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  1. desert dpm someone's dyed green seen a vest done somewhat similar, field expedient and suppose you could argue doesn't look that bad.
  2. i don't understand the question......
  3. np man, if you need any specific info then ask away.
  4. this is in fact the very model of jg that i have. the "recoil" mechanism isn't really, it has a mechanism to slide the charging handle to and fro but in terms of shaking the gun prepare to be dissappointed, it just doesn't have the mass. it's not the strongest built system out there, the stock piston has a cutout which slams into a tooth in the back of the gearbox which to my mind is asking for a stripped piston. that said neither mine or one a mate of mine had (who did run it for a while stock) suffered broken pistons and neither were new when we got them.
  5. oh the when to clean your barrel is easy: before every game day if you shoot a lot/use a tighter bore in the middle of every game day after every game day every time you can't remember when you last cleaned your barrel
  6. i presume from the scratches you're using a coin? which is how it's meant to be opened, never met one that was so tight it couldn't be manually opened and i sure as shit aint hulk hogan. most of them don't even need the coin- you can do it via fingers sadly the stock answer of "brand new- send it back" probably aint gonna be so good here given novy boy's reputation for customer service, you probably werent pulling the trigger right....... if the above tapping suggestions don't work and you really wanna get it open and really don't give a s
  7. you gotta smoke it first, makes it a bit softer so you can squeeze it into the barrel.
  8. binary, so it's "semi" only for cqb. i'm just taking the speedsofter stereotype to the extremes
  9. RIP Prince Philip


    99's one hell of an innings

  10. tbh i reckon there's no real true answer to this both sides have good points and bad points. anyone using silicone oil, alcohol, or nothing at all to clean their barrels are still at least cleaning their barrels. which is better than not cleaning at all which is the trap so many fall into.
  11. if it was a car tyre it'd have done 1.7km no i don't know why i made that comparison either, carry on......
  12. that's an autofill suggestion not a search result
  13. looking good, hope it gains traction. open source is great too as when a site moves/closes good to have it kept up to date, i know there are sites that have been closed for years still show up on google.
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