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  1. Adolf Hamster

    Do cameras help prevent cheats???

    that's why i keep shooting, if it's so light you can't feel it then you won't be worried about full auto being "overshooting"
  2. Adolf Hamster

    Death with RIF’s

    i guess in that situation if asked her defence would be inheretance, although the defence is only really required for buying and afaik gifting (which i guess is close to inheriting) is ok and likewise so is owning. if she sold them she'd be the one asking the buyer for their defence. in terms of the will i'd guess it'd be handed on like any other posession so any of those rules apply.
  3. Adolf Hamster

    Do cameras help prevent cheats???

    it does indeed snowball, but my logic is if you call from just 1 hit that's all i'll send you. overshooting is only overshooting if you continue beyond the hit call (with the exception of any that are in the air, that happens to us all)
  4. hell yeah, '42 is getting back into the fray, new mag mech ready for testing tomorrow

    1. Skara


      how did you make it?

    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      it's a modified m60 box, can't recall the specific brand but it's a real solid mechanism for feeding, basically because of how the gun works now it's entirely reliant on the mag and the stock mechanism didn't like being hit with 11.1v

  5. Adolf Hamster

    40mm green gas shells

    of all the 40mm bb launching shells the best for range is the 40-mike and tbh even that's unreliable and underwhelming, ironic given it's "omg this launcher is so scary it's banned" reputation. having been on both the sending, recieving and observing ends of 40mm launches (including the aformentioned 40-mike) i've yet to see one get effective hits with the sole exception of my tripwire landmine which did hit 2 people who decided not to call it anyway. having seen the impact firing tag's demo'd in the flesh it was freaking scary, although i don't disagree with the idea for the likes of timed charges i would not like to hit someone (or be hit myself) in the face with one of those.
  6. Adolf Hamster

    Do cameras help prevent cheats???

    i dont think so, it's rare to see engagements even on the likes of youtube where they're using pretty good cameras that the bb impact is plainly visible, especially doesn't help when they edit in those stupid bf style hit markers. however, even if you get that footage that shows someone getting hit it's still a case of being reliant on decent marshalls and a decent site to take appropriate action, and if you have decent marshalling then you don't need the camera. it must also be noted that just because someone has a camera doesn't mean they're immune from cheating themselves, hell i've seen novritsch wannabe's do some shocking cheating. what stops cheaters is having marshalls who are in the right places on the field (ie close enough to see players being hit rather than 20+m off to the side), who actually pay attention to players and act on complaints, who carry chrono's to spot check and pistols to honesty check and the key thing is that they will take someone off the site and ban them if caught out.
  7. Adolf Hamster

    Tight strike systems holster

    yeah a month minimum, i just leave all my pistols in their respective holsters when not being used.
  8. Adolf Hamster

    Odin speed loader adapter

    looks pretty good, i've already comissioned a mate to 3d print one for me but if there's any issues i'll bear this in mind for future. the ammo dropping is a concern but as you say it's easy enough to be conservative and either catch or just flip the loader between mags especially if not on the field.
  9. Adolf Hamster

    Tight strike systems holster

    do you leave the gun in permanently? if not i'd do that and after a few months it'll settle in.
  10. Theres a defence required to import then, which is effectively what he's doing, just like ordering from say taiwangun
  11. Adolf Hamster


    yeah the core of the grenade gets re-used but for every successful detonation you're busting up a shell and a co2 capsule (not to mention all the co2 capsules you'll lose in failed detonations) the airsoft innovations burst xl is much cheaper per bang (just green gas and a plastic disk that you can use plastic bags for) however it's an impact grenade and sadly also not very reliable.
  12. Adolf Hamster


    if it's the one that's pictured there's no physical timer, there's a hammer which when thrown hits a firing pin, this firing pin peirces the top of the co2 cartridge which begins venting inside the plastic shell which eventually swells up an explodes (which yes is pretty loud when it does go, the different shells can go off with different volumes, personally i found the pineapple ones were loudest) the timing is controlled exclusively by how well the cartridge has been peirced and how quickly the gas vents, there are a number of methods for reducing the time which stock is pretty long such as half filling the shell with bb's or drilling holes to let the gas vent faster. i ran a couple for a while but they have 3 main issues: 1. the striker system isn't very robust, between the spring weakening and the pin blunting you'll start to get light strikes and failures to peirce the cartridge 2. the air seal system is terrible and fails pretty quickly and i've not seen any decent option for spare seals for them. 3. it's very expensive, even when it does work, which on a good day is a 50% chance. i'd avoid, it's a neat idea that's poorly executed.
  13. y'know i don't think there's much of a definitive answer when it comes to parts, the only thing that does apply there is the clause of "manufacturing an rif" so even if the parts themselves aren't considered an RIF there's an issue in terms of then constructing them into one. the problem here isn't the defence per say, it's proving it if needs be.
  14. its an interesting one, not sure how easy it would be to prove your defence coming into the country afresh. what will work, although has some practical limitations is if you still have family in italy you could come over sans-kit and get yourself setup with ukara (it'll suck renting but its only a few months) then once you're sorted you can use that to import all your kit over. of course this only applies to the rif's themselves, things like clothing/gear/accessories are fine so you can bring them over no problem.
  15. Adolf Hamster

    Proper battery disposal

    Our local dump has a dedicated spot for batteries, yours might too