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  1. 32 sold, be quick they might run out
  2. lukeB

    NOT project: JG MP5SD6 - Partial Upgrade.

    Any update on the MP5? I'm in the process of installing a titan gate in mine along with some internal and barrel upgrades. Ended up buying a e&c qc gearbox shell as I found it a nightmare to put back together, especially knowing that I'd probably need to try a few springs to get to 350. Got it all built, then part of trigger that the spring sits in snapped off whilst doing a chrono. So waiting for parts again. I think my next aeg is going to be an AK.
  3. lukeB

    How many guns ?

    I asked the Mrs to get me a more up to date gun encyclopedia for xmas. In hindsight, the fact that she can now tell the difference between my aegs probably wasn't a good idea.
  4. lukeB

    Eotechs and AN/PEQ 15s

    Is there a reason people tend to go with peq 15's rather than 16's?
  5. lukeB

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Given that I was the first one traded in my troop, I always had to carry the 320 clansman balanced on my bergen lid.
  6. lukeB

    MP5 SD wiring

    I know, another mp5 post😀 Picked up a used metal CA Mp5sd as a project gun. I think its a pro line (b&t with the slide hop adjustment) Was planning on dropping in a titan, because every mp5 deserves to have 3 round burst. What has confused me is the way its wired, I was expecting it to be front wired. Its actually a rear wired gearbox, with an extra cable linking it to the front. It looks like running a cable directly from the gearbox into the front handguard, would require me to take the entire receiver apart every time I wanted to access the gearbox. Which is probably why they had that connecting cable in the first place. Whats the best way to wire this up given that I'm getting a new titan gate?
  7. lukeB

    JG MP5 High Cap * 5

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    5 JG metal high caps for sale. These came with an Mp5 that I purchased not long ago from a forum member. All seem to be working fine, although I haven't skirmished with them. I have replaced them with midcaps, so these are no longer required. Price inc postage


  8. lukeB

    G&G CM18 mod 1 - Tan

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    • For sale
    • Used

    Stock, used twice indoor. I bought it as a spare gun for a friend to use which is no longer required. I've tested the FPS at 335-340. Includes everything that came with the gun, the mag has not had any bb's through it. Price includes pay pal fees and postage.


  9. lukeB

    Warrior recon plate carrier TAN

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    Selling my WAS recon pc as I prefer the pathfinder chest rig. Has only been used indoor a couple of times so is in very good condition. Now includes a warrior QRS fastex sling, also in tan.


  10. lukeB

    TM MK23 inner barrel and bucking


    • For sale
    • Used

    This is the original inner barrel and bucking from my TM mk23. (bought about a year ago) As soon as I received the mk23 I replaced the inner barrel for a crazy jet and autobot bucking, so this has not fired many bbs.


  11. lukeB

    ACETECH AT1000 tracer

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    • Used

    Less than a year old, has been used a few times for CQB. It's a great tracer, very bright. I have several tracers now so do not need this one anymore. Includes the sheath, requires 4x aaa batteries.


  12. lukeB


    Thanks for the advice. I think I'll get rid of the kit I dont use first, such as my recon pc, before buying more. The main issue I have is space, looking to get more kit that can be used for pew pew/camping and general use. Bags, waterproofs, outdoor clothing etc. Thats probably a long term project, no rush. I already have an mtp infantry bergen with drybag (no side pouches) that I use to take all my kit to day events. Also have a couple of small warrior cargo packs which I normally use for hpa tank, and a cheap mil tec bag that I've hardly used but I'll try and get some use out of that first. First milsim(ish) event is a 24hour in march but it sounds fairly laid back.
  13. lukeB


    I want to get into more milsims this year, as well as more camping with the mrs. I have been looking at the 5.11 rush 72 and warrior predator. Firstly how do these compare, does anyone have any experience with them? Secondly, I have a few osprey backpacks in non airsoft friendly colours. Aether 70, kestral 38, talon etc. I'm not fussed about hiking features such as pole or ice tool attachments. In terms of just comfort and weather resistance, are the military bags comparable?
  14. Is the cocking handle karate chop still a thing?
  15. lukeB

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    They need to be gold!