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  1. really? must say i'm surprised. been hit plenty of times in fingers, and i normally run fingerless gloves and never felt even close to breaking. not sure how you'd implement it real time, sure you can get those suppressor mounted chrono's but i guarantee most folk wouldn't want to be running those all the time, i sure as hell wouldn't.
  2. not gonna lie if i'd been hit that hard i'd be watching the bugger like a hawk until he did get chrono'd. not that it should be necessary, unless you've got terminal osteoporosis or something like that a bb should not be breaking a finger. he's lucky that it was just a finger and not some poor rental kid's mesh mask.
  3. you didn't call him out on that? it's ridiculous to be getting injured like that regardless of weapon type. in defence of hpa there are plenty of systems equally as amenable to either intentional (quick change spring on a scorpion for example) or unintentional (joule creep on a gbb) types of running hot, and there are hpa regs out there with tournament locks. however even as a fan of hpa i'll admit to there being plenty of cases where a sites lack of understanding lets people take the pee to ridiculous levels. for example the amount of places that see a low fps number and say "that's a bit low mate" even when i've told them i'm running heavy ammo and the chrono is showing the right joule value.
  4. interesting insight. the hopup certainly is an almost magical hackery of physics, and it's pretty common for folk to be either over-hopping or underhopping then raging at how they aren't hitting their target. but once you figure out what it's doing and know how to work around it you can do some interesting things (like tilting the gun to compensate for wind or shoot round corners). there's definately a lot of stuff people do in airsoft i'd suspect they'd be much less keen on doing on a real battlefield when a 2 minute walk is replaced by eternity in a casket.
  5. whilst i don't wear flecktarn much these days, i can vouch for it's impressive concealment properties, first time i'd had noticeable instances of "how did he not see me!?" when i started wearing that stuff.
  6. Problem with 3-d camo is its horrific for shedding on the undergrowth, guy in our squad runs a kapkan covered in netting and he ends up leaving the stuff in every bush he comes across. That said, head and shoulders covered, park yourself in a bush and its gold. The big one i know i suffer from is not covering the face, although i dont play stealth that much anyway.
  7. see it'd be a nice looking gun if it had a flush barrel, always was my problem with the fnx's. i just wish tm would come out with something russian, we need an mp-443 in our lives.
  8. welcome, those look like some epic playgrounds. wish we had stuff like that round here.
  9. interesting hearing about the uar having mag problems, got one in to work on at the moment and none of my mags fit. can't say i see the problem with the flash hider, standard cc2 with a lock screw as far as i can see. fortunately the owner has a drum mag that fits it so guess that's not a problem.
  10. Yeah but its under 400 on .48's so if anything it's underpowered.
  11. agreed, if that's what you want from a pistol it's hard to defy the mighty hicapa
  12. i suspect the technical limitations are going to be significantly less than the legal limitations. as in taking something that qualifies as "a gun" and turning it into something that is "not a gun" without the full blown de-activation process. of course i'm talking about the uk here, your milage may vary depending on where you are in the world.
  13. what hop rubber? some hop rubbers (maple leaf for example) have longer feedlips which can mess with feeding and give weird symptoms. take a look up the feed tube and see how much of the hop protrudes into it
  14. sounds like a great idea, a wee popup that says "are you sure, this thread hasn't been used in x years" would be great. not sure about warning other people though, part of the fun of forums is trying to be the first to spot a necro
  15. i wouldn't worry too much about fps alone, it's only 1 part of the equation for getting range. 310 on .25's as lozart and trigger have pointed out is bang on where you want to be sitting at 1.11j or equivalent to 346fps on a .2g (which for a 350fps limit is close enough for government work) i'd start by upping the ammo weight, try some geoff's .3's in there and see if the stock hop can lift them, don't mistake slower bb velocity for less range, it's very much the opposite. whilst improving the compression wouldn't be amiss, i wouldn't rush into cracking the box open to do it, although if you do decide to fit a titan then you might as well do that while you're in there. nope, for the same energy a heavier bb flies further if given enough spin. it also carries its energy better meaning at x distance it'll have more energy than a lighter bb of the same starting energy.
  16. what ammo are you using? and how far are you trying to shoot people?
  17. and if you use .48's it's a mere 250fps, it's still above the limit. the limits are kinetic energy, not bb velocity, even if it's quoted as velocity on x weight of bb.
  18. So todays fun i think could be called "the hubris of the long range dancer" Or what happens when you wave at people who cant reach you, then shoot them because you can reach them. Got called out for apparently not taking hits, and whilst granted i'll openly admit the probability of the odd round bouncing off and not being felt/heard, i do try my best. Guess its interesting seeing the transition, times were i'd have made the same mistake, now i'm seeing the other side of it.
  19. Anyone got a spare pair of knees/ankles?


    I really need to get in shape......

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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      sweet, you take bitcoin?

    3. Musica


      I wear knee supports when playing to keep everything where it should be 

    4. StayOnTarget


      AH lets just say the cartel does you a favour and maybe someday you do the cartel a favour....Hows your rectal passage for space?

      Oh I forgot to say assembly will be your responsibility and as per the law that only applies to airsoft your order will take much longer than anticipated and will meet with countless delays only to be the wrong size/make or just plain shite when you finally receive it (unfortunately this part isnt the joke)

      Cheers Amigo!!!

  20. Welcome, start off by finding a local site and booking in as a rental. Bring good boots, comfortable clothing you dont mind getting dirty and will stave off the brambles (camo is optional but helpful in outdoor sites, military surplus dpm/flecktarn is cheap and effective), gloves and a hat/something to cover your ears. Do that a few times, get to know the site, register on the ukara database then come back and we'll advise you on the shiniest ways to empty your bank account.
  21. Lets not forget the cost of mags.....
  22. I know the feeling, dropped a makarov mag a while back and busted the feed lips and i was like "how the hell am i getting a spare for that" I had to laugh last week though, i was running the heavy geoffs and i'm pretty sure the mag was worth less than the ammo in it lol.
  23. I solve this problem by running the cheapest mags i can get so i dont give a damn. Plus the all polymer mags are that light and tough they can take it, although i wouldnt drop a gas mag for sure.
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