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  1. does it have a bearing on both the piston and spring guide? if it does removing the piston bearing will drop it a little (maybe not enough in this case). trimming is a thing but my preference tends towards changing the spring entirely.
  2. ooh a tm gbb mp5, or, well, tm gbb hk anything is gonna do some dethroning.....
  3. taking the "20 rps" figure that's being used in this thread as the benchmark it's not that hard. granted you double that number and it's very much a different story. i can understand the type of character who pissed off the op, and yourself, but not every hpa player is like this, hell the single best game of airsoft i've ever played with immaculate sportsmanship all round there was only 1 player not running an airline...... you can be a cnut with almost anything in this hobby, blaming a specific platform is addressing the wrong issue.
  4. by that logic a stock s&t ppsh41 running on 8.4v nimh is a far superior gnu to a cqb m4 running a fusion engine, maxx hop unit, pdi barrel and carbon fibre handguard...... or, y'know, the other dude is a better cqb player than me you do realise you can literally do all that with an aeg? hell i'm about 2 minutes of mosfet programming away from getting my akm to do that......
  5. there needs to be both. what's important is having an appropriate number for the size of the site, no use having 200 people on a site that gets crowded with 40, likewise no sense having 20 people running around never bumping into each other on a massive site.
  6. strong second post, informative, and entertaining, would read again
  7. as much as i get the call of the tinkerer, speed chasing on an aeg isn't really worth it, once you start pushing beyond 25rps with a precocking mosfet and a motor with decent pickup it really becomes a very rapid dimishing returns curve that ends with an air-line. of course that said, i didn't listen either when duck told me that years ago when i was blowing racks out of pistons every half game day...... *looks at 12:1 ak build waiting for it's brushless motor to arrive* come to think of it i still haven't learned......
  8. question is are you trying with the 12:1 gears to reduce gearbox noise or increase speed? assuming your setup is actually running at 40rps on that battery then the motor speed is ~29k rpm which working back to 18:1 is ~27rps (assuming the motor isn't speeding up) awaits duck coming along to correct my math on that
  9. the short answer is you're pushing it too fast, you need to drop the speed either switching to 7.4, a much slower motor, or lower ratio gears. it's also worth noting that even if the gearbox isn't screaming in agony 40rps is when you start to get magazines acting up (ammo/mag dependant ofc) as a more general note, you don't need that level of rof, i get the allure hell i've been there myself (i went full airline....), but if your target aint gonna call 20 rounds then they won't call 40. only real solution to that problem is a better target.
  10. that would be your problem then. that's way too fast for a 1j gun.....
  11. isn't that just gonna be won by the 1" at 50m nuprol guy?
  12. whats your rate of fire on auto? might be pme although short stroke with a ht motor shouldn't be that bad unless it's a truly monstrous battery. other possibility is tappet plate binding in a manner that's making it a bit slow to close- weak spring or tight fit.
  13. for the sake of clarity, is this "6mm ammo" you're talking about or somewhere different?
  14. *triggered*....... granted it doesn't do so well in the cold, but the WE makarov is a damn fine gat otherwise. although the options are decidedly thin for anything adopted post 1950...... i mean is it too much to ask for a gsh-18?
  15. i'm the same, i'm kinda just spitballing ideas based on the photo's of how it's setup. also kind of curious how the hop is setup (read is maple leaf an option?) as that's pretty much all i'd tend to be looking for in terms of mods.
  16. a possibility then, although without seeing one in the flesh not sure how feasable taking a drill to it would be.
  17. yeah that was the arnies link i was on about. out of interest, when you have yours apart to change the o-ring might be interesting to see if the piston head has any vents? if not, a possible modification there to get a good seal without a super tight o-ring, i have something similar going on in the makarov and it works surprisingly well (as in it'll cycle on noticably low amounts of gas) damnit, this is making me want to get one again.....
  18. generally top load, either via speedloader or by hand. dislike loading from the bottom as you always get an uneven stack and the shaking/rattling that goes with trying to get it to even out. however i tend not to completely fill mags, my rule of thumb is whatever the RS capacity for the gun is what i expect to mag dump from a fresh fill, if i need more than that then that's what extra magazines are for. so thumb loading 12 rounds into the makarov isn't exactly a chore.
  19. huh, the report button is right before share for me. browser issue? although it works on my main rig which has opera and every adblocking cookie killing script denying add-on under the sun.
  20. it's the 3 little dots at the top right give you a drop-down menu
  21. That and water in the trouser-sock-boot transition does not sound fun......
  22. Dont listen to him, he'll see the light once he see's us having a proper tea and crumpets on proper tables and plates rather than eating beans out of the tin in a muddy hole. A gentleman must have standards y'know......
  23. I think the o-ring might be the trick here, the airsoftpro one has one and i can see that really damping out the bounce. As for the fps i'm not sure, a shorter inner barrel would help although by how much i dont know, issue is that thing's just venting co2 straight down the barrel. Maybe a spacer in front of the cylinder to shorten how much the valve can open, or maybe tap a grup screw into the nozzle and have a smaller hole to restrict flow. These systems tend to have quite fine balance to them so going to that level of tweaking can end up going very wrong very fast.
  24. There are mid caps that claim up to 250 rounds but tbh around 120-150 seems to be the sweet spot for reliable feeding. But yeah just fire until the bb's stop coming out (you'll hear the difference in the sound of the gun) and just reload.
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