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  1. Time Left: 5 days and 22 hours

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    Looking for some tag - inn launcher shells. Not to botherd if they don't hold gas as long as the price is right. Let me know if you have any to sell. Cheers


  2. Time Left: 5 days and 22 hours

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    Sales post. Not a new idea but then again not often avalible. I have some foam rubber launchable 40mm grenades for sale. These fit in any 40mm grenade launcher that has enough room in front of the grenade shell. Fine in a long barreld m203 but no good for one of those pistol launchers with a short barrle. The grenades are 12.5 cm long so if in doubt put a shell in your launcher and measure the remaining barrel length with a ruler. These things are nice and safe as they are soft and spongy, a little softer than a nerf pocket howler with the added bonus that this actualy fits in 40mm launchers. Can be launched with any 40mm shell as long as you don't put bbs in it and let the gas push the foam grenade. However the bigger your gas capacity the further they will fly. Range wise they are averaging 60 meters with co2 in a madbull pb4 shell launched with a 45 degree angle from a full length m203. If you are on any of the uk face book sales groups then please seach for foam grenade to view all of the fireing videos that i have posted up. They can be found on most of them. I believe that range will increase as the wheather warms up. They spin in the air due to the canted tail fins. these are home made and will have mould lines and small air bubbles etc. They weigh around 20 grams each which is slightly less than a tag round and are a whole lot softer too. They dont explode so can be a nice alternative if your site dosent allow launchable pyro. If your thinking about buying some then please talk to your skirmish site owner to see if they are open to the idea of there use first. Theres no point buying them if your site wont let you use them. My reccomendation is indirect morter fire with a rule that if it lands within 3 meters of a player who is not behind hard cover then there hit. if you buy some and are not happy with them for any reason i will give you a full refund minus the £2.90 it costs me to post them out as long as you send them back to me. all prices include postage inside the uk and paypal. £10 for 1 £15 for 2 £20 for 3 and £35 for 7. I made these because i couldnt buy them and ive got more materials than i need just for myself hense im gonna sell the extra to get some of my money back. Spent more than i should have on this project. Not going to make loads, once the various bottles of chemicals are empty thats it. Any questions drop me a pm. Cheers 20180310_191717.mp4 20180310_194341.mp4 20180324_104103.mp4


    tonbridge, kent - GB

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    Up for sale is a madbull xm-204hp 40mm shower shell. These shells are the best money can buy and retail for £75 + when purchased brand new. when you buy madbull shells you are paying for the quality of the machining work that goes into the shells production. This is why these shells are able to work reliably with high pressure gases like co2 and HPA and dont let you down like so many cheaply made alternatives. These shells rely shine when using co2 and provide excellent range even in the winter months, but they can also be used with HPA (must be regulated) green gas or propain. The shell is supplied gas tight and ready to rock and will also cone with some spare o rings for the internal valve core so if you do blow a seal you can be back in the game in under 3 minuits. As you can see from the pics this shell is mint and in like new condition. The price is £49.99 all in inclusive of paypal fees and recorded delivery to your door saving you around £30 of the price of buying brand new. Any questions please do drop me a pm. Cheers


