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    AF-UK Addict

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    F2000 & aksu aeg's, m4 and aksu hpa's, and a mid convert mg42.
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    whatever works! (smersh, smersh works)
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    FRV airsoft, Mid Antrim Paintball and Airsoft, Nomads Land

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Adolf Hamster's Feedback

  1. Antny left Positive feedback   

    Paid in good time, good comms to let me know my stuff arrived to him.

    Adolf Hamster was The Buyer

  2. sjhirst left Positive feedback   

    Great fella to deal with. No messing about with the sale. Hope to see you on a skirmish. Many thanks

    Adolf Hamster was The Buyer

  3. Druid799 left Positive feedback   

    Top bloke to sell too , highly recommend dealing with this chap

    Adolf Hamster was The Buyer

  4. MasterGouken left Positive feedback   

    Great comms and quick payment. No issues at all, trading as it should be! Would definitely deal with again.

    Adolf Hamster was The Buyer

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