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  1. ncie work, i could see some site going nuts for this as it would mean a marhsal isnt having to stand on an obective just to score the game, especially if its built into a prop.
  2. the kingdom might be only running sundays as they are a shared use site, but that said it is good site. if you want a mix of indoor and outdoor play then anzio could be worth a look. it has some wooded areas in and around the buildings as the site and it will increase as the weather pushes further into the spring.
  3. I just use some paracord loops on mine then I can use any of the slings I have.
  4. I stopped using the little adapter when loading my mp9. The follower can be locked to the bottom of the channel and then just pop the feedlip of loader to the front face of the magazines lip. Admittedly if the follower cant be locked back in your mags that's going to make things a lot harder.
  5. talisman is a great game. if you want something that has an easier jump from traditional board games have a look for hero quest, its original form is great and i thinnk its just been reissued via a kick starter. another option, a game i always seem to find way back to, blood bowl. it has had numerous table top versions and digital copies. its a fantasy sport based brawler based around minitures forming teams which develop as you play.
  6. I've had a look at it and it's lovely externally if it lives up to the images in feel then I'd be pleased. I just it's stopped on empty, even if it was just an electronic cut off.
  7. i apprecaite that some people may be reticent due to laws, but knowing how to break the law doesnt always mean you have broken it. Knowing hwo to make a bike do 200mph doesnt mean you will or have broken the law with it. I suppose there is an element of trust involved, trusting people to make up their own minds on what actions to take with any given information.
  8. i have already started the ofcom registration and process for amateur registration and will be looking to go down that path. For the time being i just wanted to find out the measurements for a whip style dipole antenna for the baofeng kit. I ask here as i thought that somebody may have done the maths or know the lengths already.
  9. if youre set to have a light on youre head then id look for a picatinny rail that attaches to the helmet rails and then get a light that fixes to that. other than that is look to jubilee clips some pic rail to the gun and attach a light that way.
  10. I am aware that the baofeng radios are not pmr built spec radios. However the site I attend uses them and and gives permission, i just want to change how I carry it. as I have the parts to make an antenna, and the tools to do so, I am just looking for the measurements to do so rather than ripping apart perfectly functional antennas or having to purchase prebuilt units.
  11. afternoon. ive tried the search function but had no successes but it might be that a im looking for the wrong term, i just dont know. what id liek to know are the measurements for making up an antenna for the pmr frequncies as id like to make up a flexible antenna to weave through molle loops. I already have a sma to bnc connector to use, so it coax and the lengths for the active and ground.
  12. @MadhouseI ended up using a pin spanner. That way I could spin the nut that's recessed inside the collar that holds the rail.
  13. Warzone and dmz is free so you could play that together, but the multiplayer in the full game would require two copies of the game as well as two setups.
  14. I run 7.62 nato magazines in a few different pouches. Warriors 7.62x51 pouches are good, open top bungee retention style. But my personal favourite is to run an ak open top with kydex insert. They are warrior ak bungee pouches but with the bungee removed.
  15. You need to hold the empty magazine cut off catch in mag well while you are doing it. If that catch isn't held the trigger is effectivly dead. Sequence; Put selector to auto, finger into mag well to hold switch down, pull ans hold trigger. Once it does the beep thing then release trigger and cutoff switch.
  16. I've noticed lower numbers at some sites/events and my local is now continuing to push the book and pre pay while the next closest is running non refundable deposit to book a place to ensure numbers. Understandable really as they have to pay to rent the site.
  17. Sr25 rifs can be a little like that with the 2.5v gearbox, long nozzles etc. But the g&g 308 and their new sr25 use standard v2 hop and gearbox types. They make the part of the other barrel that carries the hop unit reach deeper into the upper, carrying the hop back to the gearbox. It's means mags are proprietary but I'd bet with a thick spacer in the front of the mag well you'd be able to put a standard 5.56 type mag in and have it feed. So unless you want to change outer barrels it's like working on a v2 platform.
  18. Does any have a spare or know where I can get hold of an kwa mp9 hammer? Mine failed yesterday and my limited Google skills only found out of stock and super expensive shipping options from the states or HK.
  19. You could try and give the board a brush of conformal coating. If could be that part of the gear box is missshaped and creating a shorting a part.
  20. Looks good and I'm not usually a fan of mandibles
  21. If its leaking from the top I'd start bu looking at the the valve seals. Co2 can is quite hard on orings and such and I've had to replace the seats in a couple if my co2 magazines when they have blistered. The distortion of the seals stops the valve from closing the system fully so you get the leak.
  22. It should matter really, the choice of using xt style connectors is redundant simply as you will need a adapter and you'll be no where near the current limits while charging. Xt60 being for 60a rated and xt30 30a.
  23. I have a the g&g 308 and throughly enjoy it. The gear box is v2 compatible when it comes to parts. The magazines are proprietary, but I've not had any issues with any of mine, and the magazine actives the last round cut off, which I love as I came to it from gbbr rifs. Pouch wise, there's options; m14, scar H and tacos are your best bet for quick and cheap, personally I use short ak open pouches. Get the perun in straight away it's so much better than the G&G mosfet.
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