  4. If you want maximum range from shower style shells then you wont get better performance than madbull xm-204hp shells on co2. These shells are top performers due to the larger gas chamber and longer inner barrels. If you half fill them with bbs the unused portion of the tubes will act as barrels. The disc of glue from the hot glue gun between the two cups is fairly sturdy and takes the force. The wax paper the cup is made from is also a little tougher than normal paper. I guess the wax helps to stop the pressure getting between the papers fibres The single piece moulding of the foam grenades prevents the fins from coming off. Nerf darts and other cheaper imitations fins are glued on and the glue cant take the force. The single piece foam grenades that i make are much tougher and can be re used over and over again. Unless you loose it that is.
  5. A few pics of my home made mcbuckshot rounds. These things work great as the skirt at the back of the shell forms a perfect air seal allowing all of the energy from the expansion of gas in a paintball style shell to be used to push the bbs down the barrel of the launcher rather than just rushing past the bbs. The front end then opens up like a flower a few meters after being launched. Around 35 meter range with an 80bb spread when running co2 in a madbull pb4 40mm launchable foam grenades are a lot of fun too. These tend to average around 60 meters range when fired from a long barrel m203 with a paintball style shell running co2
  6. get yourself a madbull xm-204hpb shell and run it with unregulated co2. You can increase range by not compleatly filling it with bbs. The trick to not damaging the internals with co2 is to install a thick o ring around the push button inside the shell. This acts as a buffer for the valve core preventing it from pounding the base of the shell and deforming it. you must also make piece with the fact that o rings are consumable items and will need to be replaced when they fail. Buy spares, there only pennys each. I bought an adapter that allows me to fill my nades from soda stream bottles, very cheap and effective. Asg 90 shells are also champs on running co2 but to get good range with them you need to make buck shot rounds by glueing those little paper souffle cups you get at mcdonalds sauce ststions together back to back. Never put co2 in shells that arnt made to handel it as some have been known to expload.
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    Up for sale is a brand spanking new cyma m052 pistol grenade launcher. Hasnt left my living room yet let alone been to a game. Launcher is mint without so much as a scratch on it and comes with box. Included with the launcher is an unknown brand shower shell and a black universal holster that it fits in nicley. Shower shell is well used but gas tight and ready to go. Shell holds 11 bbs in each tube and there are 12 tubes so 131 total capacity. Looking for £55 all in posted to your door


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    Up for sale is a socom gear gemtech oasis with TBLabs holster. Works flawlessly and as a NBB is a perfect side arm for winter when gbb pistols start to fail due to the cold wheather. The holster can be adapted for right and left handed users. Adjustable hop up, and plenty of power for those long range shots. Better off using low power gas in the summer to keep the fps friendly. Looking for £94.99 all in posted to your door. Any questions just drop me a pm. Cheers


  9. Time Left: 5 days and 22 hours

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    Looking to buy some madbull pb4 40mm grenades. I dont mind if their broken or leaky. Please do get in touch if you have some to sell. Cheers



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    40mm co2 shells for sale. Madbull xm-204hp £44.99 madbull xm-108hp £34.99 ASG 90 round shell with 7 x 40mm foam launchable grenades £49.99. 7 x 40mm foam grenades on there own £30.99. Long ris mounted m203 £49.99. M203 with asg shell £65.99 m203 with asg and 7 x foam grenades £84.99. All grenades are supplied gas tight with spare o rings for valve cores so you love them long time. Postage is £3.99 2nd class signed for or free collection from tonbridge. As always no charge for using paypal.


    tonbridge, kent - GB

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    After a cyma m052 grenade launcher pistol. May be interested in other launcher pistols so offer if you have them for sale. Cheers


    - GB


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    Looking to get my mitts on a Craft apple works revolver launcher. Not interested in the ICS version. Please do get in touch if you have one to sell. Cheers


  13. Looking for a maruzen ppk silencer myself at the moment and no one has them in stock. Maruzens ppk stuff seems to have dropped off the face of the earth at the moment
  14. I would love to see a 40mm section for grenades and launchers and perhaps another section for hand grenades. But that might be because ive gone 40mm crazy since the start of last year.
  15. The other great thing about grenade launchers is there one of the few types of airsoft weapon you can buy second hand without haveing to worry about them haveing complications from being worn out and abused. The mechs are very simple. If you buy used grenade shells usualy all you have to do is clean and grease them and replace the odd o ring. Ive bought all my launchers used and they have all been good to go. its not uncommon to see m203's change hands for as little as £30. Do your research when buying shells as they will effect the performance more than the launcher itself. Anything madbull thats designed to take co2 is good stuff. Better to buy high quality used shells and service then than to buy badly machined cheap nades new. Price dosent allways dictate quality but like i said research the items your planning on getting. Read the reviews and you can end up with a swee set up that dosent cost the earth. Tag in products kick ass but very expensive for every day use. Thats where foam nades come in as you can rain them down on your targets all day long without spending a penny on anything but co2. Ive hooked up a remote line to a soda stream bottle so i can refill nades in the field. Sits nicley in a p90 mag pouch too.
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