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  1. Never wanted to wear a helmet, myself and my son used to rock Eclipse paintball bandanas with the gel seatband. I'm a heavy sweater and bald so the thought of helmet sweats was enough to put me off. Anyways fast forward to about a month ago when I took full auto to the head from about 15ft range (M249 or some such). I actually thought I was going to cry! The pain was that intense :D. Anyway that was it, bought a fast helmet (PJ style) and my lad decided he wanted one to. Ok, there's always a chance that a BB is going to strike a bit of uncovered skin around the face but when you hear the bb's ping offa the helmet you know it's money well spent I've also just bought a "Headsweats" skullcap to wear underneath to help with soaking up the waterfall of sweat I produce (my lad doesn't suffer bless him) I may look like a tw*t but it's a price I'm willing to pay!
  2. Its in! Only two really minor bits of dremmelling to be done on one half of the gearbox (less than when I installed it into the standard ics split gearbox). Some nice little touches in the Krytac box, like a little plastic bridge piece that protects the cables from the motor pinion etc. Anyway, not a hard job, trigger response is fantastic, although my ROF has dropped compared to the last gun (of course I'd installed the 12:1 gears in that and it was getting 22bps on 7.4v) but the amp draw is a lot less so the lipos should last longer (about half of what is was drawing on the other gun) Anyways...bedtime...up for work in a couple of hours
  3. No it's that high pitched motor noise, I tried the the rocket motor in it and the noise goes but it does over spin! So active breaking is the way forward!
  4. Turnigy 2000 mah crane stock 7.4 v...cost 8 quid with deans connector from hobby king. Fit easily in the stock of the krytac. I have a vp 2000mah crane stock battery that cost me £17!!! Which is about the going rate for Airsoft shops. Obviously it'll last a few hours but if your hammering full auto it won't be as little long.
  5. Going to pop the Spectre in this evening. The Spectre is a doddle to change settings on as you just use the bluetooth app.I have a spare Rocket High torque that I can throw in for testing but I think I will be going for one of the asg motors (prob the 30k as you say as the 22k is out of stock everywhere!). The Krytac motor is ok but I can't stand that motor whine no matter how slight it is :/ I could increase the ROF by dropping in an 11.1 but a lot of people have problems with gearbox lock ups if they use high c 3s lipo's. I can't understand that though? as I always believed that the "C" rating was the Amps that the lipo can supply if needed not what they pump out all the time? Cheers again, will post updates as I progress
  6. Thanks for the replies, I've not dropped in the BTC Spectre yet, the trigger pull on the Krytac is quite long and after switching from my old gun which had the spectre installed to this, it feels horrible My son thinks I'm insane buying a new gun then changing it but hey, that's half the fun! So the mosfet on the Krytac is just a basic one, which is there just to protect the trigger contacts and that's all it does, so no other options like precocking etc. I'm sat here in my man cave wondering if I can be arsed to start stripping down the gun tonight or wait until tomorrow... I'll post a piccy when I'm done...I should do a vid really as there doesn't seem to be any online for installing a spectre into a Krytac and I know there's a bit of dremmeling to be done! Cheers again fellas!
  7. Modify flathop is a good bit of kit, even if you can just source a nub and then cut down a normal bucking (which I've done on my other gun).
  8. Hi all,I've just got my hands on a new Krytac and though it shoots well enough out of the box I don't like the long trigger pull (I've been used to using a Spectre mosfet). So I'll be swapping out the trigger contacts for my spectre as I prefer my AEG not to have motor whine and obviously the shorter pull.My last gun I upgraded to 12:1 gears and a high torque motor, though I don't use full auto that often (3 round burst when I feel it necessary) but loved the snappy trigger in semi.So, I'm looking at getting a high torque motor to drop in to replace the Krytac 20k. I've been looking at the ASG infinite 22000, in my other aegs I use the rocket high torque and though they are "OK" the build quality is naff (I've already had one motor destroy itself for no good reason.So build quality of the ASG seems far superior as the 22000 has the new bell design but will it give me the snappier trigger response I desire if I'm not upgrading the gears? I want it to shoot everytime I spam that trigger in semi? would a higher speed motor be better? say the 3500 or 40000? I'm using 7.4v lipo and don't think I'll be going to 11.1Any thoughts taken onboard.
  9. Spray the grip with krylon, add a couple of coats of clear krylon and job done!
  10. Excellent reply sir! Really appreciate you taking the time out to write that mate! I'm thinking of throwing this mosfet into an a standard MP5 and putting the Jefftron v2 into my 416 and then throwing a load of cash away and getting the gate titan for my main gun...I've spent to much time stripping down and faffing about with this mosfet to worry about it anymore
  11. Thinking on how would the rps effect semi?
  12. Right I'll have a word with mister Jeffetron and see what he says, I use the V2 micro switch version on another gun that according to the site is rated to 25bps and that works fine with a 12:1 gear set.
  13. Thanks for the replies, Using SHS 13:1 gears on a 7.4v 1300mah SHS high torque Jefftron programable mosfet with AB on (doesn't matter what I set the AB strength to, it doesn't change) pre cocking is off. Have put in new trigger contacts and new cut off lever. I tried a weaker motor which help but it did what I wrote below. The weird thing is as I shoot in semi I've noticed that the piston gradually comes further and further back, so fire one shot, end of piston can be seen just entering the cut out window second shot, a bit more visible etc it does this until the piston is fully back then goes forward and cycles twice. (pre engagement????). I'm going to start all over again from the shimming onward and see where it gets me.
  14. I'm having a bit of a time with new mosfet setup It's driving me crazy and I'm out of ideas, so was wondering if there's any techies on here that could maybe give me some pointers? Right so I've installed a jefftron programmable mosfett, I've used the V2 microswitch version on another build with no problems so to speak but this one has got me confuddled. So I've installed a new SHS high torque motor, new piston, gears and cylinder head. At first I corrected the aoe on in the gearbox using reinforced sorbo pad, filed teeth down etc on piston, put everything back together test shot and it did the following. Piston moved back on first shot and then second shot fires twice. Auto seems to fire ok. Fiddled about with it for ages,including trying a sector delay chip (I'm running on 7.4v lipo by the way but thought it was worth a shot) installed original gears, still does the same, first shot piston moves back second shot fires twice, it does this consistently. Spoke to the guy from jefftron, that advised it could have been a few different things and recommended a new cut off lever or trigger contacts. So...got a new cut off lever, trigger, piston and cylinder head (incase my AOE correction had fluffed it up) installed and same thing happens. Now I just seem to be throwing cash at a problem...I've yet to rewire everything back to stock which is what I'll do at some point today and check again. I'm thinking the new motor may be overspinning the gears etc, but that's what the mosfet is for (active breaking) Any help or ideas would be great! Cheers.
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