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  1. Sadly don't get much time at the moment for hobbies other than a bit of xbox and occasional airsoft. Would like to do some track days next year with the mrs.
  2. I'm sure I saw a baofeng in the new hobbs and shaw film.
  3. This is also a big issue in the IT industry. Most certification schemes are simply a cash grab, people learn how to pass the cert rather than do the job.
  4. I don't even like having my gun cases or bags visible on the back seats.
  5. Indoor : stock tm hk45 Outdoor: tm mk23 with the usual mods + heavy bbs
  6. Eotech clone, simply useless, so dark. Condor chest rig, felt cheap and nasty as soon as I tried it on. Sold and replaced with a was pathfinder.
  7. Had to shave 1mm off the inside of the receiver, the latch now engages properly.
  8. Skirmished it at the weekend, not bad. Similar to @sonofsammo with the fast hop its lifting .48s on a setting between 4 and 5. Buttpad kept failling off tho, I dont think its clicking into place properly.
  9. In prep for my first milsim in two weeks, lots of plain green kit. Clawgear ral7013 : raider mk4 pants, operator shirt, audax softshell. Took a punt on a merlierax jacket in coyote from the gunfire sale, 60% off. WAS: OD gunfighter belt and some pouches from the FB owners group. New backpanel for my 901 rig. Hoping to use some of the clothing for camping/hiking to get more value from it.
  10. Bought my first sniper, went for the srs covert. - Fast hop, springs, heavy bbs Already had the scope from an old air rifle.
  11. Got my SRS gen3 covert + DTSS suppressor today. Had a small issue where one of the hopup holes in the receiver wasn't aligned properly, making it impossible to put the long hopup screw in. Had to drill it slightly, bit disappointing from a QC point of view. The issue would have been obvious if anyone tried to put the screw in. Tried the m160 spring initially, 480fps on .20 with no hop, but damn it was hard to cock. Dropped down to the 150 spring which does seem more usable. With no hop I was getting a lot of joule creep, looking on a FB group I saw that someone else had a similar experience. Comments on there seemed to indicate that this is normal. My test results with M150 0.20 @ 416fps = 1.61J - seems low 0.43 @ 346fps = 2.39J 0.48 @ 335fps = 2.50J With some hop added, the .20fps rose to 432fps, the other weights only rose by about 2 fps. Looking at the Joules for the .43 and .48's I'd either need to drop down to a 140 spring or use 0.43 and relax the spring a little. Edit: Looking at this thread it doesn't look that far off from where I am
  12. Any update on the MP5? I'm in the process of installing a titan gate in mine along with some internal and barrel upgrades. Ended up buying a e&c qc gearbox shell as I found it a nightmare to put back together, especially knowing that I'd probably need to try a few springs to get to 350. Got it all built, then part of trigger that the spring sits in snapped off whilst doing a chrono. So waiting for parts again. I think my next aeg is going to be an AK.
  13. I asked the Mrs to get me a more up to date gun encyclopedia for xmas. In hindsight, the fact that she can now tell the difference between my aegs probably wasn't a good idea.
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