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  1. good to know- mine's the cybergun version too.
  2. Ahh yes, sorry i forgot to grab pics, here's some potatocam ones:
  3. Like i said originally- cant be arsed doing it properly. Asking for bb weights and chrono'ing on energy will catch the honest folk who dont understand physics, as you say cheaters gonna cheat so at least use the method that requires people to be dishonest and follow up by catching people in the field. Like i said in my original point- i'd rather get smacked by a gun running 329fps on .2's than one that runs 320fps on .2's but 290 on .4's. Some versions of the mk23 and the we makarov comes with one, the makarov one is a seperate barrel extension though so it's pretty visible when you pull it off. In any of the cases of a barrel extension they tend to push them way over any reasonable limit although accuracy tends to go out the window. Not saying they're all bad, on an aeg or without a barrel extension they can look cool and for some gun types even make a big difference to noise.
  4. He's referring to the type that has the extension mounted to the suppressor. Easy to check if it's mounted and sure folk could put them on post chrono but that's no more difficult than switching guns midday, switching bolts in a sniper rifle or twiddling the regulator on an hpa, which is why the follow up of keeping the chrono on you and random spot checks in the field is also important. Sure cheaters gonna cheat, but the whole .2's chrono'ing thing can accidentally let even honest folk end up running hot.
  5. There's never any guarantee, but as pointed out at least if your using player weights and keeping an eye out for certain types of guns then you'll catch out the honest folk who genuinely dont understand what they've done. If you dont have enough time to do it for a large group then the obvious follow up question is how many marshalls are there and how the hell do you hope to police any other aspect of airsoft cheating?
  6. yep, this is a case in point- you didn't even realise you were running hot. i made the same mistake although luckily i did think to chrono it before chucking the old barrel so i now have a long pistol barrel sitting around that i can't use. would have been worse if you'd been running heavier ammo as a longer barrel is more time for joule creep to take effect.
  7. you check the suppressor, if it's got a barrel extension in it/under it it'll almost certainly be hot. better than not checking at all......
  8. Because green gas pistols aren't as loud and scary as co2 pistols so they can't be hot. At least that seems to be as much logic as any site i've asked has put into it.
  9. Yeah that's probably the easier option option as you can see the whole chrono'ing thing is a contentious issue
  10. You only have to keep an eye out for the gas guns and pistols with suppressors and keep a stash of heavier ammo to test those players. Aeg's don't really joule creep to any significant degree without a lot of pre-meditated setup so the ol' .2's is fine here, as are most pistols with standard barrels.
  11. Its not impossible to test for joule creep, i've just never seen a site that could be arsed doing it properly. Case in point: lets say i go to a site, 328 limit, chrono the polarstar and get 328 328 329 on the .2's they put in the mag. "Sorry she's hot you can't run that" "It's cool, i'll turn it down, you can even tourney lock the reg if you like" So i turn it down, hit 320 on .2's so its under the limit, they lock the reg Then i drop some .4's in and she's putting out 290fps or 1.55 joules Then i ask "do you chrono pistols?" "Only co2" "That's cool, this one's green gas" What they dont realise is the pistol has an extended barrel under its suppressor and puts out 2j on .4's Thing is, that according to the site rules i havent broken any. I chrono'd honestly according to what i was asked, and yet i'm running around with hot guns. Whats worse is that because so many airsofters don't understand how these things work its entirely possible for me to have had no idea that's what i'm doing and i could genuinely beleive everything's fine. Dunno about you but i'd rather be hit by someone running 1j than someone running 1.5j or 2j from a pistol. Now what actually happens is i rock up at the chrono with the polarstar and say "i'm running .3's" because that's what i'm running, the concientious sites then set their chrono to .3's and i chrono to 1j and i get very tetchy when i see gas guns running suppressors because i know what that could mean.
  12. Probably dumbfoundedness at the idea that its something you can do. But it is a fair point, nobody calibrates their chrono's and therefore its hypocritical for them to claim they can identify to an accuracy of 1fps, especially when more often than not they then ignore joule creep/dont bother chrono'ing green gas pistols. You dont seem to have got my meaning, 1fps means fuck all when it comes to airsoft, especially if your using a test method that ignores joule creep.
  13. Bb's dont fly straight, you'd be better off zero-ing on site.
  14. There's various calculators out there, take a look at the tutorial section there's a spreadsheet i made up or just google fps calculator for something a bit flashier.
  15. Personally i would test for energy, so with hop set to whatever you normally shoot with, on the weight of ammo you normally use then measure for joules. However some sites can be incredibly picky and insist on the whole using .2's with the hop turned off and 1fps over the limit is not allowed. If a site pulled that on me i'd be asking them for the physical basis for such a testing procedure and a copy of their chronograph's calibration certificate. Some sites can be the opposite, not understanding that for example 328fps on .4's is not the same as 328fps on .2's And that's before you even get into joule creep, or the old "we don't chronograph green gas pistols" chestnut.
  16. it's ironic because the adjustment dials block you from actually putting any accessories on it, so probably doesnt cound
  17. I dunno. I have a bushnell short dot that's covered in rails and its pretty damn good, clear glass and excellent eye box. However granted its not normally a good sign
  18. real? i've seen 2 of my mates walking off the field with a tooth in their pocket, so yeah i don't like people who take pride in intentionally going for headshots.
  19. i disagree on the red dot thing. for me it's the 203 and pair of 40-mikes, horribly underwhelming. although i didn't buy it (came on the gun) the vltor rail i have, lovely rail but just makes the gun far too heavy on the frontend
  20. hmm, that's a fair point, i'll have to grab one off my mate and test it because that would be a problem.
  21. not to mention teeth, sure it's a risk people accept but do you really want to send some poor bugger off the field with a mouth full of blood if you have a choice?
  22. under 18 players are fine, airsoft is a weird sport where you can see kids acting like men and men acting like kids. as long as they're decent players then age doesn't really matter. themed games i've never really seen work all that well, problem is say you want to run a star-wars themed game, how do you account for the majority who won't have star wars themed kit? i do love individuals who have the guts to run a theme, for example a chap has started playing at our local sites who aside from the DYE mask wouldn't look out of place as an extra in enemy at the gates.
  23. overhopping ammo is gods way of telling you your ammo isn't heavy enough. you can hop .4's at 1j, not tried heavier although i reckon the rhop setup i had a while back in the polarstar would easily lift .5's
  24. Spacer goes around the barrel to push the hop back against the gearbox, you might notice your stock hop has a little spring on the top that does the same job.
  25. hmm, could be an air leak then, you can try o-rings as a spacer to push it up against the gearbox, i run a spring in mine because by chance i happened to have one in my box o' stuff that was exactly the right size.
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