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  1. TobyLeRone

    Madbull AGX

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    Hi there, up for sale is my AGX. I don’t see my self using it anymore as I rarely use moscarts and it doesn’t suit my MTW. No shells will be included as I will keep them for my GP30. As you can see from the images aesthetically it’s very tatty. But it’s only paint coming off as it was badly painted by the previous owner years ago. Functionally it all works. the spring out barrel, safety and trigger. Any questions please ask! Price is all in. Thanks Toby



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    Hi,so up for sale is my G&G Kar98K. The rifle has been skirmished but the two of the mags and the scope have both been bought since its last game so haven’t been skirmished. Just used for home/garden use.Freshly serviced by a local independent gun tech last week.In generally good condition, a few battle marks on the wood and the bolt has marks over the moving edges.Dream to shoot, being gas the bolt has no force on it, only the weight of itself, so it’s immensly fast to rack as you only need to pull it back a tiny bit to load the next bb with no resistance.Uses 8g Co2 capsules rather than 12g, the two spare bb carrier parts of the mags are useful to take and swap out on the mag during the game to save reloading individual bb’s.Any questions please ask! Will deliver free if local, located near Alton in Hampshire.Trades/part exchanges - GHK AKMSU, PKM maybe, more looking for sale. Price is posted but not paypalled.Thanks! Offers accepted people please get in touch!


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