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  1. They're not the best it has to be said, however, they are correct in stating that they do need sufficient evidence that you are from a post production company or similar in order for the sale to be legal (typically a letter on the company stationery detailing the production the thing is for) and it does say that on their checkout page as far as I'm aware. I work for a post production company too, and even though that means I could certainly use that status to purchase realistic imitation firearms for the special effects I produce, I know that it is a pain in the ass to provide that info, s
  2. Unfortunately, there are some tools who do airsoft, as there are in any endeavour. Just ignore them if they are acting like pricks, it's only a problem if you let it be one for you. Fortunately the vast majority who do airlifting are okay, in my experience.
  3. Ging to the pub this evening to tell all mine and my (now ex) girlfriend's friiends what a tw*t she's been. She'll be in there later, and won't be able to show her face there any more without being ashamed of herself

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    2. Josh95


      not a good idea

    3. Lozart


      As above really - I'd not get dragged down to her level mate. Draw a line under it and move on. Of course that's all very easy for us to say because we aren't the ones dealing with it. Your shout.

    4. Sparky-


      f*cking hell chap, sorry to hear. She sounds like she's lost out, however, you should listen to Lozart, but, if it were me I'd be inclined to do the same. As he said, your shout chap. :/

  4. Cool, hopefully here in time for next skirmish. Can't wait for someone to complain about it.
  5. I'll be there Thursday too, just decided. No point moping about feeling sorry for myself, I'll shoot some people in the face instead lol I'll be wearing a black PASGT helmet with black combat gear and will have my name tag Bradbury on my OD tactical vest and an AFUK patch as well. Gonna try out my new MP5K
  6. It's basically twenty quid to play and another twenty if you are hiring gear. Price drops a bit when you are a member, and you become a member automatically when you've been there once. Might tip up for that one on Sunday, see how I feel, life's been a bit crap for me recently with girlfriend cheating on me and my dad having died, so don't take it personally if I don't show up.
  7. Hi, and welcome aboard. You are pretty close to me, I live in Stockport and go to Trojan’s Wear Mill site fairly regularly and occasionally to their woodland site too. Other sites reasonably local to you are some of the First and Only ones, one of which is near Manchester City Centre, so take a look on bogle for F&O. Trojan’s CQB site at Stockport is very big, with combat taking place across six floors of the very large mill, it has two stairwells (these stairwells are often choke points where battles can get quite fierce). They often have weekend games and also do a lot of evening
  8. For thirty quid, it may be worth having it and just cobbling up a solution for the rear butt plate which costs nothing, then using it until it dies or you get something better. But spending anything on attempting to improve it is really going to be pretty much a waste of money, since for the same 75 quid you’d spend on sticking a metal gearbox in the thing and getting a new buttplate, plus the thirty quid you spent on acquiring the thing, you could have something which is okay in the first place, such as a Galaxy G5 MP5K or a G&G M4 or some such. Even if you did tart it up, it’s still
  9. To be honest, I think what is missing from that loadout is a bit of restraint more than anything. It looks like it might be practical if you were in a post-apocalyptic world where you had to scavenge to survive the roaming bands of rogue hunters, but as far as airsoft is concerned it's a bit over the top. I have a lot of that kind of stuff that I take to a skirmish, but it remains in my bag in the safe zone because it's simply not practical to be clanking about with all that stuff, it prevents you from diving about, hugging cover and it makes a lot of noise, not to mention the fact that those
  10. Technically, the answer is yes, BBguns4less is a good site to buy from, because they will process your order quickly, will contact you if there is a problem, and prices and delivery cost are often quite good etc. I've bought a few things from them, so I know this to be true. The problem is that a large proportion of the stock they sell, is not the kind of stuff you would use for airsoft skirmishing of the kind that most people who are members of this site indulge in. The upshot of that is that it is okay to buy stuff from there, providing you know the good from the bad, but the problem with th
  11. Pretty much every AEG will do semi-auto, and even the ones that don't can be altered so that they will, by fitting after market bits. The only really widely used one I know which does not do semi out of the box, is the ASG Sten gun. There are some fancier rifles which will do three round bursts and such, but any modern rifle will at least do semi and full auto.
  12. Sounds like an AK is the way to go, so, AKM, AK74, AK47 or Type 56, all of which can be found with either full wooden furniture and metal on all the other bits, or a metal folding stock. You should look for one with a standard AK side rail attachment on the left side of the lower receiver, so that it will be easy to mount a sight. There are quite a few decent AEG AKs with wooden furniture out there, and most of them are okay, but I'd probably say go for the higher end CYMA one unless you want to spend a lot more on it, then you can look at some of the other more flashy brands, although the pri
  13. Oh it's only one of those thirty quid non blowback HFC ones from some ropey BB site. Nothing to get excited about, although they are actually not that bad, I've fired one that belonged to someone else a few times and thought it was okay.
  14. Agreed, you can always get your teeth fixed I guess, I just prefer not to have to, so I cover the lot. But as far as eye protection goes you only get issued with one set of eyes, so it's wire mesh all the way for me. I don't trust those dinky little glasses to stop stuff coming in sideways and I also suspect they could get shot off your head by a full auto burst taking the hinge or side piece out.
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