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  1. Thats a weird one. Sig slide and frame with a 1911 safety.... Only reference i can find is the american market versions of the 220 series had a manual safety but cant find a pic of that. Anyway back on topic, when firing does the bb exit the barrel with any kind of authority? Some pics of the mag and the underside of the slide might help as well.
  2. well, there goes any hope i had of selling anything on here
  3. i'm with duck on this. the reason to put anything inside a cylinder is to adjust the aoe (hear's luke ree-ing in the background). a spring heavy enough to arrest the piston is also going to play merry hell with engagement and you can kiss goodbye to your piston if you want to eliminate the "pop" of firing then you're better of looking at a longer barreled build and using conventional silent type piston heads. of course there's a limit to how far you can go with an aeg if your goal is silence, and you may be better off considering other options like hpa or a
  4. ffs shut up dude, i had them fooled with the long con
  5. this is why i like the forum environment, gives you a better feel for the person you're buying/selling with. i'm much less dubious of buying from someone i see posting regularly and being part of the community. of course its understandable that the likes of ebay etc are going to have that extra layer of paranoia surrounding them.
  6. As much as i'm against scammers and have sympathy for their victims, posting the guys bank details for all and sundry seems a tad ott no? I mean we've already named and shamed the guy so folk should know to avoid.
  7. Quite possible, as with all eye pro though the only way to be sure is to nab someone with a bolt gun and get them to drop a round in it point blank.
  8. The only 2 places that spring to mind is gunfire and taiwangun. Kind of a shame though, the e&l mags are nice bits of kit.....
  9. Funny enough my advice with ak mags is the opposite way round- put cyma mags in everything. Ive used cyma's in jg's, lct's and e&l's. Iirc there is a known thing with either e&l or lct mags not working in one direction but i'm damned if i can remember which way round it is, i *think* as your experiencing its the e&l stuff doesnt work in other patterns but take that with a big pinch of salt.
  10. you've not met the kind of players i've seen, our record so far is failing to call a broadside from a 40-mike...... couple of months back running the dragonuv there was a chap in that position, called me over to take a shot (because of course big gun with a scope=more range but that's by the by and tbf i was yeeting .48's), my first shot went about a foot over the guys head, close enough for him to flinch but definately not a hit, meanwhile all i'm hearing is "you hit him you hit him". likewise yesterday i was being credited with a double kill despite being 99
  11. Oh for sure, the diminishing returns is strong in this hobby. The biggest lesson i learnt from the m4 is perfection is nice but not worth the effort over "good enough" and that was after having incrementally got it there over the guts of a decade
  12. Tbh e&l's stock barrel/bucking are pretty passable, although i'm not saying you shouldnt throw a macaron in there......
  13. The problem with "upgrades" is the ability to make a gun perform better often lies in simply assembling it properly with a few choice parts in the places where they really count. Its not a case of buying the most expensive iteration of each component, slapping them together and expecting the end result to be better.
  14. Are the biscuits and beverages provided? If so can we set the age limit at say, my age minus a year? 😛
  15. Kinda situational really, depends how far back the spawn is, how realistic the enemy advancing is etc. These days i try to focus more on not getting hit than on hitting other people, so i normally do take the full walk (and generally try a different direction/angle) Ofc the solution is fall back games without fixed respawns, although you still get folks with very short legs who can do 30 paces in about 5m
  16. a fair point, only really works if you're being honest and giving a realistic interpretation of how long it should take to get back into the action. ofc airsoft is filled with things that only really work if you're being honest.....
  17. Time Left: 4 days and 16 hours

    • For sale
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    so here we have my first love, a G&G f2000 railed version with cybergun licensed FN markings. currently she's sitting with a PDI W-hop bucking, SHS advanced 13:1 being spun by an ASG CNC 18k motor, she's nice and snappy in auto (but not too fast) although semi in these guns is an exercise in frustration. she's currently wired with a Gate nanoAAB mosfet, although this is identical wiring to a warfet should you wish to use precocking magic to solve the issues of the rube golberg cutoff lever. she has the proper tri-rail and custom "tactical lingerie" making for a decent mounting on an sa80 sling. currently chrono'ing 325fps with about a 3-5fps variance on 0.2's although the adjustable spring means you can set her roughly ±10% higher/lower she'll come with original Hi-cap and a brand new spare hop unit. price is including postage


  18. Time Left: 4 days and 16 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    hand made carbon fibre free float tube for an m4. it's too narrow (about 40mm od) to run a gas block/tube but very lightweight and gives a somewhat unique look to the gun. price includes postage


  19. ahh yes, makes sense. mine must be rated to OD then (well, outer radius)
  20. yeah, we can't rely on dirt splashes or guaranteed hit calls in this hobby sadly. like i say my finding with the lpvo/stacked dot was i was using the dot almost exclusively and rarely would i actually use the magnification, and likewise i find the pso is a bit of a pain if you're trying to get on target quickly (also whoever said you can still use irons with a pso mounted is a liar ) main reason i use it is because what else am i mounting on a dragonuv
  21. tbh the red dot/magnifier thing is one of those ideas seems better on paper than practically, at least with the quality of airsoft optics. it's more the existence of an eyebox compared to a dot where (assuming it's got decent parralax) you see the dot you use the dot. thing is if you look at the RS world "red dot distances" can be out to 300m, you don't need magnification to get hits at airsoft ranges, you need it to track the bb's flightpath and the targets honesty.
  22. the issue with lpvo's is the 1x isn't really 1x compared to an open dot. tbh when i ran the m4 i pretty much kept the variable at 4x and used a stacked red dot for 90% of shots only switching when i needed to track the bb's flightpath at range. with that in mind i'd be more minded to go for the fixed 3-4x and stack a red dot for closer range work, i've been using the dragonuv with the pso (fixed 4x) and aside from the inability to aim quickly at closer ranges it's been just fine (with the caveat that the pso is going to be much worse than a more modern optic)
  23. can we take a moment to appreciate the position of that foregrip?
  24. as long as from the enemy's perspective you walk out of their sight and don't come back for a realistic amount of time i don't see the issue.
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