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  1. Thanks for all the feedback, a lot of help there with options.
  2. Well all OK, the eye doctor said that the eye has been grazed and will be ok in a week. I got seen very quickly despite a member of staff saying that they are short on staff from illness. As for the graze, it was caused by the force of the BB on the bottom eye lid, its going to be uncomfortable for about a week. So all good in the end. I am looking in to face masks as I want one for my son to use with his glasses and it needs to be full face and found a helmet with a full face attachment, only I had to send it back because the rails were a bit Janky. It really needs to be the fast helmet type as well... So I may be asking lots of questions in the near future...
  3. I do not recommend anyone taking the prescription safety glasses route wit the Riley brand. https://www.riley-eyewear.com/swarm Two Reasons. 1. They have a trim that is not moulded but "clips" to the main safety frame, this (sides) will come off easily. (The grey 'flare' bits by the arms pop off) 2. I am off to eye casualty after last nights game, someone had a spicy RIF and a BB was able to get under the safety barrier and hit me in my eye. I have had to wait all night to book in at 7am and wait to be called in by them. So no matter how much your optician tells you that these give all round face hugging eye protection, its BS. The fact that a BB can get in from hitting my cheek bone at the eye socket, make its way under the rubber seal, to me is clear indication that they are not in anyway suitable for airsoft. They were not cheap either, £165 from Vision Express. Not exactly express either as it took 3 weeks to get them to start with.
  4. I go for cars insurance lets me drive cheap. For years I was only able to drive small fiats until my insurance premiums fell from £749 to £449 for third party. The reason the insurance claim was local crime. I failed to see how anti-social neighbours equates to the inflated insurance prices. After a few years I found that they were then saying, no, its £800 a year to insure a 1.2L Fiat Punto, yet they were also telling me that I could have 1.6L injection Tipo (fiat) that was lierally half as big a car again... for ony £399 fully comprehensive. I now drive a bigger car because the insurance again is cheaper, this time its £525 fully comprehensive with breakdown and legal cover for an MPV (size of a decent courier van) which is handy for transporting game equipment. to game sites.
  5. People need to sell smarter, you should have marked the disk with a UV only readable marker, by leaving a "Witness mark" that won't damage the item and photograph that item in both normal and UV light, then your buyers when they pull a fast one can be caught out easily and especially when you tell them that you mark the discs with a UV marker.... I have found that selling any media, DVD's or Games on eBay is precarious, a piece of old software called locoscript, only works on a retro machine, a disk I knew worked, got a refund claim and no return of the disk... so I lost the software and the money and the postage... You get all sorts of people on there that damage items and then try to claim you sent the item out damaged...
  6. Scoff all you like. At some point in the future, the funnies you make will backfire on you. Try this Seems that the Aussies have more of a clue than we do here... Then go down the rabbit hole and see a growing body of evidence of a cover up by the CCP. So I say again, scoff and laugh all you like as you are the fools. Just sayin'.
  7. Some things that are grossly overlooked with Omicron. Sure it was South Africa that thisd appeared in, however, the Chinese community in Africa is numbering 20 million and most are regulars in travelling between the major cities that were responsible for the initial outbreak of Wuhan Flu which the CCP objected to because they are over sensitive about and that the WHO obliged and gave it a name that hid the origin... This SA variant was like all these world pandemics and like the annual flu outbreaks, came from the same place as all pandemics originate, China. The main reason being that their glitzy cities, travel less than 20 miles out of a major city and you have stepped back in time to a period that is more like the early years of serfdom in the UK, peasant farmers living with their livestock in horrendous conditions and easy transmission of viruses that break the zoonotic barrier. China pushes out an image of a modern society when nearly half of the people in china are still living in a level of poverty that makes their peasant farmers earn less than an illegal miner does in a day in South Africa. Also note that in the last 10 years, China has been gearing up for war, who with, I D K but they are amassing tech that they never had 10 years ago, so like a bunch of kids are itching to try their toys out that were intellectual property of the west. I am not about to venture down the growing body of evidence that Wuhan Flu aka COVID was a leaked bio-weeapon that the CCP were working on... I am just waiting fore that fact bubble to burst. Evidence of this research was discovered but quickly covered up and people disappeared. A couple of youtubers who spent a combined 20 years living in and have Chinese wives, commented on a number of things given their network of people that they are still in contact with, have better intelligence than the USA's NSA and what the Five Eyes collaboration brings to the table. So for my end here, Omicron variant of Wuhan Flu came from the same place the original came from and weas trucked in via an executives or their family or family members coming over to stay with relatives escaping the outbreaks that keep on happening in China but news of is suppressed and the WHO has its woll pulled again because Tredos is a bought and paid shill and member of the CCP, evidence was presented to that fact as were tow other members of the WHO board sitting on this COVID committee in the WHO. This is no conspiracy as all the evidence has surfaced and been presented by many people who have picked up on these investigators having direct links to the Wuhan research lab, previous work for the CCP... so its to me is just a cover up of another outbreak they worked so hard to cover Wuhan flu up that they missed evidence that was leaked by people and the discovery by the Chinese Doctor that got admonished for "Disrupting social harmony" was arrested and made to sign a retraction... So remember to look up in future, how many Chinese citizens and if that country is part of the belt and road initatives, then they will have a huge chinese population like Africa has over 20 million chinese there at any given moment... so its not hard to work out that the latest variant may have come out of Africa but it was trucked in from the usual suspect aka China. Food for thought.
