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  1. I have fitted one. Although I have not fitted the Marui red dot personally, the area does look the same once the slide is fitted. I did also get this from Kim at Volante during my purchase. "I recommend to use it with RMR mountable aluminium housing as original FNX can't mount RMR size sights." I would email Kim at Volante if you have any questions as he is absolutely brilliant to deal with and I always find him helpful. The slide itself went on with minimal fitting. Certainly well made with good tolerances. There is a lack of full markings on the right of the slide. Better that than the wrong markings I guess. Metal RMR cover and sights would have been a nice extra. Recoil impulse has improved. I can still empty a full mag, rapid firing with no adverse cool down effect which is good enough for me. The obvious comparison has to be made with the Cybergun/VFC version of course. I made some mods to mine which need to be taken in to account. My VFC versions have the same internal upgrades: Azimuth lightweight blowback housing and nozzle. (This improves gas efficiency at the expense of a small amount of recoil impulse as I found the standard set up started to suffer cool down effects by the end of the mag if the gun was rapid fired). Marui HOP rubber, I key and inner barrel. (Standard set up was terrible). Guns Modify 125% recoil spring (for Glock 17) which is just a bit weaker than standard but fitted in conjunction with the lighter blowback housing to help fight cooldown. Handling both brands shows a similar weight and feel. No extreme size differences to note. Firing them both side by side shows similar FPS with green gas. VFC has the edge on recoil. VFC has better trademarks. Marui HOP beats VFC hands down. Fantastic stock unit, not even on halfway and lifts .30s with ease. VFC has a few minor QC 'foibles', most of which can be dealt with. There are many other details but the bottom line is the Marui version is a better skirmish gun out of the box (or with the metal slide) but the VFC has the edge on details. Once modified it does bring them closer. Different people want different things out of a gun but I feel the perfect FNX would be a hybrid of both. I hope this helps 🙂
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