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  1. I've seen some interesting results with inner barrels. First time I saw fps change was with a classic army ump.45; I swapped the stock 200mm inner barrel for a 363 6.03 madbull barrel. It went from 325 fps to 375! 50 fps increase. My scar H went up 5 or 10 with a barrel length Increase up to 363mm with the prommy/laylax. Aug has had a 30 fps increase with a 100mm+ increase. I put the same madbull 363mm in a cyma p90 and that went up around 30 fps+ iirc.
  2. Hi all, So I've been on a bit of a research and fps boost mission lately. I've been looking at my array of Rifs on my rack and looking at giving a few a slight fps boost BUT they are all Marui and I dont want to open the gearboxes and let out the fabled marui magic dust. Project A: TM high cycle Aug I got a stock aug in a trade and it was firing around 250-260 fps. I have swapped out the stock barrel for a zci 6.02 340mm barrel and a maple leaf rubber and omega nub and seen an increase up to 295-300 fps! Much better and no extra stress on the gearbox as
  3. I've owned x2 tm spas12s. Are they good? Yes. They're tm! Are they worth £170? Maybe. Could get a second hand for less. My issue is that they're all plastic and feel a little toyish; but performance is good. I have used it as both a se secondary (sling over my back) and also as a primary. I have found it used best as a primary but with a good pistol with plenty of mags as your secondary. I wouldnt recommend it as a woodland primary though. Edit: re range, I think I just used .2's, but then it was only used in cqb
  4. Anyone interested in a tm fn57 with a light striking issue before I put up a classified post? Your choice of tan or black slide

    1. Druid799


      How do bud , how does the fault manifest it’s self ? 

    2. THE FNG

      THE FNG

      It cycles ok with no issues but teh slide is slow and it sounds very weak as opposed the crisp and loud sound it usually makes.

      It does fire rounds but sometimes fails to send a round down range.

      I did a temporary fix by stretching the hammer spring slightly and this worked for a little while.

  5. Have a look at the Maruzen Walther P99 Non Blowback; usually comes with a suppressor. They're quiet and also have awesome range for pistols. Not sure how they do compared to the TM mk23. At my local site, theres a guy that runs 2 of these (akimbo style) and is known as the Anzio hitman and he is very quiet, absolute nightmare to play against!

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    Hi all; I'm looking for the following parts. TM FN 5-7: Full hammer unit with all components. Also a 125% hammer spring and black slide release, mag release and safety buttons. WE G26/33 adv: Outer barrel, back plate (on the slide) CW thread suppressor (short, around 8mm to 12mm ideally)


    - GB

  7. I've bought the following since the start of last year: Kwa M4 (traded for my ICS L86 crow cannon) WE Glock 23 advanced (traded for above m4 this month) WE G18c WE G17 We G23 WE P99 (needs some troubleshooting as it's only hitting 240 fps) G&P LMT M4 TM HC Aug (traded for my WE ACR MSK aeg) I've had a tm/guarder G17 fixed and made skirmishable by Rocketdogbert and had my TM 416 fixed and serviced at firesupport. None of them have been used other than test firing a few rounds and chrono'ing. I've been ticking off w
  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    For sale is a KWA Magpul recoil m4 that I got in a trade. Has a new rail installed instead of the moe handguard. Comes as in the pic; 1 high cap mag, no sights or optics and 1 foregrip that houses the battery. Reason for sale is that I already have a cqb M4 and a 416 and it wont be used. Looking ideally for cash sale to put towards a new laptop for work. I would be open to a part ex pistol trade (we adv glock in particular), not looking for any snipers, shotguns, lmgs or large assault rifles, also no two tone. May swap for a p90 or mp5 but would rather sell at the moment. UKARA or site membership will be requested. Issues: missing the butt pad from the stock. Motor grip has been painted black, was tan. Think fps was around 330, can chrono if required. Was chronod around October and was definately under 350 but cant remember the exact fps. £210 posted with pareclforce 48 hr. Earlies opportunity to post will be Wednesday due to work commitments.


    - GB

  9. Anyone know of any airsoft techs around stoke/staffordshire?

    Edit: refuse to use defcon; shocking customer service

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    2. strykerles


      out of curiosity, what do you need doing?

    3. THE FNG

      THE FNG

      Got a g&p sr15 that's dead. I think it needs a new switch/trigger contacts as it was firing intermittently on trigger pulls before it died. Also needs some battery Dean's connectors adding.

    4. Stratton Oakmont

      Stratton Oakmont

      Check the motor connectors, they sometimes come off. Then pull the motor out and connect the spade fittings again and pull the trigger, if you have a spare motor do the same thing as a quick test of  the motor and trigger shuttle. May save pulling the gearbox if it’s a dead motor, 

  10. I guess this is untapered? This would go into the cheap sr15 but the cheap sr15 out barrel would only go a few mm into the g&p sr15.
  11. Hi all, I have a g&p sr15 that I am looking to modify and I need some assistance. I have never modded anything that falls under the "m4" bracket, so this is a first for me. What I want to do so swap the outer barrel so that a suppressor sits either flush against the end of the handguard/rail system, rather than further down at the end of the outer barrel that protrudes out of the rail system OR install a suppressor that is integrated underneath the rails. I also want to swap the "DMR style" stock for a standard AR style buffer tube so that I can put a cra
  12. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi all, I'm looking for a mk18. In an ideal world, would be looking for a TM Ngrs mk18. Would also be chuffed with a TM Ngrs m4 variant but with a mk 18 rail installed. The specific thing I'm after is the Daniel defence style bolt and ring receiver, as pictured. If it has that, I'm interested. An example would be the g&p sentry with the same rail system. Not interested in: Cyma, JG or starter guns like the combat machines. No custom paint jobs or weathered mods. No plastic guns. Current price range is up to £400 but can be a bit flexible for the right package. Let's see what ya got!


  13. My first aeg was the classic army ump. Was a good piece of kit but there was one problem with it; the mags are so long you cant go prone very well! Something I've personally not seen is the Cheytac Intervention and some of the other "made famous by video game" snipers. Also Fn2000 and Uzi.
  14. They operate mostly on facebook. It's been a while since I've been there but if you're going to one of thier events, they put new event pages on thier facebook page announced the upcoming games. The sight itself is alright. Its 3 floors; unless things have changed, the top floor is pitch black, the middle is partly lit and the bottom floor pitch black. Torches are a must! This was a vid I shot a few years back; I havent bothered with the camera there since as the footage is always rubbish because of how dark it is!
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