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  1. Got the standard one and it can be made to work after a fashion but with a bit of googling I discovered the the JG Works is identical to the APS EBB. I contacted them and they're sending the part after getting me to identified it on an exploded diagram. Cost $8 US so not the most expensive part ever!
  2. AK74 EBB, the button at the back of the top cover has broken, as it's a EBB gearbox the regular top cover button is no good. Need the one from JG (or similar if anyone knows of a comparable manufacturer) and I've checked out the usual suspects to no avail. Any ideas anyone?
  3. peter207

    P90 mags

    does the King Arms 5x mags price inc postage?
  4. I'd love a bit more detail on the manufacture of the RPG 'rounds', just got my RPG-7 Delivered today and love what you've done!
  5. take it all back, used the contact e-mail and they got straight back to me with an attached exploded diagram to identify the part number, confirm how many I wanted (just one) and once I'd confirmed that invoiced me for the part with payment via paypal.Happy days!
  6. no good they only take e-mails from retailers
  7. Any one know where I could get the 'Band Axle Pin' , or in English, the pin you rotate to take the front furniture off the SVD, mines broken and it seems no one stocks them!

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    Please note I'm selling these on behalf of my son. You must have a valid defense. I have asked him to give an accurate and honest description. My W.E Navy Seal Edition M4 was an odd find that I thought I would like to complete my guerilla load out. It was bought off what I can only assume was a collector who didn't know what it was, the internals were near immaculate (only used to plink). The externals now have a scratched rough look to them (for the guerilla load out) and some green paint here and there from where the previous owner had tried to remove it (not very noticeable). The spring had to be changed to a lower power spring but in doing so has caused some problems. The false bolt should stay back until released however it now just stays forward unless the charging handle is pulled back. The fire selector is faulty as well and it fires at full auto when the fire selector is at semi. The gear box is the one it came with. Attachments: The carry handle is attached by ris rail. 1 W.E HI-Cap magazine. Ok Condition. Has rusting on the mag. 1 Nuprol 1600 mAh nunchuck battery. Average FPS: 295 Cool Features: The charging handle functions like the real thing and also makes an epic noise which has fooled most people into thinking its gbb. It also has the navy seal logo on it which is unique to this W.E Navy Seal Edition M4. When put clicked to safe it releases the tension on the spring (doesn't fire the M4 in the process). Payment via Paypal


    Barnetby, North Lincolnshire - GB

  9. Thanks, sadly they didn't have what I needed, but eventually found it at https://www.kyairsoft.com/
  10. So has anyone got a pdf of the manual? Most importantly the exploded diagram. Having sangs with the trigger block not retracting on blow back leading to gassing out, I suspect it could be to do with the blow back mech not operating correctly, but I'd really appreciate a the diagram to help with strip-down and rebuild. Cheers
  11. Hi All, so the trigger switch in my King arms SVD is knackered! The sliding part which is pushed by the trigger arm assemble is rising up, so in semi auto the trigger won't then engage, so rather than bugger about with it , is there a compatible trigger switch I can replace it with?
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