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  1. 2 weeks in and already running Tokyo marui hk416 delta Umarex glock gen 4
  2. Picked up my new to me Tokyo marui hk416 delta today off a teammate. A few little bits done to it like Moffett e.c.t and came with 8 mags,speedloader,silencer All fits nicely into 8fields tactical bag
  3. what ballistic glasses do we use/rate? Preferably yellow lens
  4. Thanks for the info mate appreciate it You did well didn't you 😂
  5. Just picked up a TM hk416 delta off a friend. Looking for a red dot sight around £40-60 Any suggestions?
  6. Thanks mate already got in with the local team and was lucky enough to get my ukara membership and the ladd was selling this. Got a really good deal @BigAl
  7. This is my first gun I've just bought off a friend Tokyo marui hk416 delta 8 mags 2 stocks 2 batterys Suppressor And a few extras
  8. Hopefully this is the right place to put this I've got my first game of 3 towards my ukara membership at my local site on Sunday. I have all the clothing and protection but will be hiring the gun and accessories until I'm a ukara membership then I'll buy all my own stuff
  9. Delivery day... now I'm literally the definition of 'all the gear and no idea' Bolle safety airsoft safety goggle Ultra light spec ops helmet Viper cross steel face mask 8 fields jump plate carrier and plates All from patrol base
  10. All geared up for my first of 3 games with hired guns whilst I apply for my UKARA membership Kit list Green helmet Black viper tactical balaclava Bolle goggles Mtp UBACS 8fields tactical plate carrier and plates Viper tactical gloves Dr Martin military boots All will be here tomorrow
  11. I'm sure the s mags are the ones I saw so I can imagine to start that would be more than enough
  12. I believe so mate a pack of 5 170 round m4 mags are 44.99 or a 1500 round drum is around 55-60
  13. I am set on that one I like the gun itself and all the attachments e.c.t available for it I've seen a pack of 5 mid caps for that gun and even a 1500 drum mag is possible to get too
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