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  1. I didn't know of the site until this post, so thank you for that. I do love some cqb in non warehouse environments. However in the rules it mentions all gun that have semi and can meet the fps rules are OK, but same page states they allow binary triggers with 2rnds per trigger pull, which isn't semi in my mind. A pinch of salt maybe....
  2. You're not wrong. Playing the now gone bravo site in Birmingham, I took a trmr to the head. Someone threw it over a bar top surface as they came into the pub area and I was down behind it reloading.
  3. Another vote for red dot engineering. I've used a couple of their protectors and they've been great. I use them a cutting service when I'm busy, putting the discs between the flip cap body and the lense of various optics. Clarity is great and impact has claimed a lense since I started using them. I do usually order a couple of each size I use as I always seem to end up in the wet and mud during night games amd grit is a thing, so I sometimes switch lense covers then clean later.
  4. What about some rubber sheet, it could be purchased as a sheet and then hung by the top edge only. Or butchers curtain in two layers, the movement should take some of the bounce out of the bb and allow to to drop, with the second layer there to stop bursts.
  5. A good seller should have the battery dimensions listed as part of the item information.
  6. The outer barrel has to be g&g. The reason being that g&g 308s use a deeper outer barrel to make use of standard v2 gearbox and nozzle parts while bridging over the larger magazine well. Handguards are much more optional as longbas they have their own barrel nut/mounting system included.
  7. I'd second what impulse said. Inhave the vision king lpvo and it works just fine, glass is clear but I still only use it for dmr or sniper. I don't use it in general as the prefer a straight up red dot for closer work as I fond the eye relief better and the 1.5 isn't quite as easy to ignore for me as I'd like. For dmr use or anything with a MED its perfect. Use the adjustment dials to zero it and then take the time to learn the holds so you aren't messing with adjustments in game. Bbs just aren't consistent in the wind to make full use of that functionality.
  8. Another vote for hobbyrc. They have been my go to for batteries, chargers and a lot of my flight stuff for years. Skyrc and isdt chargers are what I use. For ease of use the skyrc are great. Isdt has a lot more options but that comes with some complexity.
  9. Unless you see the bounce or ricochet then call it.
  10. Well it might have to stay wish list for a while as I've just started pricing it up, but mws is now at the top of the list, bumping the akx down a spot.
  11. If ak2m4 is doing his own barrels then I'd be tempted to try those too to be fair. Ak2m4 is my usual go to for parts.
  12. I know a proportion of us love a movie replica, but a good few beers and predator on film 4.... damn I want to build a m16a2 with the under barrel gl. I know someone here must have done it, as angrygun produce the receiver set, someone please put me out of my misery and show me a build as its a wish list for me, and not likely to get done anytime soon.
  13. I've found zci barrels very good and solid fit with maple leaf rubbers when it comes to the window. I used them for a dmr setup and again when I changed the barrel length.
  14. I know its not quite the brief but consider the jg bar 10. They are about the £100 and are a vsr clone. It's been a staple bolt action in the hobby for long time. They arentnbad from the box and of tou wanted to upgrade parts then there's plenty of scope and if not they usually sell well on the pre owned market.
  15. The battery might be fine in other aegs but different aeg, even if theybare the same model could be drawing more than the battery can cope with. I would seriously consider trying a lipo battery, as the symptoms you describe sound very much like voltage sag.
  16. Earshot communications and a few other places sell the boom mic and down lead, they aren't cheap. If you search Google the model number on the down lead you should be able to find it. As for second hand value, I'm not sure, I haven't seen many pop up. Sorry I know that doesn't help a great deal, I'd follow the 60% rule of thumb.
  17. He does get there eventually but it it tool repeated messages and i had to offer the answer and have it confirmed. Bearing in mind I'm that some may call an experienced player, and of the older (possibly more sensible :)) aged bracket. Its not a great first point of contact impression. @Pupa2794I don't know if it's anything to do with Stafford militaria. I've only played one battlesim with Stafford militaria, so not enough to form a judgement on them but that day I saw some of the worst hpa idiocy, including someone cutting of the cable tie lock and just winding up the pressure mid game. They got all annoyed when I questioned wtf they were doing.
  18. Not being on social media finding site via their presence their is difficult as there's limits to what I can see without accounts. I was instructed to use an app called spaces, which was very poor, to book and communicate with the company. It was through that app I had contact with them. I was a little concerned, as hitman pointed out, that the initial message made very little sense and could be read a little like a "we don't understand our own limits" situation. Which is why I pressed for clarification. I've played some cqb sites over the years where they have been so poorly run it borders on negligence. That being said now that I get so few chances to play these days I'd rather not waste the chance on some where poor.
  19. Afternoon all. Has anyone here played, or attended the siege project in Stoke, linked to or run by Sierra airsoft possibly? I ask as I found out about it and I'm curious as it's not too far away from me but their system doesn't readily give out information so I contacted them and got odd replies that then required additional clarification. (See pictures) I asked about site limits and rules as cqb sites I've played in the past have weight limits for bbs as well as fps limits/joule limits and an evening game is £25 which would be wasted if I couldn't meet rules. Is the hap-hazard, almost mis-information, from who ever answered my query likely to reflect the way they run their site?
  20. Warrior assault system. I used repro before and was disappointed in the durability. Moved over to warrior kit after trying some at a game site. I've been using warrior kit ever since. Current plate carrier setup is an rpc. Placard system but you can use molle placard panels to build you own interchangeable setups, that's what I do. Quick addition, I've tried some of the newer viper stuff, it's a mixed bag. If you stay within the viper range then stuff fits together but the clips need modification or replacement if you want it to fit with real steel kit.
  21. Common sense is key and if in doubt, throw it out. I've seen and caused a fair few lipo fires and abuse is always a trigger, although that's much korw common in fpv flight than airsoft I think.
  22. Lithium batteries release oxygen when the burn so an air tight container doesn't really help matters. An ammo tin with the rubber seal removed is a good start, a battery safe is better. It's a box to contain the batteries with a filter built into the lid. I use an ammo tin for storage of lipos, with the seal removed and bat-safe box for parallel charging lipos.
  23. I don't like the look of the thing, but I love my mp9. Having said that if it brings a parts catalogue to the UK then I'll be please as my mp9s hammer gave way last time out.
  24. So tasty. Love that it is a gbbr.
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