlight the fact those are Magpul Industries stocks in the picture. PTS used to replicate Magpul, but that stopped many years ago now when Magpul pulled the license for any airsoft product (all the stuff on the market now is ofc unlicensed clone stuff).
  15. £140 for that is utterly bonkers. You'd get a real Crye one for that if you had the patience to keep checking ebay and sales groups regularly for a few weeks. Flyye is alright but WAS quality is a big step up for the same kinda price range, maybe even less.