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    SRS, HPA : MTW (MK12 DMR),M110 DMR,
    L119a1, MP5SD
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    Big clear out
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  1. lukeB


    Rule 1. Every time you lose a gun fight it's only because they somehow have the better gnu.
  2. Time Left: 6 days and 18 hours

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    Good condition only used a couple of times, in tan. Pathfinder chest rig £60 Drop pouch £25 Prices include fees and postage


  3. lukeB

    Crye JPC 1.0 Multicam

    Time Left: 6 days and 18 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Usually run opfor so no longer required. Comes with some cheap plastic plates that I got from TG.


  4. It's a company in Finland, has lots of nice kit that I can't seem to find in the uk.
  5. Time Left: 6 days and 1 hour

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    Only used once as I ended up buying an SCG leaf suit. Good value for the money and ideal as a base for crafting. Includes the boonie hat £45 posted


  6. Time Left: 6 days and 1 hour

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    Leo Kohler concamo field blouse in large. As new, still has tags. Selling as I ended up buying the concamo ghost hoodie.


  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    mk4 raiders in ral 7013, no longer fit Normally I’d just bin used clothing but may be of use to someone, comes with d30 knee pads Size 33 waist, 32 length £40 posted


  8. Car was stolen recently and I had left my Solomon’s in the boot, so new boots for the return this weekend.
  9. UGS stocks arrived for my MTW and Cyma kythera dmr. Both installed with no issues or leaks, will see how they perform at the weekend. Admittedly the Hpa stocks look a bit ridiculous, but I’ll hide them under camo wraps.

    • Wanted
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    Search that attic!!! Looking for an older gun unsuccessfully, Classic army MP5k/pdw with an SEF trigger. Not fussed about gearbox condition, doesn't have to be working as long as it includes a gearbox shell.


  11. My mtw is currently setup as a mk12 dmr, but since I’m building a 7.62 kythera dmr I don’t really need both for that role. Have ugs stocks on order for both guns, hpa and 33g. I also have an L119a1 aeg inferno build, which I would love to move to an mtw as it will most likely perform much better. I just can’t get past the looks of the billet upper. Probably need to sell my billet and buy a forged.
  12. I’m using the 1.0. I have the Phoenix but never used it as it does look like a lot of faff. Not a big fan of removing the hpa unit multiple times. Would love a forged but not sure I can justify two MTW’s
  13. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    My last remaining AEG, selling due to going all in on HPA and cutting down collection. Originally a krytac pdw and the first proper aeg I bought. Was a cqb beast as a pdw. - Krytac gearbox, apart from the mosfet everything else inside it is stock - Gate Titan inc usb adapter - zci inner barrel and hop unit - rocket 16tpa motor - also have an old prowin hop up I can include - ML bucking and nub - 320 FPS, new m110 spring also included - new lightweight front rail (was bought for the krytac lmg I sold) - 10.5 inch outer barrel, also includes a short outer barrel, 3inch extension and suppressor that all fits inside the rail for an integrated look - 2 normal stocks and the original pdw stock - large 11.1v 3 stick battery which fits one of the stocks, small 11.1 batt £200 collected from B68 (Oldbury) Also have a spare krytac upper receiver and most of the parts for an m4 ras front end (just needs a delta ring) that buyer is welcome to take. Rifle is working but could use a service/ some tlc by buyer as not used in 12 months.


    - GB

  14. I think 109m would be a move to LA and a second house in a gun friendly state such as Arizona.
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