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  1. Another +1 for dual pistols. I used to take 2 TM FN 5-7's as my primaries and had an M79 as my secondary in case I needed a bit of oomph in a tight situation. I also have an mp9 which is awesome in cqb. Looks awesome with the suppressor but it's so much easier to swing around without it. Hell you could dual wield mp9s or mp7s!
  2. By chance I have a maple leaf hop rubber and nub spare. Will give that a go and check the seals etc. Then maybe view a tbb. Thanks all for the advice.
  3. Noob question. I've recently acquired a tm high cycle aug in a trade and I love it to bits. I'm considering using it on my next skirmish (some time away) and I was hoping to bump the fps a little as they shoot 260-270 stock. I wasnt going to touch the gearbox as they have been designed specifically for low torque motors and low power springs I was going switch the inner barrel; I bwive they come 260mm stock and I was thinking of adding a 300+ tbb. I've viewed the cylinder volume chart online but I'm rubbish at tech work. I beleive the high c
  4. Want to PM me with an offer?
  5. I do but it's all in bits in a bin bag!
  6. Very random but I had a boneyard TM spas 12 that I bought second hand a few years ago. I finally got round to gutting it to see if it was salvagable (not at all; trigger mech snapped) and I took out the 3 inner barrels. Iirc the guy I got it from said they were upgraded barrels; anyone know if these are aftermarket parts and if so what else do they fit (gbbr, bolt snipers etc) and does anyone have any interest in them?
  7. I absolutely love moscart shells but they are a pain to maintain. I used to leave my valves in a small tub filled with oil (the top cap from a green gas bottle works well) and leave it by a radiator or something that gives off a bit of heat. Works 9 out of 10 times for me
  8. Anyone know of any good biodegradable ammo to try?

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    2. snuff


      I can only tell you Blasters were terrible,constantly jamming in guns.Put us right off Bio's ,I watch replies with interest..

    3. rocketdogbert


      I use Nuprol exclusively, for Practical Pistol, honestly never had a single jam or anything else lol

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      gonna give geoff's bios a go next shoot, will report back.

  9. I swear it didnt say that before....not sure if I'm having a stroke or the ad has been changed
  10. Was hoping to meet a jedi 😫 Also, says its stock, yet fps is listed as 330 to 340...?
  11. @rocketdogbert Think this one might be for you!
  12. Also, well done on not biting and giving a mature response. I'll admit, I'm gutted that I didnt get to see some more drama that this thread brings 🤣😂 but it's nice seeing someone respond so well👍
  13. Hes just dropped the price to £290 😂🤣
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