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  1. Just wanted to be the first to wish everyone here a Happy Easter!

    1. Rogerborg


      Well, the nights are getting lighter, summer is almost here.

  2. Good job there's a few of us here who have the experience for kind of stuff (it's a lot less effort in some ways than other gigs I have done..)
  3. Anyone comes across me at a field, just ask, I carry a Chrono in my range bag as a matter of course
  4. (edited as I had forgotten about the Toucan)
  5. A fully functional left leg would be nice, but even Satan won't deliver that let alone Santa!
  6. If it is a VB they're about 70 notes (plus shipping) new, but it could just as easily be a modified A.N.Other... If it feels like a good unit in your hands, you feel it was worth the cash, it does what it's supposed to, and goes the distance, that's what matters
  7. Well that also depends how much you paid, if you paid KJW/KWC money for a second hand VB, I'd be a tad annoyed (even if 95% the same production line), but caveat emptor.
  8. Must. Stop. Buying. Stuff...


    At least until walking mode is fully re-engaged.

  9. Try a drop of silicon oil (just a drop) in the channel the follower rides, and manually push the sliding mechanism up and down a few times to spread the lube, before reloading with BBs and trying again; if the gun hasn't been used in some time the spring and follower may be sticking, but don't use too much lube as it will contaminate the hop etc with transference
  10. It really depends on the age of the gun, as models change with time. It 'could' be a KWC, but the trigger looks wrong for all current models (the styling is similar to a TM or VB), I will assume the seller either trashed the packaging or never had any (if they were not the original owner, and are selling based on what they think they have), as packaging would give you the correct info. But, yeah, doesn't look like any one model 4.3 or 5.1 in particular as the combo of frame, slide, trim, grip, don't tally together... Hopefully someone else here actually has that unit exactly and can help out.
  11. With an empty gassed up mag, does the slide lock back when racked manually? Does it cycle fully firing a loaded mag? With an empty fully gassed mag, dry fire it. Does the slide lock then?
  12. Ah the joys of 2nd hand kit, lesson here is ask plenty of Q's and get as many photos as possible to support answers
  13. Probably the KP05 if no additional silvered trim, but the silver safety makes me think it's the KP06, and someone might have removed the magwell trim in the past.
  14. Heavy duty hangers for vests etc 25% off and free shipping - code HANGER25 https://www.tactical-kit.co.uk/tough-hooks-387-c.asp Available from the 3rd to 9th December 2018
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