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  1. Grey

    What make and how much

    EOT's usually have labeling on the bottom. Also if you look through the sight when it's on, can you see the projecting light at the bottom? If you can see it then it's a clone.
  2. Grey

    What are you driving?

    Excellent choice!
  3. Grey

    Gc16 predator won't fire full auto

    When you select full auto is it completely dead and not firing or is it firing but just not on full auto? Have you tried contacting the previous owner and politely asking about the settings on it? I would say if he comes back and says everything was fine when he sent it off or is hostile in any way, then there might be a more serious problem.
  4. Grey

    Magazine storage

    5.11 do Ammo Mule bags. One bag take about 8 mid / high cap 416 mags and then fits nicely into the All Hazards Prime bag that you can keep other kit in 😁
  5. I think it's probably best to recruit from games you play at as that way you get a better idea of playing style, sportsmanship, personality etc. Without seeing how people behave and react on the field, you could end up with someone 'below par' and then you'll have to get rid of them after the first game as a team.
  6. Grey

    What's your mag / rounds count?

    The high cap is my backup should I find I turn up to a movie-themed game where it's me against 400 people and no matter how close someone gets, their rounds either miss or fall short enabling me to easily shoot my way out on full-auto 😂
  7. When I go onto the field I'm usually carrying: 5 X mid cap 130 rounds 1 X high cap 300 rounds 1 X 26 round side arm mag That's only mags on the vest. What's your usual count?
  8. Grey

    How do people line up their red dot?

    I also wear a red cape and my pants on the outside of my trousers so I consider myself a bit of an expert 😅😅
  9. Grey

    How do people line up their red dot?

    Bench to standing will take some practice as your body position will change. On my AEG I use the red dot as more of a 'guide' than anything else so I'm not overly concerned if its not zeroed in.
  10. Grey

    Battery Charger help

    Just as a change to the B6, I run a Ripmax Sigma EQ Twin http://www.ripmax.com/Item.aspx?ItemID=O-IP3057&Category=O0150 I also run an ISDT compact to charge when out-and-about. https://www.dronejunkie.co.uk/isdt-compact-portable-smart-charger
  11. Grey


    Very impressed with this company! Placed an order Sunday evening and selected 3 day delivery. Arrived Tuesday morning...from France! Think there's probably a few companies in the UK that could learn a thing or two from these guys.
  12. Grey

    Patrol Base

    Just to keep this current - put order in at 9am Monday, delivered 1300h Tuesday. Smooth process and will definitely use again. It was delivered using DHL and their tracking isn't great. From 10am the tracking page said "You're next!" So either that's off or they have the most ridiculous routes you could ever imagine! 😂
  13. Grey

    Does anyone train?

    I think it adds another layer of enjoyment - certainly from the practical side like rocketdogbert mentioned. Running a course and getting on target as quick as you can is good fun 👍 And I'm with EDcase... it's car all the way! 😀
  14. Grey

    Does anyone train?

    I have a place I go to that has a few buildings and a small wooded area that's good for dynamic movement but aside from static target practice in gardens, does anyone or any teams regularly go anywhere to train together?