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  1. Marmite... the problem is that people underestimate it power, a very little amount goes a long way. A teaspoonful in a hot pot or pot roast makes for a more meaty taste because of the Umami or meatyness it adds to the stock. Add some to tomato soup in small amounts and the soup takes on a more rich flavour. Add to gravy to give it the extra oompfh. Its a case of the old saying, "A little dab will do ya." in many cases... Also you have to respect it because the use of too much will give you a Niacin Flush (look it up, I gave myself this from eating too much)
  2. https://www.airsoftfestival.com/ 58 days to go! I hope to last more than the first hour this year...
  3. Why are sisters annoying? Tried explaining that Ex service personnel doing exactly have a class picture, she has his training photo with other trainees and his RN service record but she has no memory of when dad told us of his involvement with SBS and how he became an instructor. Not even his oldest son from his first marriage knows because of the official secrets act. It wasn't until the Embassy siege that kicked off on 30/4/80 that enough time had passed that he was able to tell us. I remember my mum and gran literally pissing themselves with laughter when he made his disclosure out the blue. Its a very vivid memory as my gran was not one to roll around in hysterical laughter, my mum made some off the cuff remark about the SAS and thats when he made his disclosure. So I hope that Veterans UK will be able to give her some information on his service record that wouldn't be public knowledge like his training and RN service record. I suppose to be fair, she was only 9 at the time when we were told, its not something that you'd really expect girls to take note of. Well, I bagged a flag just in case they are too late in coming back with his full service record. At least the coffin will be dressed properly.
  4. Thanks guys, didn't think of those sources. I was looking at the rubber moulded type.
  5. Not sure where this would fit on this site, so posted here.... I am trying to find a motivational patch like the SAS patch that you can readily buy but for the SBS. My father died recently and wanted to put an SBS Patch on his coffin out of respect for the fact that he was a former SBS training instructor. I have been having problems finding something in the design like below. Any suggestions?
  6. Glad my London days are over, I used to deliver to local council depots, anything from Hi-viz to lamp posts. I had to get the waggon down some right old convoluted routes because access was a problem, the worst delivery ever was to city of westminster (aka corporation of London) right smack bank in the center, which you might appreciate the headache of narrow streets. I pointed out that in their rules, the vehicle has to be registered at the residents address for a residents permit, therefore only needing my name and registration number and they have access to the rest of the data that can confirm my identity and address, yet the simplicity of my complaint is lost on them.
  7. Major Grrrrrrrrrrrrr today.... Never in my life have I encountered so much stupidity by a council. Where I live, we have to apply for a parking permit, this is every two years and every two years the goal post move. If you don't or the permit expires, then you get fined, if the vehicle is there when the carking enforcement returns, its marked for removal by them and impounded and they rack up £150 or more, think its more near the £200 mark these days, that is made up of £105 removal fee, the £35 fine or £70 if you fail to pay it and £12 per day storage, so by the time you got your paperwork sorted, my councils had your pants down for just over £160 for the pleasure of telling you that your permits expired. The problem is that they decided to reject my permit application based on the fact that they don't accept COUNCIL TAX bill or demand as evidence of your residency. The same department that issues Blue Badges (processing) is the same department that issues the residents and visitor permits for parking amd for my Blue Badge application, they "require" COUNCIL TAX as proof of residency along with DWP paperwork to support the application and some other form of proof like a driving licence, passport, utility bill... HOWEVER... For a residents permit, they don't accept the proofs and require insurance, driving licence, proof of residency. Their reason is utterly stupid and they claim its because the council tax bill might not be going to that address of the application. WUT?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I just had a major blow out with them because they claimed that I had been emailed about the rejection of my application... REJECTION!!!!! FFS and 3 days before the current one expires, so on Monday, I expect to be getting a parking fine, arrested for assault or ABH because I have had enough of these assholes. You can't make this crapola up.
  8. Maggi Thatchers Statue ... again....
  9. Good game this week, none of the overkill of couple of weeks back... but the teens playing were not taking their hits First game I was hit once in the 20 minute game. Best game was cash grab, I got 8 of the haul myself, our team definitely won as couple of guys grabbed bags from the opposing team.
  10. 1 Joule, less than that, will blind you. I have been hit in my goggles and the impact caused eye irritation from the impact, it doesn't take much to irritate the eye or damage it.
  11. Yeah, they know and do what they can to prevent breaches, its the catching as identifying some players who are in the game is difficult, especially when they're shooting from positions providing dark and cover and the fast action pace all make for a hard job being able to point out who is not playing by the rules.
  12. Today it was no hit takers day and overkill day as well as some shenanigans with one player I suspected of having an unregulated HPA and causing 8 to 10 players to leave the game site. Two blemishes are defo 0.2's in a RIF that is chrono'd to spec, that is very clear and what I expect to see when I come from a game that has been played with players following the rules. The other three and I have about 35 of them all over me, shots from further than the others I took, left me with those bleeding welts which is not what airsoft is about. Had they been really close shots like within 20ft, I'd expect a 0.2 to leave a bigger mark. To be clear on this, I had a long sleeve'd top on. I suspect that the guy concerned was using 0.25's or 0.28's for something like those. To make it clear to the morons in the room, its twatish play like that--that sends the kids home to be never seen again and how is the sport to grow if you have morons intentionally taking the piss and driving away the new intake..? I have noticed a big drop in numbers of players recently as the regulars and myself agree that there are a few rogues players who pop up from time to time and you get this kind of game play that ruins the fun. There was a guy who took a point blank hit to the arm, twice by a guy that could have just as easily have hit the guy in his plate carrier. There was one guy kept on taking hand shots, aiming to hit you on your hand and I got hit several times, luckily the gloves took the brunt. One guy ended up with an injury to his hand and it was very nasty, defo a hospital trip that one There is beginning to be too many twats who just don't understand what fun is and that when they turn up, its off putting to people and they are the problem in the sport, not those complaining about fair game play, these guys tend to be the non-hit callers / takers, I popped a few guys dead centre of body mass and they carried on game play regardless. So this weeks game was a lot of angry players wondering who it was... Put it this way, by half time we'd lost 8 players because of this one twat. Excuse the rant but I think it needs pointing out to the morons in airsoft as they just don't get it, they are hurting the sport, not taking part in it... they may like to get hurt as part of their fun package and others hurt people back, that doesn't mean that its OK, especially when there are rules for good reason.
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