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  1. I've noticed lower numbers at some sites/events and my local is now continuing to push the book and pre pay while the next closest is running non refundable deposit to book a place to ensure numbers. Understandable really as they have to pay to rent the site.
  2. Sr25 rifs can be a little like that with the 2.5v gearbox, long nozzles etc. But the g&g 308 and their new sr25 use standard v2 hop and gearbox types. They make the part of the other barrel that carries the hop unit reach deeper into the upper, carrying the hop back to the gearbox. It's means mags are proprietary but I'd bet with a thick spacer in the front of the mag well you'd be able to put a standard 5.56 type mag in and have it feed. So unless you want to change outer barrels it's like working on a v2 platform.
  3. Does any have a spare or know where I can get hold of an kwa mp9 hammer? Mine failed yesterday and my limited Google skills only found out of stock and super expensive shipping options from the states or HK.
  4. You could try and give the board a brush of conformal coating. If could be that part of the gear box is missshaped and creating a shorting a part.
  5. Looks good and I'm not usually a fan of mandibles
  6. If its leaking from the top I'd start bu looking at the the valve seals. Co2 can is quite hard on orings and such and I've had to replace the seats in a couple if my co2 magazines when they have blistered. The distortion of the seals stops the valve from closing the system fully so you get the leak.
  7. It should matter really, the choice of using xt style connectors is redundant simply as you will need a adapter and you'll be no where near the current limits while charging. Xt60 being for 60a rated and xt30 30a.
  8. I have a the g&g 308 and throughly enjoy it. The gear box is v2 compatible when it comes to parts. The magazines are proprietary, but I've not had any issues with any of mine, and the magazine actives the last round cut off, which I love as I came to it from gbbr rifs. Pouch wise, there's options; m14, scar H and tacos are your best bet for quick and cheap, personally I use short ak open pouches. Get the perun in straight away it's so much better than the G&G mosfet.
  9. Great boots but they are clearly off their nut if they think the price is viable. I can have new sidi race boots for that.
  10. Pyro. Bangs are better than footage in my world. Timed, impact or both. I've got trmr and vtg grenades and love them both. Some folk have had issues with some impacts not working in soft ground but I can't say its something I've had issue with but I'd gets some bright and reflective coating or tape on them as they can be hard to find in the dark and the mud.
  11. That's the bloody true, utnts doesn't stop us riding them.
  12. I've had my left one done, the right is still a mess. Recovery wise. I got off the crutches very quickly for getting about short distances but fatigue in the knee brought quite a lot of pain so I took one crutch f I knew I'd be putting in the distances. Hot cold treatment helped me with tissue recovery, both the surgeon and physio were surprised how quickly I'd managed to progress. The thing that took the longest was flexation at the closed angle. Stick with the physio and grit your teeth. It's worth it but it feels like it takes forever at the time. My time off the field was about a year, though I did think that I could have get back a little sooner, but I'd consider the ground your playing on. My local is in no way flat or even ground but if its a flat industrial floor type site I'd say you would be able to lumber around that much earlier. I return to work was much sooner, even though I'm not a desk jockey. All that being said; grit your teeth, put the effort into rehab and you'll it'll feel much better.
  13. There is a reason that gopro have such a hold on action camera market. They are good, simply put and have set the consumer standard for years. I don't use mine for airsoft but have used and abused it with flight footage, and track days where it has been crashed and taken it all.
  14. i like the look of it but i reminds me of tha battlestar side arms
  15. If the gear box is slowing down its cycle I'd be checking for voltage sag as the fault. As to what's causing it, that could be a fair few things from excessive draw or a battery not being up to the job. If the battery is getting hot then swap it out for one that is rated for higher draw. If the battery isn't too hot but the motor is hot check the gearbox.
  16. Cheers fella. That's a great help.
  17. I've used red dot engineering too and they are very helpful and the quality is good. I use real steel optics but not ones with lifetime warranties. I've not lost one yet as they all have lexan style protectors under the cowl/cover or in a printed sleeve.
  18. I guess you'd be able to do it with a winding one, if it has a spout protruding, like a universal adapter for the odin loaders.
  19. I know what you mean, i dropped a mag in a load of wet plaster board a few weeks ago, yuk. I found if I hook the follower with the tip of the speed loader then seat the loader into the feed tube the follower gets fed back into the mag. Trying to do it upside down for the camera is a pain but hopefully you get the idea. 20221005_154940.mp4
  20. A lot of mags have the long follower now to feed all the bbs. There's a knack to quick loading. I seem to manage OK with the 308 mags.
  21. Fingers crossed then, even of its just a quick coat of conformal to weather proof it it could be good news then.
  22. It's interesting, I'm not sure about the hop being integrated into the barrel. The power cut feature is something I always want but having it as a light sensor for a game played in the dirt seems odd especially as they have a mag driven version already.
  23. Not being on social media I haven't heard the jist of what's going on, but having met some players on a game a few weeks ago who were going, i wouldn't be surprised if its turned into a shit show. I'm glad I resisted the temptation of the shopping centre and didn't book.
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