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  1. skintrade

    Movie pistols - Which are the greatest and why?

    Here ya go... https://wolfarmouries.co.uk/tokyo-marui-resident-evil-samurai-edge-albert-01p-airsoft-gbb-pistol.html
  2. skintrade

    Tokyo Marui 416 doesn't fire

    I'd also be concerned if it's related to the wiring job done by the dealer (as noted in your other thread), take the battery out, put the safety on and get that unit to the dealer.
  3. No idea why, but some days I miss Moscow... Indoor firing ranges slap bang in the middle of the city, talking guns with gangsters over vodka in nightclubs...

  4. skintrade

    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    YouTube 'celebs' making sniping seem like the only thing worth doing... Here's a positive tho, YTslebs encouraging people to play
  5. skintrade

    WE gbb pistol prices in UK

    Not always the way, quality customer service and after sales support is as important, cheaper prices often cut corners somewhere. If it's a matter of a couple of quid, that's one thing, but sometimes paying more means you'll be happier longer. Just look at how many retailers this community says avoid!
  6. skintrade

    Real knives, folded for knife kills???

    Can't beat a flask of hot coffee on a cold field...
  7. skintrade

    WE gbb pistol prices in UK

    I may be mistaken, but the only difference is the distributor; Nuprol distribute WE Europe, in Europe funnily enough, which SHOULD mean better localised support for regional power variations where needed and parts availability. I don't think there's much else different. But, I have been known to be wrong (just ask my exes)
  8. skintrade

    WE gas

    Perfectly fine with mag removed, dry firing without gas to decock has no little to no impact on mechanicals. Dry firing with gas in a mag, is something you shouldn't need to do often, just take the mag out and pull the trigger to decock that way, especially as you'll be leaving some gas in the mag to help maintain the seals.
  9. Before Ash and I completely hijack the thread.... tldr; You're under 18 so you can't buy yourself under any defence. Ask the college to purchase or hire for use, you are loaned it by them for purpose, it's down to the retailer to be happy with selling it to the college If someone who has a defence gives or loans you an Airsoft RIF you are totally allowed to skirmish with it, there's no law against that.
  10. I'll be buying for skirmishing first and foremost, as I said in a previous response, I recommend hiring proper replicas for production work as they hold up to geardo scrutiny on screen and once you factor in rubber replicas for stunt work, blank and plug firers etc it is so much less hassle and cheaper for the amount they get used (helps to have specialists on hand for safety too). I meant it in terms of if I have them for my own fun flinging balls about, then the rare time I need it for a small project it's there. I was not saying claim it's for A and use for B instead. I do have a couple of RIFs for low budget stuff, cheap ass Chinese water bomb flingers that in fleeting passes you barely notice.
  11. LOL quite possibly, going to be less hassle once I get my UKARA sorted tho, over 12 years away from social pew pew and coming back to it. Will make my 'fun fun' help my 'work fun'
  12. @AshOnSnow never quibbled the wording of the law, just had no end of issues around the implementation of it from retailers and rentals - used to be easy when I started film and TV production work in the early 90s 😉
  13. skintrade

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    Surprised it didn't come with a screw, never had a sight come without all required components... Maybe contact where you purchased from?
  14. skintrade

    Darkwater Airsoft

    I'll never understand vandalism on that scale, tagging is one thing but downright destruction... 😠
  15. Couldn't sleep, got round to organising my action cam shit. Didn't realize how much stuff I've built up... with more to come...