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  1. Like you i have a long list of injuries, and the reconstructions of joints to go with them, though I still haven't learned to stop doing anything. Age is certainly not helping, like you I'm on the older end of spectrum and the body is paying the price for the spirit. To some what balance the scales I've tried over the last few years to integrate range of motion and stability exercise into my life and its helped massively. Less injuries and recovery times from the injuries that do happen is much quicker. I use a program call pliabilty, it used to be call romwod (range of movement work on daily). Its Internet based, in that its video lead, but shortish sessions daily and varied to stop getting bored and lazy. Support wise I've found compression wear helps a lot, and outside of a full brace the knee wraps with the springs in work well. All the above has let me go from having to use light weight kit to whatever kit I feel like that day. I did a 8hr battle sim day last time out and did it in a plate carrier with weighted plates and a dmr.
  2. I use warrior assault ak/7.62 bungee pouches for my 308 magazines. No bungee though, I removed it when I put kydex retention in. I also used fastmag heavy, not cheap but great.
  3. Have a look for kyle lambs sling setup guide. It quite common on YouTube and covers another about getting the length/tension right.
  4. Devil's. I've used them for ages before going over to geoffs.
  5. I'm sure I've got some coloured and shaped shims. It was a three size pack with one size silver and one bronze and the third size was octagonal shape. It was really useful being able to tell the apart, so I'd be up for more sizes which can be differentiated.
  6. I use a couple of setups for ear pro and coms. Ear pro is very important to me so don't skimp on that part. I've a pair of sporttacs that I use for work and with the down lead connected to my phone for audio. Then for airsoft use I have 5ur with fist mic ptt and then the down lead connects to the ptt for the audio output. That way I get the ear pro I want and simple but effective radio setup. The second setup I have is a racal frontier. It'll functions well but did need a specific ptt to work with the 5ur radio. The racal setup I wear only for airsoft it's much more slimline on the head but a bit more complex to rig up initially.
  7. If you can solder you could swap the connector on the battery and keep the adaptor for charging of you need to. If you were near me I'd give you a hand doing it I've had to change so many connectors of late it's my mist common soldering task.
  8. Have you tested the wiring with a meter or just visually checked it?
  9. The double feed on semi sounds like the cycle is over running. See if it does it on a 2s pack. What model mosfet is fitted?
  10. A well tuned aeg will work just as well as a hpa setup for semi, as they should be imparting the same amount of energy into the small balls we play with. Unless you are specifically after wanker gun rates of fire or play at sites with differences in limit which would mean constant changing of springs, when turning down a reg is easier, there isn't much to gain. Cost wise if you sent you rif to a solid tech, negative airsoft say, you could have the performance you want for no more than the parts of the hpa build cost. If you do go hpa then regards the line, when I've used hpa setups I used molle mounted single point slings and then ran the line looped or sleeved with it. Just give yourself enough slack in it so that it doesn't interfer with griping the rif. With the line sleeved it didn't catch on anything i wasn't going rhe catch the sling on anyway.
  11. Enjoy the rehab, it's a bitch but it works and is worth the pain. It really is.
  12. Like impulse I have a warrior rpc with placard to suit each primary. Makes changes loadouts a breeze. If your budget can't stretch to it, keep and eye out for uktactical.com mailing list as they often to codes that can be combined with sales to get a greater discount.
  13. awesome sir, ill have a look a t making that a work.
  14. has anyone changed the strap on a pts mtek helmet?
  15. I've been using geoffs .3 tracers and found them very good. Outdoor and tactical is where I usually find them. The website is a bit jankie but get the filter to just display tracers and pop up.
  16. How often do I play? A lot less than I'd like to. this year has been shocking with only a couple of events and no skirmish days. Life, family, funds, everything has seemed to be stacked against it this year but i live in hope and look forward with anticipation when i do manage to have the stars align.
  17. I use 4s lipos for flight quite often, along with a smattering of 6s but if you're not going their change the motor limit its output I'd guess something is going to get lunched. Last time I did something similar I ran a 4s wound motor (brushless) 2200kv on a race drone on 6s and the rpm was bananas, I did have a spotter and the comment was, "where the fuck did that go!"
  18. True At a skirmish day I'd agree that they aren't really worth it, where events and sims generally have a more experienced playerbase.
  19. True accidents can happen, the aim away method is one sites way of mitigating some of the risk. I reality all we can do is tackle the basics where reasonably practicable and where people can be advised and have appropriate responses planned for possible events. That does put an emphasis on the site to have plans in place and acted upon as well as players acting in a responsible fashion, which has never failed on an airsoft field clearly.... hold on.... The picture I guess is from a milsim where they player is popped out the roof and taken a tag to the nose.
  20. I have a 40mm launcher which I use tlfx mortar rounds. There's a couple of sites near me that allows the use, they also happen to allow tag use. They address the the direct impact issue by increasing the kill radius so they can be aimed away more but still be effective in play. I haven't used the tag launcher but mine is great fun but they are very situational, and it isn't something that I'd take to every game. Sim days and events only really. Regards the weight of the rnd, the mortars I have weight about the same as a tlfx multi-bang though that would be significantly reduced once its launched. So any thing that weighs less surely won't be an issue. I think the biggest problem you'll find is sites granting permission if they haven't seen one before and it would depend very much on the specifics of the sites insurance cover. The other issue is that if it doesn't make a bang how many people are going to notice it coming down and wait to see if it eliminates them from play.
  21. First I'd suggest not buying anything until you know what the issues is. There may be nothing wrong with the stock parts, and if there are, and its was purchased new from patrolbase then they should be giving you a new one. Alternatively Check the seal on the compression parts. If its good then move to the hop up unit and nozzle mating. If all is consistent then look to the spring. Once all above have done then the Perun to add functionality. It could be something as simple as new oring.
  22. You lot aren't doing me any favours, if you'd have said it was shit life would be so much easier. Arrrhrhhh.
  23. If you aren't ready to buy mags yet the pouring things are a useful idea, but the fixed size also means they'll rattle a bit. If you use a small elastic sock that will contract as you empty it you won't get the rattle. I only use midcaps bit have made up a container for sim games and long games where I'm likely to need to reload before having to go back to spawn/hq for resupply. Small sock, neck of a plastic bottle, and a couple of cable ties and you're good to make your own.
  24. I found the maxx units of late to be shit. I've got a lonex hop unit with maple leaf rubber and an omega nub non maple, slightly softer version. It works well.
  25. I didn't know of the site until this post, so thank you for that. I do love some cqb in non warehouse environments. However in the rules it mentions all gun that have semi and can meet the fps rules are OK, but same page states they allow binary triggers with 2rnds per trigger pull, which isn't semi in my mind. A pinch of salt maybe....
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