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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I'm selling my Gr15 raider blowback, a great close to medium range skirmish gun Upgrades and features *Metal handguard *Foam filled metal suppressor *Extended inner barrel (slightly longer than stock) *Gate aster mosfet (Basic) *Wired to deans *330 -350 fps Bolt is slightly sticky and dosnt always go completely back. Can provide video on request Comes with everything pictured 3 pts magpull mid caps RRP £25 each 1 high cap 1 extra high cap Sling Adjustable foregrip Battery 7.2V RRP £20 Sensible offers considered Postage £15 Over £300 total value Payment through PayPal only Pottage is for mainland UK other destination will cost more


  2. Erby19

    Gr15 M4

    Thanks guys, appreciate it, I'll probably remove the aster to put in something else and maybe change out the cylinder. Then relist for ~100
  3. Erby19

    Gr15 M4

    Hi guys I have had this gun (link below) up on the market for a while now and was hoping you could help shed some light on why it hasn't sold and letting me know what the price should be. Thanks

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    This set contains the O rings needed to fix leaky valves in gas pistols (not co2). Will fit most gas pistol valves. Set contains 3 O rings for release valve and 1 for the intake valve. I have multiple available if 2 or more are required I can give a discount, message me for details. Postage included in price First class postage


    - GB

  5. I will be selling the whole gun shortly, it needed a few things sorting, gearbox etc
  6. Yeah I think it's a clone, any idea where the clone could be from?
  7. Hi, I received this hanguard as part of sn aeg I purchased recently. I am try to decide if it is clone or an official larue tactical handguard. If it is real its this one https://www.larue.com/products/larue-quad-rail-handguard/ It's most likely a clone but I was hoping one of you guys could help. Thsnks
  8. Don't think I am able to leave feedback concerning the item he purchased as it was multi item listing.

    Transaction was easy, great communication and happy to deal with again 10/10!

    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      you can cite the listing in general or just leave feedback without mentioning the specific listing. better to do it via the feedback system though as that's where folks will be looking.

  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Will consider metal or plastic but would prefer metal All conditions considered but would prefer low wear


  10. Perfect I don't get how you find this stuff, all of you are wizards
  11. That really helps thanks, but if anybody else sees this and wants to sell one, I only need the connector part
  12. I have attached photos of the part and would appreciate some help. The part is the connector that attaches the outer barrel to the upper receiver, normally its connected to the outer barrel but this one is modular. I already own one but can't find a second as the original came with a second hand gun Thanks
  13. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I am selling my upgraded G&G cm16 This gun is perfect for CQB games Upgrades and features * Wired to deans * Gate nano ASR mosfet wired in * JB unicorn barrel * 50 degree maple leaf macaron hop rubber * custom mock suppressor * shortened stock with custom bung * metal handguard * shoots at 330 fps without hop and 320 with hop * comes with vertical grip, dot scope and 1 high cap mag * gearbox recently regressed £15 postage Reasonable offers accepted Any more info or pictures required please message


  14. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Selling two boneyard airsoft glocks would prefer selling together but would consider a good offer for individual Contents 1 Raven Glock 1 Raven partial Glock mag 1 KSC Glock 2 KSC partial Glock mags 1 magwell extender for Raven 1 Spare spring set for KSC Postage £12 If more info is required just message


    - GB

  15. Erby19


    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Selling my CM.351 tri shot with 8 shells Has been stripped down and relubricated recently I have chronoed the gun at 340 fps (.2s) with one round in the chamber as it wont register with all 3 Postage is £12 tracked and signed for Sensible offers welcome



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