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  1. There is nothing you can do if the barrel is jammed with a BB(s), the only way to get them out is to rod the BB(s) out or strip. There is the possibility tat you could shoot them out but thats not wise if there are multiple BBs stuck. Looking down a barrel is just stupid, even with a kids toy BB pistol, still have your eye out if loaded.
  2. I have heard rules of, if your weapon is hit, you are hit. The headshots thing is a contentious one and realistically, if all you present is a head, expect head shots. However, in the spirit of the game being for fun and not to intentionally hurt people, some people will do head shots even if there is a full body mass to hit. Had it this week at an event, hit on the side of my head, the BB wasn't a 0.2 as I have had plenty of head shots in close quarters to know the difference. Head shots don't bother me unless they are obviously intentional like that incident was, I took myself out for the remainder of the game as I did get fed up of other players not calling hits and the intentional head shots. I think a whole number of issue in airsoft need addressing as the honour system is really not optional, the game relies on people accepting that they were hit and following the rules.
  3. There are online tools that are free that link to sites that can make the PCB's for you. It is a learning curve and one that started to climb and gave up on, mainly because I could see that the programmers could just as easily automate things to make the process easier to understand.. I am still searching for a tool that does the job in a user friendly and logical manner and not the weird convoluted methods that are more like 3D Autocad, makes me wonder what is going through programmers minds these days. https://easyeda.com/ is not easy at all, in fact, its very confusing. https://circuitmaker.com/ never tried this, its a new offering by Google. http://www.kicad-pcb.org/ didn't get off the starting blocks, I was stuck at the blank start page. https://sourceforge.net/projects/tinycad/ is one I am about to try, another new offering by google search.
  4. Sadly, even those that have listened to briefings many times, often display a lack of ability to follow them. IMHO all people playing should be made to read out a hard copy, sign it and if they still ignore the brief, boot them out. Sites have rules for a reason. I have played on sites that allow full auto, similar sites that only allow 3 round bursts and 2 second count between those bursts or single shot, as fast as you please. So, if you are a regular at a particular site, it is still important to go through it as you will notice that some things you do forget.
  5. Most sites offer hot beverages, check. Portable camping chair / stool. Cool box for keeping drinks cool on hot days. large box to put your dirty kit in car, I use an old suitcase on wheels. It holds everything I need including the RIF's, something that if you have a lot of kit is a good investment. If you have no cover on site, a large fishing umbrella won't go amiss. I also carry a change of clothes and a towel in case I get wet. Towel is useful for when you are hot and sweaty and need to wipe off the excess sweat.
  6. Thanks for the links. The Etsy is not a physical download but a PDF. that looked promising until it said PDF yet some of the reviews talk of receiving the items along with a gift. That makes it difficult to take to a print shop to get them to print off as they would need a copyright waiver off the author. Funny, google just wouldn't serve me anything like that when I asked for "top secret" papers, etc...
  7. My lads birthday soon and I am toying with the idea of hiring a site for the evening for him and his friends. I have designed a game that is not the usual single objective, it needs some props and wonder if anyone knows where I can download the LARP kits that offer materials for role play games, scenarios, you know the sort of documents "Top Secret" and "Classified" with blurb inside. One of the objectives needs to be hidden amongst such paperwork. I am stuck on the search term as everything I look for turns up documentation on how to plan and make and nothing like the "in game" documents props I am looking for. If anyone knows of any resources, free or paid, please let me know, I am all out of hair to pull.
  8. I was a functional alcoholic for many years. I know all too well the long term effects of alcohol. Reporting to the police, unless you have evidence or proof, if you have concerns, then those matters should be the judgement call of the site operator and not the police who may turn up and ruin everyone's day or cause the site operator issues. IMHO, rather than outright accuse someone behind their back, playing it with care that "You suspect that <player> is a bit worse for wear" and let the site operators speak with the player, any good operator would know a sobriety test and perform both a visual assessment and any obvious odours and perhaps opportunity for the player to defend themselves. I say this because I went to work one day after being at a house party. Lets say my "Odour" was from being around plenty of people who had been using something. What happened at work, well they subjected me to a covert drugs test, found nothing untoward as they asked me in the office. A member of staff had commented to management that I was using when I wasn't. Nearly lost my job because of it. You have to remember that you are messing with peoples lives here, while you may be thinking that you are doing your public duty, exercise caution because things do not always appear as you think.
  9. In the words of the late Bill Hicks... There are Two people in the carpark fighting... Are they Drunk or are they Stoned... I rest my case. No a lesson my dad taught me. If it aint hurting you, affecting you, stopping you from enjoying your beer... MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Frankly, anyone using any kind of self medication like cannabis, won't be running around at an airsoft site, so I think the main worry is alcohol IMHO.
  10. My most recent acquisition (via this site) Took this puppy out for a walk on Sunday, its bites...
  11. That may be true but you have to understand the reason. While fps is the accepted measurement, it is not a measure in terms of joules. Measuring joules over fps is more accurate because it will easily show up a hot gun. All the airsoft sites I visit all use Joules as it is the safer way of ensuring that someone is not trying to subvert the chronograph process and will be ousted. While joules is the energy in the BB that it carries, on a 0.2g the difference of 0.05g on a BB affects if fps but not the joules, it just means that the BB being slightly heavier is able to retain its initial energy much better and on impact, deliver a bigger punch. This sort of thing is the sort of ballistics thing that you would pick up if you were a target shooter, pest control, conservation, hunting and other shooting sports, also applies to archery and any other machine or equipment that throws a projectile, the joules input will determine the fps and the amount of energy on impact over distance as the amount of energy expended in the flight of a BB is why they can drop well before their target and that can be anything from the BB itself, the humidity, temperature, if its raining, etc. There is also the aspect of the game where the line of sportsmanship is crossed and people intentionally seeking maximum power to just inflict pain on people, ruins the game. This weekend there was a cheater running at least 0.28 or 0.3 on a 0.2 site, people were complaining, I took many head shots which I am not bothered by normally, these left wounds and drew blood which does happen from time to time but not lime what team mates were commenting on about, they looked bad. It depends on what kind of game you intend to play and what you play your game with, do you cheat and ignore the rules or cheat and hurt people. The choice you make does relate to what sort of person you are in psychological terms. What I am trying to say is running hot guns and higher weight BB's than the site allows takes all the fun out the sport, especially if children play like my son who is as big as an adult but only 14, he gets mag dumped from time to time. At some point Airsoft will have to clean its name up by removing and banning all bad actors in the sport and hobby (for many).
  12. There is a reason for discharging LIPO's that are not being used. Typically, you charge, use and then if not being used again, you check the voltage and then charge if needed otherwise you can elect to do a storage charge. What this does is stop the collection of oxygen at the anode and lithium ions at the cathode and prevent the lithium oxidising and going nuclear when the lithium oxide causes an internal short. The storage charge prevents this, keeping a cell on full charge and not using it leads to cell degradation early. Remember that you get about 150 to 200 cycles out of a cell, so caring for them is helping keep them in peak condition and able to deliver the currents demanded of them. safely. Capacity of your cell or number of cells do not matter, it happens to all Lithium even 18650''s
  13. Can you prove it was bought in the UK?
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