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  1. I just want some time off to go pew pew.
  2. lukeB

    Normal sized tracer units vs minis

    I have seen the threads on the smaller units break easily after a small knock. How do normal units compare to a hop unit tracer? I have 3 tracers but nothing that can fit an mp5 sd.
  3. lukeB

    Normal sized tracer units vs minis

    I have a large at1000 and a small xt301, never noticed a difference between them on my aeg (semi only). Bigger ones probably last longer, but my small tracer easily lasts more than a day for me. At my local CQB pretty much everyone uses small pistol size tracers.
  4. lukeB

    Warrior universal holster?

    I had a WAS Universal holster come yesterday. Fits my mk23 with suppressor, which is about 35mm in diameter. I use a XT301 on my PDW for CQB, great so far.
  5. lukeB

    MP5 ClassicArmy compatible with others?

    I bought a ca mp5 the other week on the classifieds, sliding stock snapped whilst in the post.👎 Replaced it with a cheap cyma sliding stock. The adapter to the receiver was plastic but I swapped it with a metal one.
  6. lukeB

    Holy crap.......

    +1 for anything BHD.
  7. Made me want to be the 'man'.
  8. lukeB

    Aluminium Black, a test

    I used that stuff on my pdw. Looked great for a few weeks but now looks a bit shit. Might have done something wrong tho tbh, pretty much just slapped it on.
  9. lukeB

    Mancraft Regulator to HPA bottle

    Thanks for the advice. Ordered a couple of sizes to be safe.
  10. As per the title, I'd like to screw my Mancraft reg directly to a HPA bottle. The issue is that the regulator doesn't engage the pin in the bottle. On the Mancraft site they mention putting a screw in the bottom of the regulator to do this, but I don't remember ever seeing an extra screw in the packaging. Current my setup looks like this which is not ideal, far too much airline. Is it as simple as a small m4 screw in the center hole, and if so what length?
  11. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    For reluctant sale is my Krytac Trident mk2 SPR in green. I bought this about 12 months ago with the original intention of creating a DMR, but I haven't been to a single outdoor skirmish in that time. Rifle has never been skirmished. This rifle is 100% stock, the gearbox shell has not been opened or removed from the receiver. I've fired maybe 100 rounds through it for FPS testing. The included high cap mag has never fire a bb. Happy to include an extra Krytac high cap (used once) that came with my PDW as I've always used Midcaps. Price includes pay pal fees and postage. Luke


  12. Ordered 3. Then watched a tear down vid of a Krytac this morning and realised they have a post in the gearbox shell for the latch, so I don't need one 🤦‍♂️
  13. I've been trying to find someone that has the anti reversal latch clips in stock, but at over £10 with delivery I think some magnets might be better. Only place I've found them so far https://airlab.parts/products/hsa-anti-reversal-latch-clip?variant=1095938023
  14. lukeB

    Gun sale removed?

    +1 for lastpass Used to use dashlane but their chrome plugin got a bit buggy.
  15. lukeB

    Take a quiet moment to think .

    Was part of 2 (national communications) signal brigade. Given that our role was to provide comms in the event of nuclear attacks or major uk incidents, its probably a good thing I wasnt deployed.