  8. Rate of fire on some rifles and pistols are ridiculous. High rates of fire spoil game play, turns players away. HPA is a menace in CQB, I have seen 20 or so new players come and play once and call it a day, the comments I hear are often centred around "I can't hit anyone because I keep getting hit" or that they can't return fire because they are unable to break cover because the bb's are coming in thick and fast. From my observations in game, HPA's ruin game play on indoor CQB, it is more suited to outdoor use than indoor. The main issue IMHO is that there are too many sites where there are varying rules and this leads to confusion on new sites and why rules get broken and people get pissy with people not taking hits, one site I know says that kids are not targets and your hits on the kids don't count... well great, teach cheating to the young. There needs to be a set of standardised rules that can be agreed upon that is a guide and also those setting the rules need to have insurance companies onboard as they are the guys that have to cover sites for liability cover, so a site can't stipulate different rules that are dangerous to players as the insurance company would be on the hook. Players that want higher rates of fire and power should hire venues and advertise it as a free for all and go shoot yourselves up to your hearts content, leave airsoft to those who want to enjoy game play and not get beat up in a game, there is a certain thing that is called enjoyment that can rapidly diminish and the sooner players recognise this (the ones insisting on high power and rates of fire) wake up to this fact, the sport might improve to attract more players. As I say, if you want higher power, go airgun or powder round shooting or clay pigeon shooting...
  9. So if they jumped off a cliff, I take it you would also???
  10. In real world terms, there are no coincidences, there is only data that corroborates a link with mass social gatherings and then that is taken back to their home and fiends then the pub then the night club or venue they go to, before long, there is an explosion in numbers. As its clear from going in to the data, that the 4th July 2020 BLM protests were met with a rise, this rise and a fairly consistent rise. There is a lag in the time so there is a 2 to 3 day window. You also see spikes after people went to the beaches, so its clear for as long as this type of graph travels in the direction it is going, covid is not over. The numbers have to plummet vertically down off the page to be considered "Over" the infection peak. When you see the graphing on the TV, thats the standard type of graph that is used, not that useful in determining if the cases have passed the peak. IMHO this graph shows the true state of the country and not the other graphs. My money is on a lockdown after christmas. NYE is cancelled... so it is looking likely that its's a lockdown Christmas. Hover over the lowest point in that trough, it gives you a date. Go to google and search for "Demonstrations around xx/xx/xxxx" or "Protests around xx/xx/xxxx" there the xx's are the date and see what results pop up, that trough you refer to, I searched and it pulled up BLM protests, the one in Bristol. Each date around the time of the lowest point in each trough, corresponds to a protest of some sort. These people travel hundreds of miles to take part, so its no stretch to see that this infection is passed through close proximity, and those who have had contact are at risk and truck it back to their family or in to their workplace... I do keep saying that this is not over for a very long time and until there is compliance like in the past to thwart and combat previous pandemics, this illness will continue to mutate and could become the new super plague with no treatment to cure it. How are things going to return to normal? And don't start that rabbit hole of "Whats normal anyway" argument as thats not the meaning, I mean a state where we don't need masks, can go about the things we like doing with no restrictions... normal.
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