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  1. Thank you, it's basically my first child. For those interested in the gory details: Tikka Compact Tactical Rifle 24" threaded barrel, chambered in 6.5mm Creedmoor (Finnish import for those 'White Death' vibes) Vortex Viper PST Gen II 5-25x50 w/ illuminated reticle Vortex Tactical Pro mounts Harris lightweight 9"-13" bipod 20x Hornady match-grade Ballistic tipped 140grain (9.1 grams) This rifle is built for 1000m-1400m target shooting as well as (normal-ranged) highland red-deer stalking.
  2. The reason I haven't bought an airsoft gun in a while, been saving up for this newly acquired baby ❤️ (apologies if non-airsoft guns aren't allowed, thought this may be of interest to gun addicts such as myself)
  3. Oh yeah, if you sat down expecting a Martin Scorsese film you'll be left disappointed. Like you though, I thought it obvious from the fact the cast was Ben Affleck and two Channing Tatum clones what kind of film to expect and wasn't shocked when that proved the case.
  4. Glad I wasn't the only one simple-minded enough to enjoy it.
  5. Email them back with the below screenshot and say Patrol Base seem to agree with what my mates have been telling me.
  6. Welcome! I've heard nothing but great stuff about Airsoft Plantation if you can grab a lift off someone... Plan to go for a day there this Summer myself.
  7. Welcome. When I lived near Oxford as a teenager I played at Finmere, which I used to really enjoy. The bloke that ran it then, Mike is a really nice guy and still runs it to this day.
  8. Sensible me: Testing the waters of getting back into airsoft, buys a £140 AEG. Also me: Spends £500 on gear in three weeks.

    1. StayOnTarget


      Yeah its like that isn't it,well written gave me a chuckle this morning 🖖

    2. AK47frizzle


      I haven't spent more than £30 on gear yet

  9. Welcome! I'm in a similar spot to you; 29, solo, just got back into it, down the road in Guildford, though fortunately my AEGs survived a breakup or two over the last decade! Didn't stop me getting a new one anyway... Playing my first game since being a teenager on Sunday. In terms of sites, I read all of @Asomodai's "South East Tour" reviews (excellent work on these btw) and settled on EAG Dorking as it seemed to have universal praise and was under an hour from me. I'd start off giving his reviews a read on this sub forum.
  10. I just picked up this 5 pack of G&G tan midcaps from Amazon, £11 per mag seemed okay and I fancied the colour. They're made of polymer, feed very well, no complaints so far.
  11. I liked it, solid action film, bit of cheese here and there but not too smelly. Also... spoilers!
  12. The favourite part of my watch is the sapphire back which gives you a glimpse of the automatic workings, impossible to take a good picture of it without a proper camera and a macro lens unfortunately looks beautiful in person.
  13. Not strictly airsoft related, though I'll bung them in here next time I go on holiday; but a new rifle safe with inbuilt ammo lockbox. Absolute bargain from eBay.
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