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  1. Hello everyone , i am building a hpa hi capa loudout and am looking for where to buy upgrade parts. if anyone has any tips or places to look at it would be great help. If you know of any shops in the uk selling hi capa parts please let me know.
  2. JDairsoft

    Ukara Trouble

    Hello everyone , my dad has a ukara licence which has expired recently. We were both members of a skirmish site before. Should we need to renew our site membership to get a new ukara or is there a better way?
  3. how many shots or games would a 48ci hpa tank last. And do most airsoft sites that do hpa refills do refills for free , if not how much for.
  4. I am looking to get a KWA MP7 with a HPA tapp airsoft drum magazine. What gear is also needed to run HPA and where is a good place to get all of it?
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