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  1. THE FNG

    G26 adv project

    Time Left: 5 days and 22 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Edit: only the g26 available. For sale here is a TM G17 and a TM G26 adv. They are both projects that I cant quite fix or get to work. For someone this could be a very easy fix, for me it's a pointless exercise as I play about twice a year now so it's not worth it for me. They both have a lot of aftermarket parks. Some I will have to confirm and edit the list G26: ZEV Steel slide Upgraded recoil and hammer springs Needs a new nozzle screw and the other bit that sits inside the nozzle. Edit: only the g26 now available. I'm open to trades for an m4 package but I'm only meeting in person and I cant really travel a lot due to work schedule. I'm based in Stoke, Staffordshire. What's actually wrong with them? They spew gas upon trigger being pulled. The g17 occasionally cycles but it's slow and sluggish.Most of the time, the slide will cycle back and all of the gas will vent. the g26 did cycle but again it was slow and gas efficiency was low. Asking for £70 posted for the g26. Wont come with any mags as I use these in my WE G18.


    Stoke on Trent

  2. I saw the topic and got a little paranoid for a second! Welcome 😎
  3. +1 for mp9. You could take the stock off if you want to go even lighter. I use an mp9 as a side arm for my TM L96; granted I rarely do woodland nowadays so the mp9 does get more use as a cqb primary, but I have used the mp9 as an effective secondary for closer engagement distances. Another good choice would be an mp7. Just bear in mind though, it would be a bit easier to run a solid pistol like a G18c with extended mags due to the size and weight....if you dont have a decent holster or tight sling, your side arm can be bashing you as you run, catching on foliage and corners and in general weigh you down. Edit: you could even go down the route of akimbo pistols for room clearing. I've ran akimbo FN5-7's and akimbo Glocks, however it does take a little while to get used to trusting your weaker/non-smoking arm. Double holsters is a must if you do this.
  4. I started to go through and quote my favourite bits (above). Then realised it's all golden. Then realised that I'm probably mocking an absconder from a secure mental hospital. Then realised I'm going to hell.
  5. Recommendations for 'no-fogging' goggles for a very sweaty and overweight rehab project?

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    2. RobHedley


      As @Steveocee states, getting airflow through is the key. Not wearing head gear is not an option for me as I have a shaved head so I have a pair of ESS Turbo Fan Goggles and they are amazing. Yes they are expensive but after that first game where you can see clearly for the entire time, you realise they are worth every penny!

    3. Rogerborg


      Counterpoint to the headgear argument, I find that a 1980s style sweatband around my brow actually helps to stop perspiration running down and steaming off.


      Fan goggles though, just do it.  FMAs work fine and won't break the bank.

    4. Hutchy85


      Get an Exfog, then you can wear whatever eye-pro you want with them.

      Was a game changer for me.

  6. Tm G17 guarder slide; will it fit a WE g17?

    1. PT247


      No, the TM and WE G17s are different sizes

    2. THE FNG

      THE FNG

      Balls......ta 😂

  7. Ares honey badger: Quick spring change system, sleek, compact, light, plenty of rail space for accessories, fast semi auto trigger response, m4 mags and gearbox so parts are easy to source. Maybe slighter bigger than what you're after but a safe bet and will also suffice in woodland settings. Had mine since they come out and not had a single issue. You may have to pay slightly over your budget unless you go second hand.
  8. Hi all, So I have acquired my brothers sr15 made by manufacturer "Asia electric gun". The gun has poor fps (260) and has a very slow gearbox cycle. It's also about 6 years old but used probably less than 5 or 6 times. It is however, quite a nice looking gun; full metal body, sleek design and is surprisingly nice to hold despite being a cheap rif. My question is: is it worth spending the cash on a high torque motor, new spring and possibly a hop unit (unsure atm if the low fps is due to low factory spring or a badly installed aftermarket hop unit) or would I be better off selling it for a few quid? Link for reference: https://www.airsoftworld.net/aeg-sr-16-special-xmas-offer.html Cheers, Andy
  9. Any tm glock techs out there anywhere? 

    1. rocketdogbert


      What do you need to know/fix?

    2. THE FNG

      THE FNG

      It's my tm g17. Can't get the bugger work!

      I've got it venting gas when trigger pulled.

    3. rocketdogbert


      Drop me a PM bud, we’ll sort it 👍🏻

  10. It does to be fair. I personally didn't notice much of the creak before I installed the Laylax button and the only reason I did the upgrade was because I dropped my scar-l mid game. Once installed however, I have noticed a slightly tighter feel to it.
  11. Leupold's are underrated, nice build!
  12. That sounds like mine. It worked with no mag in the receiver but once a mag is inserted it wont cycle or will cycle a few shots then stop. It maybe that the catch has come loose or has moved position.
  13. I got the area am013 a few weeks after it's initial release and it's still going strong. Nearly 3 years later and the only upgrade is a m100 spring to bring me to 340 fps. No issues with it at all.
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