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  1. Same thing I do, and it's mainly due to doing milsims for me. Some events are not hpa friendly and others prefer opfor style guns. Sniper : SRS DMR: m4 with dual source Co2/hpa. Would be more of a mk12 if I can find a kit Full auto HPA : Wolverine MTW Aeg : Krytac Mk18 (backup gun), LCT Ak for some opfor games. Both @370fps with titans etc Only gun I have due to collection/personal attachment is the MP5 which I bought boneyard. If I was only doing skirmish games, the SRS and MTW is all I would use.
  2. I had a spare pdik in the cupboard so I now have a dmr MP5SD 😂
  3. lukeB

    Titan gate v3 basic


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    This has been sitting on the shelf for a few weeks, I don't think it's going to get used as I'm reluctant to open up a new lct. I'll probably get a warfet instead. Nothing has been removed from the box before so it's 'as new'. You'll need a programming card or usb adapter. £75 posted


    - GB

  4. is that the blue steel or magnum?
  5. I know what you mean, sometimes you just want to know its stolen, so you can buy it from somewhere else and sort the refund out later.
  6. A lot of retailers will make you wait 2+ weeks for the courier to investigate before giving you a refund. Most won't refund until they have been compensated themselves.
  7. On my MTW I just use the standard airline with a ninja 68ci 4500 tank. I bought the package deal from highpressure with the Balystik reg and 48ci, at some point I may get a redline reg but I've been happy with the balystik so far. I had a frankenm4 dmr built from bits that used to have a mancraft pdik in it. I decided to buy the new aeg 33g co2 stock that wolverine have released. The idea being that I could make it work with the pdik to give me a no line dmr for milsims. I don't think the pdik is compatible with the co2 stock due to way the it takes up the entire upper part of the gearbox shell, so I ended up buying an inferno gen 2 and dual air kit. I've not had chance to skirmish this yet but it appears to be working well. For normal skirmish days I switch between the srs and mtw depending on my mood/game mode. I find defend games are better for sniping from the back whilst the full auto helps with attacking. Sometimes I'll take both if I know it's a short game or I'm in a static position. My local site has increased dmr levels from 400 to 450 in recent months, so the dmr may get more use in the future. The 33g co2 cartridges are quite expensive so I'll only ever use those at milsims. I prefer a dmr over the srs for milsims as I find people are less likely to call a single hit (multicam is especially bullet proof) and you typically come up against several people in groups. The pdik has ended up in an mp5sd which should be interesting as a silent dmr, but may get moved on along with some of my aegs. In my experience and months of reading the FB groups Don't buy a reaper unless it's going into an MTW, very picky on alignment and lots of people seem to have issues with it Don't buy a co2 stock if you are using full auto as you'll get the usual co2 cool down issues, leaks, large fps fluctuations etc. Co2 33g cartridges are expensive @£4.40 each from highpressure, whilst testing and installing I used over £40 worth Co2 stocks won't be as consistent as your air line, think 5-10 fps variance. 33g Co2 cartridge change is quick and easy, I imagine changing a bottle on the wraith aero would be a pita in game People with 12g Co2 stocks can have issues with setting puncture depth and leaks, you don't have this issue with the 33g as they screw into the regulator If you're running around firing lots of full auto, just stick with the airline Co2 stocks are going to have more maintenance due to the seals In hindsight, if I had known that I'd need another hpa engine I might have considered a reaper m mtw with a wraith aero stock. 33g co2 stock is a good choice for a non mtw dmr, especially with the dual air kit but for normal skirmishes I would just run the airline.
  8. I run .32 on my mtw, and apart from external changes its stock in terms of hop/barrel. Out the box I don't think anything else comes close. Plug it in, set the dwell and off you go. I would do your research if you plan to use a wraith stock as they can be a bit more troublesome, especially the co2 stock.
  9. Parts box m4, inferno g2 hpa. 33g co2 stock with dual airline kit.
  10. When you drop .48+ bbs it does feel like you're dropping money on the floor.
  11. I use the small WAS cargo packs. Either as a standalone pack or molle on a 901 back panel. I prefer to keep the entire rig in a bag to protect it from direct hits, but I've seen a lot of people using these https://www.highpressureairsoft.co.uk/store/c52/Extras.html
  12. It's not really a brand I have come across in terms of engines in the UK, their regulators are considered good though. Looking at their site, they look like a USA equivalent of Mancraft. Dealing in only mechanical hpa engines (perfect for Dmr).
  13. Wolverine 33g co2 stock for an aeg body Odin speed loader (repro finally broke) Another tag co2 tube Fist 2 filling station
  14. My first pistol was the hard baller, probably still in my dads garage
  15. I've used pts epm mags in my krytacs
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