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    For sale is my lovely ICS L85/SA80 A2 version AEG, it has been modified to fit the Daniel Defence railed front end/Elcan Spectre Optic which gives it the late A2 appearance. I believe the price I am asking is very fair, as the rifle new is £300, the optic is £100-120 and the rail around £130. Meaning building something similar new would be around £550. I believe it is running around 320 fps, however cannot be sure as due to lockdown and my job I haven't been able to play since late 2019. Daniel Defence Rail It has the Daniel Defence rail, I am not sure which brand, however it has been modified to fit. This fits the weapon rock solid with no movement or play. It also has some of the sand coloured rail covers and a grip pod. The grip pod currently works, however keep in mind that the locking mechanism in both the real steel and replica ones eventually wears out, although at current its fine. Due to the rail system its not possible to fit the battery under the top cover, however I have fitted an extension to the battery leads (removable), which allows fitting a lipo in the bottom section of the rail. I use a zip tie then to prevent the battery slipping out, you can of course use a rail mounted battery box (I didn't do that as I wanted the rifle to look authentic). Elcan Spectre optic Its a very good replica of an Elcan Spectre optic which includes trades, it has the side mounted lever which toggles between 1X and 4X zoom. It also has a rotary dial on the side offering either a red or green illuminated reticule. There is some dark blue paint on the lever and the illumination dial, to aid quick referencing. The sight also has the top mounted red dot complete with cover. The replicas of these are around £100-£120 alone. It also comes with; An optic riser in case you want to raise the optics (this was more common when the ACOG was used) Carry handle and iron sights. Although I cannot find the bolts for attaching the carry handle. The fake gas parts (plug, cylinder and piston) although the wiring prevents these fitting in. P Mag, again very in keeping with the late A2 issued weapons. I believe this is around 100 round midcap. I will accept paypal and can provide my phone number if you have any questions about the rifle and included accessories. Am not interested in swaps! If buying please be prepared to provide evidence of UKARA defence.


  2. Thanks 2RIR, I was thinking in that sort of region. The sight was over £100, might sell it separate as I think I would get more with it separated.
  3. I am looking at selling my ICS SA80/L85 A2 AEG, its been modified to fit the daniel defence rail system, a replica Elcan Spectre optic (which features 1X/4X zoom toggle and a top mounted red dot) and a grip pod. I could include a battery and a few midcaps, but don't expect that would influence the value much. Its in really good condition, its just I have no idea what its worth so what to ask for it, really appreciate some advice on it.
  4. I've just refurbed a classic army spc, I do have a spare solid stock if your after a replacement for a few quid. I did have difficulty wiring it to a sliding stock as the small tamiya connector was in a tricky place, I ended up having to chop it off and add some more cable via some joints in the gearbox. Mine had metal bushings, the bits I changed were the piston and piston head (the one on mine was terrible), the air nozzle (be careful as the m4 one I bought was longer and caused feed issues), spring guide (as the one included looked low quality) and the tappet plate. I'm going to
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