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  1. joshcowin

    Another Theft Alert. HQ Driffield

    It seems that both Airsoft and Paintball sites are being targeted at the moment. seems like a select few going round nicking, should have there hands chopped off when caught.
  2. joshcowin

    Hello Fellow Airsofters

    Welcome to the forums mate
  3. joshcowin

    New hpa gun in the pipeline

    So as I play paintball as well as airsoft I’ve heard the one of the manufacturers has applied for a patent to make a hpa airsoft gun. Now if you haven’t heard of planet Eclipse they make the most reliable paintball guns as well as probably the most efficient. what does this mean for airsoft? Well if they can make a airsoft gun like they do with paintball guns then they will be onto a winner. I will keep people updated as I find out more
  4. joshcowin

    New hpa gun in the pipeline

    Well they have been making solenoid markers for a long time now and they keep getting more efficient each time so it will be good to se what they can do. As for full gun or drop in im not sure
  5. joshcowin

    West Midlands New Player Howdy :)

    Hi mate welcome to the forum.
  6. Getting back into airsoft again and for good this time!

  7. joshcowin

    Ukara being down and all...

    By the looks of it it's up now and working
  8. hi their im looking to buy some swat gear and have been looking at military 1st and surplustore,i havent heard much about them so im a bit unsure to buy from them,has anyone bought anything from these 2 sites
  9. joshcowin

    New player in Leicester

    Hi mate I'm Leicester too I used to play at grange farm in desford which is now closed but the maw in Melton is a decent site to go to add their page on Facebook find out the next date and ask to hire a gun for the day (normally about £35 for your walk on fee and gun)
  10. joshcowin

    New player in Sussex looking for CQB events

    Welcome to the forum mate as others have said the mil sims are normally held at these locations by the likes of Stirling airsoft, as for skirmishes near you check out the map on airbana and go from their.
  11. joshcowin

    Am I right to be annoyed about this? - Airsoft World

    Sorry should have said that's next day collected from your house
  12. joshcowin

    Am I right to be annoyed about this? - Airsoft World

    Send them back with I post parcels £7 odd for up to 2kg think its 200x200x200mm size
  13. Add yourself on the owners page on Facebook it's ran by arron who knows everything about them and even did a test where his 10/22 was shooting as far,consistent as a fully upgraded vsr.
  14. I will agree with ed on this one z1 forums are a sham to airsoft and make themselves lol silly by not letting to mention any other retailers. As for the shop i have had a hit and miss with them first time ran smooth as butter.2nd time I had to send photo evidence aswell as ukara for some reason to purchase a gun which then they took 6 working days before they sent it out and came out with the excuses. Even at the nae some of the guys seem very clicky and off don't get me wrong a lot of them are decent people. I think if you stick to fire support,airsoft zone and patrol base you can't go wrong
  15. joshcowin

    The Current State of UK Airsoft Magazines

    I stopped reading ai when every front cover had a 'pmc' who always had to have a beard (not the same guy) and ever since that's what ai focuses on instead of mixing it up and going back to things like Vietnam,ww2 etc
  16. Spoiler alert ----- mcregor wins in 10 seconds in the first round, he's a beast

    1. cyrexx


      It's what happens if you don't train to fight a southpaw.

  17. Walk in to work to get called in the office with all the other lads to find out the company i work has gone into liquidation. Have important bills to pay so will be selling off most of my airsoft kit until i have a job :(

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    2. jay83


      sorry hear that bro

    3. joshcowin


      Luckily i get paid weekly so im just waiting on last weeks wages which we should get this week so not lost out as much as others. Still jobless though

    4. SeniorSpaz87
  18. joshcowin

    Celcius ak

    Just pure gun porn here
  19. joshcowin

    We xdm half firing

    Hi their i have a we xdm and it has been great until now. It is firing a few shots okay but then all of a sudden it fires but the slide does not do a full battery it just moves back 2 inch and you hear a hissing of the gas mag. I release the mag and re cock it and its fine again. Im using nuprol red gas could it be that the valve knocker spring isnt strong enough to fully hit the striker? Thanks josh
  20. Not long got back from the gaol today (a full on prison) bloody awesome site and well worth a visit.

    1. Happy


      This is my regular site for a good reason: well ran, interesting terrain and a cracking group of regular players.

    2. joshcowin


      Yes very good terrain liked e wing the most in the dark

    3. SgtTalbert


      What side were you on Yellow or Green?


  21. joshcowin

    WE M4 Upgrades

    Proffink is right on most parts some ra tech parts are naff but angry gun make awesome parts have a look at them
  22. joshcowin

    Npas key

    Hi their i have just bought a m4 gbb with a npas fitted but it didnt come with a npas key. Anyone point me into the right direction of what one i need, from what i can see the npas points towards the nozzle with a square edge? Thanks
  23. joshcowin

    Npas key

    We mate thanks
  24. joshcowin

    Celcius ak

    Inokatsu's sales must be down if they need to do that then