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  1. lukeB

    Case for multiple pistols

    I use this https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B001FT4ZQU
  2. I noticed the other day that my trident II PDW came with a 30k motor and runs about 345fps. The second hand SPR I bought however is 20k and only 328fps. Running 7.4 in PDW, not tried an 11.1 yet.
  3. lukeB

    Battle belt, plate carrier or both?

    Treat your gear as a toolbox.
  4. lukeB

    Is the heat affecting numbers at sites?

    I've not been for a while due to the heat
  5. lukeB

    Hate it with a passion.

    C clamp
  6. lukeB

    Battle belt advice?

    Despite being a WAS fanboy, I've also got an FRV belt in black. I did underestimate my waist size a little when ordering. It just about fits but given that I'm at the full belt length, i'm probably missing a bit of molle space on the front right. I'm tempted to get a second belt due to the dtd mk23 holster being a pita to add/remove. For short cqb games I'll just wear the belt with 2x m4 midcaps, 1x pistol and a double gren pouch for trmrs.
  7. lukeB

    Airsoft tantrums

    I normally give out a 'dude, ffs' to convey my displeasure when i'm team killed at short range. Then 10 seconds later its forgotten. Yet to have any real arguments. I've noticed that people tend to get more ratty towards the end of the day, hits also seem to hurt more. Tiredness, adrenaline wearing off maybe?
  8. lukeB

    Killer of guns

    I remember the first time I took my CA m4 apart and watched half the gearbox fly in different directions. I have no intention of opening my krytacs, but I'm tempted to get something cheap just to practice on.
  9. lukeB

    Target Shooting.

    I had a similar experience with my local club. Went for a visit a few years ago, and didnt find it that welcoming. I've been meaning to try it again to see if its changed. Might even take the wife. Fired about 15 rifles when I was in vegas last year. Finally got to use a barrett and mp5 sd which were always on my list. Always fancied having a go at target shooting.
  10. lukeB

    Overpriced clothing

    Nothing is more expensive than replacing items you'll never use again because its not good enough for your any more. Clothing mostly comes down to comfort, and better costs more. Better quailty materials/production means you buy it once. When I say comfort, I mean within the elements. So I'm referring to things like level of - wind proof, breathability, drying times, resistance to water, how well it keeps you hot/cold, weight, whats it like to wear for extended time The problem is, the appreciation of quality only comes from bad experiences with inferior products.
  11. Our CFT was 4 miles 1 hour with 15kg, although it did go up to the 8 miles 2 hour towards the end. Run was around 10:30/11 which was border line for me as was the situps. I always struggled with pressups, especially given the wierd way you had to do them. I'd say only 25% of my squardon would pass back then. We were mostly a mix of uni grads and old timers in their 50's. Selection was 3 seperate weekends, mostly doing drill. 2 week basic, then a 1 week gap training at a later date.
  12. Did 3 years in the Royal Signals (TA) in the early 2000's, never passed the fitness test. Sitting in a comcen sending emails didn't require much in the way of fitness. Although I was always getting dicked to carry the 320.
  13. lukeB

    IKEA pegboards for airsoft guns

    Was probably my photo. You will need to attach the top of the board to the wall or a vertical support. Originally I didnt do that and the boards did bow under the weight slightly. I've not seen any damage to the holes in the last 9 months. I also have the small metal shelves to stores mags and trmr's
  14. lukeB

    Krytac mk2 trident crb/pdw

    I had my Pdw from them. Both of my Krytacs shoot just under 350 otb.
  15. lukeB

    Gun picture thread

    Ikea https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/search/?k=SKÅDIS