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  1. I had to chase powair6 for about 6 weeks to get a refund for a stolen parcel. From the tracking it was obviously stolen within 3 days of despatch by someone in the french courier. They just didnt seem to care, poor service really.
  2. This is something that I'm looking into. The idea being to get something simple done to start with, then looking at improvements later on if they make sense. I run my own software consultancy so development time, support and hosting will not be an issue as I'll put it through my business. If we have any junior UI/frontend devs on the forum that want to help, then get in touch.
  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Stock Krytac SPR in green, gearbox has never been opened and it's only been skirmished once for a couple of hours. Externals are in very good condition, no signs of use. I originally bought it for a DMR project but I've ended up using a different gun for that. Like all Krytacs it's a great gun stock, and seems a waste to be sitting in a box. Comes with 2 Krytac high caps which have hardly been used Selection of keymod rail adapters, 3x flat and a 45 degree offset Short Keymod grip Clone eotech sight. It is a bit dark so more suited to outdoor, but comes with fresh batteries FPS is 310, given the length of the barrel it was probably down graded with an M90 spring so would benefit from a M100 depending on your local limits. Will be posted via Parcel Force express 48.


  4. lukeB

    G&G CRW handguard


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    Bought for an m4 pistol build but no longer required. Condition is as new, never skirmished. Fits AEG bodies. £20 posted


  5. Have you tried a different tappet plate?
  6. I went in there once a couple of years ago. Wasn't worth the petrol.
  7. I have the WAS holster for a MK23 and HK45, it works great, a must if you have a number of pistols. Given that I only have the two pistols, one for outdoor and the other for indoor, I'm moving towards separate holsters. I already had an IMI paddle holster for the HK45. https://www.uktactical.com/p-10844-imi-rotating-holster-hk-usp-45-full-size-black.aspx Having just bought the low ride belt loop and molle adapter, I prefer this over the WAS. https://www.uktactical.com/p-9066-imi-low-ride-belt-loop-black.aspx I've just noticed that the new version of the DTD MK23 holster is compatible with IMI fittings so I'll probably get that and sell my OD WAS holster.
  8. I've always been frustrated by the lack of decent uk event maps. Lots of people seem to attempt new ones every year or so, whether it's a google spreadsheet or a full web site, but they never last long or gain enough traction. Is there a reason why these fail? So much info seems to just be on FB these days, or word of mouth. The web sites for a lot of these airsoft sites are so poor it's often hard to tell if they are still in business. Any system needs to be more than just a list of links. For me, I would want to see a more powerful site search than I've seen in the past, that can be filtered on FPS limits (particularly DMR as 400 is pointless imo) Milsim / Battlesim / Skirmish Outdoor / CQB / Mixed Full day / half day / evening games You usual cost/location/distance etc HPA refill availability If you can collate upcoming event info then as a user I'd want email alerts based on a predefined search criteria. I've missed out on a few events that I would have attended had I known.
  9. I have read a lot of bad stories about their mags. I'll be sticking to my pts mags. I like that the upper fits the hpa unit, but its a pita to change the hop unit. You have to remove the outer barrel first, which is ridiculous. Added a magnifier and l119a2 silencer/flash hider. Just need a real foregrip now.
  10. John Wick 3 - A bit too over the top compared to previous films. Seemed to have taken the shoot people in the face a bit too far, several people left the cinema during the Casablanca shootout. Angel has fallen - Actually surprised, much better than previous films imo. Anna - I enjoyed this Ad Astra - A bit disappointed tbh, wasn't the film I was expecting. Can appreciate it for the film it is, but not something I'd watch again.
  11. MTW with a few external changes.
  12. Some new bits for my MTW. Magpul Ctr stock Magpul moe grip Angry gun l119a2 rail Sparc ar
  13. We are flights only. Decided on saturday that we weren't gonna worry about it for our entire weekend so booked an extra day + flight. Could have waited to see what happened but didn't want to take the risk. Was planning on getting a cobra daemon but supply seems to be non existant these days.
  14. Spent a large chunk of my night vision savings fund on getting home, thanks thomas cook 😂
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